How to Make Subs Louder Outside the Car

You must be one of those musicaholics who want their car sound to be flawlessly rocking outside the car just the same way it does inside. Thats  why you would be interested about the tips of how to make subs louder outside the car.

A louder and clearer sound outside the car is indeed the way to provide the street with a catchy impression apart from the credibility of your efforts in making the audio upgrades. And it sure allows them to enjoy and value your choice of music when you keep beating the tune throughout the street.

That being said, you must be focusing on your subwoofer, which translates into the core of your car audio system, for exerting louder sound outputs. So if you want to know how to make subs louder outside the car, read this article at once.

How to make subs louder outside the car

The sound quality and the loudness subwoofers depend on several factors that highly influence the entire car audio system as well. Here, we have delineated those essential aspects that you need to focus on for louder sound outputs.

Subwoofer Cones

With the increase in sub woofer sizes, the room gets more capacitance for airflow. And a better airflow always generates a higher pressure level of sound. So, focus on increasing the sub woofer cone area, for it will improve the feel of the bass.

Ported Enclosure

You can’t do without a ported enclosure if you want to give your sub woofer the ultimate boost in terms of bass and volume.

A ported enclosure doesn’t require that much of an amplifying bass. And it doesn’t require any processor or equalizer. So you can expect to attain more punch in boom bass efficiently using one large-sized box.

These boxes help rectify the rear sound waves of the cone to double-up the anterior sound. They also help generate a better airflow within the woofer to keep the interior cool. In fact, it’s the only medium for the air to go in and out — no wonder why it’s always given preference over a sealed box.

Multiple Woofers

This point is pretty much obvious. When you want to share the enjoyment of louder music outside of your car, adding multiple woofers always does the job. With more sub woofers, you can expect louder low frequency sounds necessary.

You may have a look at these high-performance powered car subwoofers from our top picks that will hardly make you sweat it out while making space for them in your car. Or you may want to go with these 12-inch subwoofers for even heavier, booming audio upgrades.

Increased Power

With more power in your subwoofer, you can not only ensure of surround sound inside your car but also the outside of it. The more increase in power, the better the bass will get.

If you wonder how you’ll increase the woofer power, the solution is simple. All you need to do is to lower your speaker’s last ohm impedance. Additionally, bridging the amplifier also does the job efficiently.

Precise Positioning

Positioning a subwoofer correctly directly impacts its loudness. If you can manage to put it in the perfect position, you can achieve the highest of outputs both inside and outside of your car.

To precisely mount your subwoofer, you need to make sure that it faces the car’s trunk and not the seats. This way, you direct the sound waves outwardly instead of directing it inward. Do this with your woofer now and see the changes in sound from outside. You’ll sure get surprised.

Keeping the Windows Open

Lastly, you must not forget to keep the windows open for routing the audio from inside to the outside of your car. After all, it’s pretty much a common sense that the sound waves will be needing a medium for circulation. And the better the airflow will be, the louder the audio will get.

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Mistakes to Avoid for Better Bass Outputs Outside The Car

Louder sound without the matching bass level is not something we ever look forward to, especially after making the upgrades.

So, to save yourself the disappointments regarding unimpressive audio experience, you must avoid the mistakes that kill off the bass levels and lower the sound quality outside your car.

Down below, I have listed several mistakes people often tend to make and what you can do instead to avoid them.

  1. First off, you can’t afford to make improper wiring. Check if your woofer has the matching polarity and the terminals are connected to the ports they are meant for. Also, I suggest taking a polarity test before the full setup. You can do this by connecting the speaker terminals to a polarity checking device.
  2. If you install a large-sized subwoofer within the shortage of your car space, its performance will undoubtedly fall substantially. So, don’t just install a large sub woofer for its pledged high-power output. Instead, go for the one that perfectly fits your car interior.
  3. People often tend to overlook the potential phase issues regarding the subwoofer and the speakers. But it’s essential to keep the suitable resonance level all-around, and therefore, the properly-pitched loudness outside. Make sure your speakers are kept apart in such a way so that the subwoofer can produce phenomenal resonance. Additionally, the speakers must be showing constructive interference.
  4. Always keep the frequency level of audio higher than 40 Hz when playing high-volume music since the audio spectrum of human ears is not much sensitive to low frequencies.

On a Final Note

Last but not least, make sure you’ve gone through all the specs, instructions, and cautions that came along with the user manual of your subwoofer. If you can manage to make all the arrangements inside of your car in the proper way, you can expect to achieve the best sound outputs both inside and outside of your car.

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