Best Walking Shoes For Men – No Fear to Walk Now

When you are outdoors, your shoes are one of the most important things that will protect you. It protects your feet from dirt, dust, various germs, rough and pointy terrains and many more.

Internally, it helps you keep a good posture, balances your spine, protects your ankles and knees and helps in stabilizing your hips and lower back region.

Best Walking Shoes For Men

Shoes are more helpful than we can imagine so buying a good pair is very essential. In this article we are going to talk about buying the best walking shoes for men.

Top 10 Best Walking Shoes For Men

After researching and comparing many different brands, we have narrowed down our top picks to only 10. These 10 brands are a good starting point for you to consider if you are looking for shoes that are popular, well known for their quality and offer great support.


01. Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion 2.0

The beveled heel construction of these walking shoes will enhance your stride when walking. It is also made for your comfort and the oil and slip resistant outsole will give you traction for when you walk on slippery terrain. The leather upper gives you support when using these kicks.


Pros: These low cut walking shoes are available in two colors to choose from: white and flat grey. These shoes are actually really lightweight that you’ll almost feel like you’re walking on air literally! There is wide sizing available too. It has an oil-and-slip resistant outsole so you feel a lot safer and have a better grip on the surface you’re walking on.

Cons: The lining can sometimes wear out and the soles start squeaking once they’re worn out. Some people do say that the added insole padding makes the size a little smaller.

2. New Balance Men’s MW577

These walking shoes are made from leather with a rubber sole. It has an ABZORB midsole cushioning to make it comfortable for you when you wear these. It also has a Walking Strike Path outsole. New Balance aims to achieve only the best for their customers, so you can be sure that this is also up to their standards.


Pros: You can choose between black and white for these shoes to go with your walking outfit of choice. They are also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking apart when used in the rain.

Cons: These shoes can start wearing out with constant use within a year of wearing them. The upper part of the shoes might start pointing upward and separate from the sole.

3. Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

These leather walking shoes have a synthetic sole and are made with premium materials for the perfect fit. It is designed for stability when walking and does not limit your movements. It also has a padded tongue and collar to avoid any blisters.


Pros: These shoes are available in 8 different designs to make sure that you find one that you would like best. Rockport also offers a variety on the width of the shoes they sell to provide you with choices depending on your own preference and comfort.

Cons: These shoes don’t have great arch, but you can use custom orthotic slip ins if you need to. It lasts for about two months before signs of wear appear.

4. Dream Pairs 150908 Men’s Sport Light Weight

Breathable mesh vamp. It has a man-made sole and has a heel height of approximately 1” with a platform about half of that. These are slip ons so you can wear and remove them with ease.


Pros:  You can choose from 13 different designs of these walking shoes, all of them providing the same comfort. They are true to size unlike some shoes on the market. They are super lightweight which helps when you’re walking for long distances, and it comes with a breathable mesh vamp too.

Cons: The insoles can be improved so that they don’t slide around as much and come out of the shoes when worn, which can be annoying to deal with. The support can also be improved.

5. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

These walking shoes provide support for low arches and also work on overpronation so that you can be perfectly comfortable when walking in them. The leather material makes sure that the shoes are durable and comfortable to wear. It has gooey fluids to provide midsole cushioning and shock absorption too.


Pros: These are available in three colors: black, brown, and white. It provides the comfort of running shoes in regular walking shoes. The supple full-grain leather provides great quality and its Hydroflow technology helps to enhance the midsole cushioning and shock.

Cons: Be careful with the sizing of these shoes. The stitching can be reinforced and strengthened and sometimes, the color on your computer screen might be slightly different from in real life.

6. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3

These are washed canvas fabric shoes with synthetic soles. They are cushioned with memory foam on the heel and vamp for comfortable wearing and also have an antimicrobial sock liner that inhibits odor and prevents slippage when worn. They are slip on shoes and can be worn and removed with ease.


Pros: Choose from 5 different colors for these lightweight and durable walking shoes. They run true to size and have a reasonable ankle support. The memory foam cushion feels very supportive and the full length insole is great too. The distressed canvas style is trendy and the 100% fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear.

Cons: The heel part can be a bit big and may not facilitate comfort when worn. They have a recurring size problem (either too big or too small) as reported by many buyers so do be careful about the size you order.

7. Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Srike Memory

These shoes are made from leather and fabric and a synthetic sole. It is worn with dual hook ad loop straps with a lugged outsole and a padded tongue and collar. It also has a mesh upper for breathability. Be comfortable with the soft fabric lining along with the memory foam.


Pros: These comfortable and lightweight walking shoes are available in two colors: white-navy and black. The rubber sole has high traction so don’t worry about slipping with these on. The padded tongue and collar also provide added cushioning and comfort.

Cons: The memory foam wears off over time, and the ring securing the Velcro straps also gives up quite easily. The stitching can be improved too so it doesn’t come off as easily.

8. Merrell Men’s Shiver Moc Waterproof Slip On

This leather slip-on shoes is not only stylish but extremely comfortable. With its protective rubber toe cap, it also provides you with increased safety, especially if you work in a work environment with more risks. The waterproof membrane is a bonus and the air cushion heels provides great shock absorption.


Pros: They’re extremely comfortable, reliable and are a popular brand with customers who swear by their brand. They are lined inside and provide soft comfort. Great for hiking, walking and in any weather.

Cons: Some people say that the sizing runs a little small so you might want to consider ordering one or two sizes up. The seams can be reinforced and strengthened to make it last a little longer.

9. Nike Men’s Fs Lite Trainer 3

These lightweight walking shoes are made of highly breathable mesh and synthetic upper materials along with a rubber sole. You can be comfortable wearing these for both indoor and outdoor activities and the construction of its upper part reduces irritation. It also fits true to size with just a little tightness on the instep.


Pros: These shoes are really comfortable to wear and they also look good when worn too. They are available in a variety of colors to fit right in with your clothing choices. They are lightweight and very suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. We also like the seamless upper construction as it really helps to reduce any potential irritation.

Cons: The arch support can be improved. These shoes are not really advisable for activities like basketball and snow skidding. The fit can also be a little snug.

10. Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam

These shoes are made from a synthetic sole and a breathable mesh upper. It also has a textile lining inside to keep you comfortable when you wear them. It has a skeleton support in the under layer to secure the shape of the shoes. The midsole area has a cloudfoam that will ensure comfort and cushioning.


Pros: You can choose from different colors for these shoes and they’re really comfortable and don’t put the same strain on your knees as other shoes. These are also lightweight. The breathable mesh upper is ideal and the comfortable textile lining looks extremely stylish. This pair of shoes is especially well known for its comfy and cushioned insole.

Cons: The foam on the soles doesn’t last that long but they can be easily replaced. It does take a while to get used to them.

Buying Guide For Conscious People

There is a saying, you can tell a gentleman by his shoes. Women enjoy wearing great footwear, but men can also do the same. From ordinary daily footwear to designer shoes, every shoe has its perks and benefits.

Some costs a few dollars while others can go up to a thousand bucks, some are glittery and attractive while others are basic yet comfortable. Selection of footwear should be made with right research, bearing in mind the comfort level of your feet. Below are some of types of men footwear you might want to consider:

Oxfords: Made in Scotland and Ireland, these are the best shoes you can wear. Mostly formal and black and brown in color, these can be a perfect fit with any kind of suit.

Wingtips: These shoes are officially called Oxfords with Brogue detailing. They are a perfect alternative for Oxfords and additionally, they have holes to let water out. These shoes are stylish, fun to wear and shoes with an attitude.

Suede Oxford Wingtips: The design of this type of shoe is made for more comfort with the suede and wingtip design. The pores present in the shoe let more air to pass, thus keeping your foot delicate.

Loafers: These shoes stand on the edge of being formal and causal. You can wear them to a formal meeting and also to a party. These are versatile, stylish and fashionable.

Moccasins: These shoes are made of leather and a soft sole. It is almost same as loafers. They have more have attractive designs with beads and tassels. It is suitable for casual and partygoers.

Boat shoes: These type of footwear are best suited for casual purpose. They slip on easily are cool to wear. The leather cover put together with a distinctive pattern prevents from slipping and makes them a favorite to wear.

Sneakers: These shoes are made of rubber shoes and dyed canvas. They are perfect casual fit and great for your jeans and t-shirts.

Trainers: A pair of runners can provide air cushion to your feet. At the same time, they are versatile and comfortable. They are lightweight, durable and visually attractive.

Boots: Due to their rugged and tough build, they are suitable for frigid weather. They can survive in the most hostile climate as they are water resistant and solid outer cover. These boots are made to keep your feet nice and warm.

Chelsea: Coupled with fine leather and attractive look, it is best fit for your coat.

Combat: They are sturdy with high heels and have a rugged exterior, which makes them a suitable wear with the coat.

Hiking: A casual wear, fit for jeans and rolled up sleeves.

Hybrid boots: Made up synthetic material, it requires minimal maintenance. They are waterproof and comfortable to wear.

Health Complications If You Don’t Buy Suitable Shoes

Common problems that may arise can range from pain in the feet, knee pain, lower back pain or muscle strain or fatigue.There can be long term complications especially if you’re in an occupation that requires you to stand for long hours (eg. bartending, retail, security).


Slouching basically means that you’re putting your spine in an abnormal position instead of in a neutral position when you stand or walk properly. If you stand too long, it can eventually affect your posture in the long run, cause an abnormal bend in your spine which in turn causes long term damage and pain in your back. Getting a pair of shoes with the right support can help reduce slouching and all these ripple effects in the long run.

Compression of your joints:

Standing or walking for a long time can put a lot of pressure on your joints, whether it is in your knees, ankles, feet or hips. This pressure reduces lubrication in your joints which can cause your joints to wear out. This can eventually cause you a lot of pain when you’re walking.

Walking shoes are basically designed specifically to enhance the way we walk and help support us in having the right posture. Strain is reduced on our muscles and our joints are well supported. If you’re a power walker especially and love using walking as a way to keep fit, investing in a pair of good walking shoes can definitely enhance and help your walking experience.

Also, bear in mind that as a walker, it is often that your foot will hit heel first before rolling slowly from heel-to-toe. What you want is a good pair of shoes with more bend in the toe area and a flexible sole so you can twist and bend your toe area.

Things to Consider Before Buying

As mentioned, you must buy a footwear that is not only comfortable, but also healthy and suitable to your feet. Many health issues can also arise if you stand all day long with inadequate support in the wrong shoes. Here are some points you should consider when you’re buying shoes:

Support to your ankles and knees:

If you are a runner or you often walk for long distances, you should be mindful of your ankles and knees. You should buy a pair of shoes with extra shock absorption or a tough heel. You should see that it supports your knee properly.

It should provide you with enough cushion:

The cushion system of your shoe is a determining factor as it takes the pressure of your feet and helps you in balancing. You must check whether it is making your feet more comfortable or your shoe starts to irk you after a lot of jumping or jogging. More cushion also means better shock absorbing and lesser fatigue for your feet. A helpful tip is to go for tennis shoes if you actually have to stand on concrete for long hours because tennis shoes are specifically made for hard surfaces.

It should be a comfortable fit for you:

Aim to get a snug, comfortable fit. Check whether it offers the right pressure and comfort for you. There are many factors which contributes to your comfort level. The design, the soles or the laces, all has to be considered.

It should provide you with firm support:

You should consider buying a shoe with a firm and thick sole as it will help you stand comfortably for long hours. Even good cushioning absorbs shock and reduces the chances of getting muscle fatigue or strain.

Comfortable insoles are a plus:

A supportive insole can be quite helpful in relieving pressure from your feet by standing for a long time. A foot bed with a gentle cushion also provides a good support. A shoe with flat sole can be detrimental for your foot. It can be painful and stressful.

Work environment is very important:

If you are work outdoors or in athletics, you should buy the appropriate shoes for your work environment. If you work in the kitchen, then you should slip resistant shoes.

What Makes A Good Pair of Walking Shoes?

Here is a quick summary of what a well designed pair of walking shoes looks like:Should have an elevated heel (less than 2 inch but more than ¼ inch). This is actually recommended by occupational health clinics.

Appropriate material to suit your occupation or the environment you want to use it for.

  1. Lightweight and not too heavy.
  2. Good width. It shouldn’t be too narrow or too wide for your feet.
  3. Provides good support and fits your foot arch well.
  4. It should be breathable.
  5. It should give your foot enough space in the toe box so your toes can still move freely and comfortably.
  6. Make sure that your heel doesn’t slip across the ball or arch part of your feet.

A good pair of walking shoes helps in reducing muscle strain and increasing the support for your joints. It also gives you comfort when walking or taking a stroll for long distances. Consider these top 10 picks that we have laid out for you and you should be in the right direction! If you are a power walker and enjoy having long walks every day, it certainly makes sense to investing in a pair of quality walking shoes to make your experience a better and healthier one.

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