Are you facing problem with setting up a drawing tablet in your Laptop or Desktop Computer? It’s super easy now a days. Only a few mouse click is enough to configure your drawing tablet.

We are going to Unboxing a brand new product in this post. We will use Wacom Intuos product to make this tutorial post. Take a look at all the images and video carefully. We are not recommending you to buy the same product which we have used to make this post. You can use any drawing tablet and most of all device setup and configuration system is same.

We have recently published an article about Best Drawing Tablet, where you will get most popular and different type of products review.

Without further discussion let’s start the unboxing and setup with image and Video.

8 Steps For How To Set Up a Drawing Tablet

Step 1: The following image is our new drawing tablet. We order the product a few days ago in Amazon and finally it reached us 2 days ago.

Wacom Intuos Package

Step 2: Let’s unbox the carton wrapping first. We are seeing the main carton which hold our product.

Wacom Intuos Unbox First

Step 3: It’s time to unfold the main carton now. And now we are seeing our main product. Only the pen and the tablet are visible now.

Wacom Intuos Unbox carton

Step 4: Let’s move the Tablet and here is our USB with Driver Disk. Grab all accessories in your table now. So that we don’t need to search for the accessories while installing the drawing tablet.

how to set up a drawing tablet

Step 5: Here is our all accessories provided with the Tablet package. A USB connector, Tablet, Pen and Driver disk.

Wacom Intuos All accessories

Step 6: Now connect your drawing tablet with your Laptop or Desktop. Take a look at the following image and connect exactly like this.

Connect Wacom Intuos into Laptop

Step 7: It’s the time to insert the Driver disk into your CD or DVD Writer drive.

[Special cause: There are some laptop which don’t have a CD or DVD writer drive. You have to download the driver software from the official website of your tablet. Or you can use any other computer to copy the disk file then paste it into your pen drive. Then come back with your pen drive and you are ready to go with next step.]

Insert Driver Disk of Wacom Intuos

Step 8: Let’s enjoy the following video and you will understand how to install the driver in your machine. If you are left hand then select the left hand version while installing. By default it’s right hand. So if you are a right hand person, you don’t need to worry. Just click on continue.

Where to find additional settings for the Drawing Tablet?

Go to Control Panel and click on Hardware and Sound page. You will see Pen and Touch option. Click on it and you will see it will pop up with 4 different tabs.

In there, you will have the ability to set some additional pen settings, flicks, handwriting, and touch to your drawing tablet. The most important settings in there that you should look out for are Speed of your Double-Tap settings and Spatial Tolerance.

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