How to Make Baby Shoes – Step by Step Guide

When a baby born we excited so much and we need lots of baby products. Baby shoes is one of the most important products whats we need immediately but baby grow fast and all of clothing and shoes need change quickly. You need to change lots of baby shoes when your baby never actually walks on this things is not only about change it is also about bit of money. Today this post i will teach you how to make a baby shoes at home step by step. You can make your baby shoes likes crafts with lots of fun additionally save a bit of money.

You can make a magnificent shoes at your home within an hour even without a sewing machine. Just measure your handsome boy or cute girl feet and pick thread with needle to make a beautiful peace of baby shoes. Let’s learn step by step guide.

Making Cloth Baby Shoes – Step by Step

When you think about shoes we assume it is lots of actionable work. It is truly needs lots of actionable work when you make a adult shoes likes working shoes or kickboxing shoes

Ops!!! I forget that, Congratulation for being parents.

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So, starting this stunning work prepare with well equipped.

Come to the point, when we talk about baby crafting shoes it is easy I think just you need to take some step. Here is everything:

Essential Things You Need

  • Different Type of Fabric
  • Fusible Interfacing (Square Foot)
  • 1/8 inch Wide Elastic
  • Scissors and a Sewing Machine
  • Needle and Thread
  • an Iron

1. Pick Fabrics & Accessories

Collect fabrics that’s perfect for your baby feet as i recommend don’t use synthetic fabrics they will not healthy for your baby. You should use some heavy materials or soft leather when you make soles. Now purchase all of others necessary things you need for making this shoes. You need to buy fusible interfacing, wide elastic and some products we listed above.

2. Shoe Pattern Create

Mainly three peace of pattern will require for making shoes. The top, the heel & the sole is three peace you need to make firstly. Measure your baby feet for making shoe and you can start from making sole. Measure your baby feet and count around the toes at front half. This peace is fixed from side to side but remember that you should add 1/4 inch all around the shoes.

You can making top peace by copy the front half of your sole peace with a straight line as your baby arch. Basically hill is rectangle so it is most hardest peace when you make it. The heel is slightly curved and it will be bit pulled in side because of the curve. Just measure pattern peace from arch starting point from back and both side. Both long side also need to make some curve when you measure it. How high of the side of each it is depend on you. If you want to make it easy just find pattern in online and remake it as your own baby feet.

3. Attach Pattern Peace

In this time you just cut your pattern peace and attach it with fabric by pin. You just need to attach one sole piece, two top pieces, and two heal pieces. When everything is fit and attached by pin now just cut them out.

4. Sewing Them Now

In this time you will sew all of the fabric and pattern peace. Sew heel peace first then iron fold when it need to folding. Fold and sew them around every side but concentrate when it sewing it should be maintain long edge and short edge.

Sew top peace and iron them first but noticed that every aspect of seam. Folding seam when it will need and don’t do it when it is not necessary.

You can sew your baby shoes by sewing machine or by hand. If you want to sew it by hand you just need needle and thread. Sewing machine can make it easy and comfortable.

Finishing The Shoes

After sewing you need some task to finishing this shoe making. Insert half the elastic into each shoe then attach the top peace to the sole now attach the heel peace now Pull the ends of the elastic through the holes you made in the top piece now time to turn your baby shoes right-side out.

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