15 Easy House Cleaning Hacks For Better Life

The weekend is a convenient time to do chores and clean up the house. Unfortunately, before you know it, the clutter has piled up again and by midweek, you’re left with an untidy home that makes it seem like all the effort over the weekend was for nothing.

But what can you do to keep the clutter from piling up on you and adding to your tasks over the weekend? Here are 15 easy shortcuts and hacks that you can easily do daily to keep your house tidy throughout the week.

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Make Your Bed.To get a head start on productively keeping your house tidy, you can start right where you begin your day: your bedroom. Making up your bed the moment you get out of it in the morning will help set your mind on keeping a tidy house. 

It also lessens the chances of you crawling back in because you’ve already made the bed until the next use, which is that night. Empty Your Dishwasher.If making your bed is the first thing that you should do in the bedroom, emptying your dishwasher may be the one for your kitchen apart from brewing that morning’s coffee.

If you empty your dishwasher at this point in the day, your breakfast dishes will be the only ones occupying it, ensuring that there is no unnecessary pile up of dishes in it.

Pick Up Clutter

Go through the rooms in your house and pick up the clutter that is lying around. You can put them in baskets that are left in every room, and then put the items where they belong at night or when you get home.

Clean Your Closet

Sort through the items in your closet by setting aside pieces of clothing that don’t fit you anymore or don’t look as good as they used to be. You can put them in a container that’s conveniently placed in your closet then you can look through that container at the end of each month to determine the fates of these articles of clothing: should they be disposed of, donated to people who have use for them, or are they still good enough to be sold?

Clean Your Gutter

Gutter cleaning is crucial to ensure the good health of your house roof. A clogged gutter contains lots of dirt, debris, and leaves that gradually damage the gutter. Using the gutter guard can help you to keep the gutter clean and effective for a longer period. Also, this helps to remove clogged water, snow and ice from your gutter. Using the gutter cover is a clever way and this can minimize your hard work to keep the gutter clean for a longer period.

Hang Your Towels Properly

Used towels need to be air dried properly before they can be used again (up to three times), so you have to ensure that they are hung properly after being used in the morning. This means using the bars in your bathroom to get them properly dried. 

Similarly, bathrobes should be hung up on hooks to allow sufficient air drying. It also gives your bathroom a hotel-like feel to it, so that’s a plus.

Keep Your Stuff Organized

Put your keys, bag, and coat near the front door. Keep them organized so that you always know where to find them and you’ll avoid leaving your home late because you had to search for your keys right before leaving.

Tips For Night Time

Hang Your Clothes

It can become a habit to simply throw clothes that you will wear again before laundry day on the back of a chair or the end of your bed, but in keeping with your new tidying habits, you should rehang them properly back in your closet. 

That way, you avoid getting these clothes wrinkled before the next time that you’ll be using them.

Set Up The Dishwasher

No matter how tempting it may be to put your feet up and relax at the end of the day, don’t skip out on filling your dishwasher and starting it with the things you used for dinner in order for them to get cleaned overnight.

You can relax, but prioritize doing this so that you won’t have to do it in the morning.

Wipe Down In The Kitchen

Wipe the surfaces in your kitchen before you go to bed. This includes the countertops and the floors. You should also clean the microwave after every use to avoid getting any built up gunk and smells in it. 

Why settle for a dirty kitchen when you can ensure its cleanliness?

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