How to Fix Peeling Clear Coat On Car?

Cars that are old but have been built in a quality way are most likely still running and will be running for a long time to come. We are going to see How to Fix Peeling Clear Coat step by step now.

Unfortunately, their coat of paint is most likely going to need a replacement or at least a fix if the problem isn’t too big.

Back then, there was no such technology like nowadays which would prevent the coat of paint from peeling off the car after so many years. Although, don’t think that the paint was bad. It was good and still is good, however, there was no way to protect it for such long time.

That’s why in this post, you will be able to learn how to fix to peel clear coat, which products to use, and how to blend it in with your color that wasn’t repaired.

How to Fix Peeling Clear Coat ?

When it comes to fixing peeling clear coat of paint on a car, it’s important to understand that sometimes, there is no actually easy and simple fix.

While most of the people look for a quick fix of peeling clear coat, sometimes there is no actual quick fix for such problem. Sometimes, the clear coat of paint has been peeled to that point where it would be easier to peel it off and give your car a new fresh coat of paint.

However, in other cases where damage isn’t that bad and you only have a small part of peeling clear coat, you will be able to fix it without having to freshly paint your car. Everyone understands that freshly painting your car requires to sand all the peeling paint off, and respray it with the new color which should be the same or similar to the one before.

When there are only a few spots of peeling clear coat of paint on your car, there’s still hope for you. Peeling clear coat spots mostly happen on the hood of a car or on the roof.

There are products which are very helpful for such situations and with proper techniques that you learn here, you will be able to deal with peeling clear coat on your car, no matter how old it is.

How to Fix Peeling Clear Coat

Products You Will Need To Fix Peeling Clear Coat

As I have mentioned before, there are useful products which will help you to fix the peeling clear coat of paint on your car. However, that’s going only to work on smaller spots, instead of the wide area of peeling clear coat.

The two most common and useful products used when fixing the peeling clear coat on a car would be the Urethane Clear Coat and Aero Spray coating.

One of the two most common products is 2K European Urethane Clear Coat and 2K Aero Spray clear coat. It’s important to keep in mind that 2K Aero Spray contains chemicals, and therefore, you should definitely wear a facemask when spraying with it.

Other useful tools you should have when fixing peeling clear coat would be car wash soap, masking tape, sandpaper, polisher, and a wool pad.

And of course, the facemask I have mentioned before, which is very important for your own health.

Steps to Fixing Peeling Clear Coat

If you have got the necessary tools already, it’s important to understand the steps and do them in exact order without skipping anything during the process.

SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

SprayWay SW050-12 Glass Cleaner

In next 8 steps, you will learn how to deal with peeling clear coat in a simple way on your old car.

Step 1: The first step is very important and it shouldn’t be skipped. It’s cleaning the place you’re looking to fix. The best way to clean the area of peeling clear coat you’re going to fix is to apply any glass cleaner mixed with alcohol. It’s important that you first clean it with organic contamination. In next step, you will be able to use inorganic contamination products. You can also feel free to wash your car with soap and dry it with microfiber towel for efficient cleaning. Whatever the option you choose, just make sure you clean the area you are looking to fix.

Janie Stick Spot Cleaner

Janie Stick Spot Cleaner

Step 2: After you have cleaned peeling clear coat area on your car with organic contamination products, next step would be to clean it again, but with inorganic contamination products. Inorganic contamination products such as solvent-based cleaners, including PRE paint prep, will work. Make sure to clean it off with a clean rag afterward.

Dynarex Non-Sterile Non Woven Sponge

Dynarex Non-Sterile Non Woven Sponge

Step 3: The third step is about repeating the second step. Get a non-woven pad which you will use to scuff the paint in the wanted area. Feel free to use PRE paint prep again, and to repeat this step as many times you think it’s necessary.

Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape

Nexcare Absolute Waterproof First Aid Tape

Step 4: The next step would be to protect the area around the spot you will be fixing. You don’t want to spray the parts where fixing isn’t necessary. Also, it will prevent you from messing up other spots which don’t need to be treated against peeling clear coat. Get a normal office tape and tape it around the spot you’re looking to fix. You can also tape bigger pad to protect bigger areas you want to cover. My advice would be to not use tape directly to your car because that will leave sticky markings. Instead, tape a piece of pad until it loses its stickiness. However, you want to still have some stickiness left to be able to tape it on your car.

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

Step 5: Now you’re ready to start spraying your car with 2K spray. Before using the 2K spray, it’s important that you shake it well. Also, you don’t need to try and leave a thick layer of it on the spots you want to fix. The 2k spray is effective and it will cover well spots you’re trying to fix itself. Make sure that you have covered all the area you aren’t going to fix with tape and pads. After spraying the first coat, leave it to dry before doing next step.

Step 6: If you have left the first coat of paint to dry, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Try and touch the part you painted over and see whether it’s dry or tacky. If it’s dry, it’s time for another step. However, if it feels tacky, it’s important to leave it to dry a few more minutes.

Step 7: After the first coat of paint has been dried, the next thing you are going to do is apply a second coat of paint. However, the second coat of paint is going to be light. After you apply this second light paint of coat on top of the first one, you’re done with painting.

Step 8: If the second light paint of coat has dried, it’s time to remove the tape from the area you’ve painted. This step is also important because you want to take off your tape slowly, without leaving any markings or damage the coat of paint you applied. Keep in mind that repaired are will stand out from other areas, however, there’s a fix for that as well. It’s important that there are no more flaking and peelings of the paint.

The Results of Fixing Peeling Clear Coat

After you’ve followed the steps and finished fixing peeling clear of the coat, you could have noticed that the results might not be something you wanted.

Even although there is no more peeling, the area you’ve just fixed is standing out from the rest of the car. However, there’s no need to worry about that. There’s a fix for that as well, which is even easier than fixing the peeling clear coat on your car.

This way of fixing peeling clear coat is only good for small areas of peeling clear coat. For larger areas of peeling clear coat, I would recommend you to sand the paint off and apply a new fresh paint. It will be faster and more efficient. Results will also be looking better.

How to Blend Peeling Clear Coat After The Fix

If you have followed all the steps, you have probably successfully fixed peeling clear coat on your car.

In Step 8 when you went to remove the tape, you could have noticed that there is a major difference between the fixed area and old area on the paint of your car.

While most people would rather leave it to peel instead of having uneven paint color on their car, there’s no worry for that at all. There’s nothing to sweat about.

If you have thought that you were finished with Step 8, you were wrong. The last and final step is mentioned here, and it’s blending the peeling clear coat after you’ve fixed the problem.

New paint color might look nice, but the complete area of your car isn’t going to look too nice with uneven paint surfaces.

Therefore, you will have to blend the newly repaired area with your old paint by polishing it. That’s when the sandpaper comes in action.

When polishing the old and new paint on your car, you should take sandpaper and wet sand to polish the edges. Other than edges, keep in mind that you should polish and sand the complete freshly painted area. The reason for that is because the fresh paint will most likely be glossy, while the older paint on your car has lost its shine.

When polishing and sanding, you shouldn’t be too aggressive on your paint. First, clean the area with a clean rag and a glass cleaner again. You don’t want to get dirt in your freshly painted area. After that, it’s time to use sandpaper and slowly and gently brush the layer off the new paint.

After you have blended the edges, you will want to use polisher at speed of around 600 RPM to blend the edges of fresh paint even better.

There is no time frame for how long you should be blending the new paint with the old paint. However, the simple rule would be to do it as long as it takes until you don’t see the transition from new to old paint anymore.

Be careful. If you happen to be too aggressive with sandpaper or polisher on your fresh paint, you might thin the paint too much. Then you will need to apply a new layer of paint all over again.

If you have successfully finished, congratulations. That’s all it takes to fix peeling clear coat on your car.

Products For Fixing Peeling Clear Coat

When it comes to fixing the peeling clear coat on a car that’s pretty old, there’s no other way to do it than using the right products.

You will need a product for cleaning the surface in the process, and you will need a product for spraying the surface in order to fix the clear coat from peeling off.

The products I would highly recommend you for the process which is described above would be the 2K European Urethane Clear Coat and 2K Aero Spray Clear Coat.

2K European Urethane Clear Coat is great for cleaning and getting the are ready to be processed. While 2K Aero Spray Clear Coat is good for applying that coat of paint which is missing from your car. 2K Aero Spray Clear Coat is actually an active spray paint which will help you the most in the process of repairing the peeling clear coat.

Other than these two important products, you will also need a glass cleaner which is organic, and inorganic cleaning product such as PRE paint prep.

However, keep in mind that you should clean the surface well before even beginning the process, and make sure that you don’t miss any of the steps mentioned.

There might be only 8 steps, but every step is important and crucial in the process of fixing peeling clear coat on your car.

With these 8 steps, you will be able to understand the process and easily apply it to your situation. Products that are required aren’t that expensive, yet they’re a big life saver since then can help you in such situation.

Keep in mind, if the area of peeling clear coat is too big, I would highly recommend you to do it using another process. You will have to sand the peeling clear coat completely off, before re spraying the part from edge to edge.

There is not much you can mess up, and if you do mess up – you can always start over again. Also, you don’t need to have much experience with DIY to fix this problem.

All you need is some common sense, free time, some products and tools – and you’re ready to go with the help of this post.

Have you ever had problems with peeling clear coat? Did you try to fix it with any other solutions? How did that go?

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