7 Best 0W-20 Synthetic Oil For Smoother Drives

The precise type of oil your engine needs primarily depends on the manufacturer’s recommendation. But that’s not all. There are several other facts you need to consider before making the proper selection.

Theweather must be taken into account. The best choice for winter is 0W-20 synthetic oil. The best 0W-20 synthetic oil help you get smoother rides in smaller cars and motorbikes. Choosing the right oil for your engine isn’t a simple job at all.

The quality of these oils varies from brands to brands. Not all the 0W20 oils will be of the same quality neither will be their compatibility with your engine. You must be wise before you pick one.

A wrong selection can be the reason behind your long-term headache. So going for one shouldn't be hurried. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 of the best 0W-20 synthetic oils in the market.

We’ve spent hours and poured our expertise in the searching. We’ve looked into the different features they offer like lubrication quality, improved performance, thermal stability, mileage, and more. 

Also, a buying guide at the end will help you further to make a decent choice. So let’s get started.

1. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil

You definitely want better control for safely operating your engined vehicle, and Pennzoil 0w20 ultra platinum oil can effectively meet that demand.

It provides lubrication that puts a layer over the movable parts of your engine to ensure their proper functioning without any friction.

The oil contains quality additives to provide high performance. It’s a master combination of Pennzoil’s Pure Plus synthetic oils. The Pure Plus is their patented technology. It’s a far-reaching process that converts pure natural gas into high-quality totally synthetic oil.

It’s used especially in the Pennzoil Platinum engine oils. With the layer it puts on your engine parts, the lubricant enables them to run smoothly without any disturbing noise. What actually the oil does is, it delves into your whole engine to make it run clean and smooth.

Unlike the petroleum-based oil, this effective 0w20 engine oil uses a pure formula that helps your engine to maintain accurate functioning even under adverse conditions. This Pennzoil 0W-20 motor oil also features a constant low viscosity during lower temperatures.

This means your engine will require lesser effort while pumping the oil, especially in high temperatures. It helps your engine to retain power. The faster oil flow of low-temperature protects the engine from extreme heat. An extra 550 miles can be driven annually with this engine oil.

Apart from the quality oil, we loved the carry can a lot. It comes with a brilliant design that has dual carry handles. Carrying it around is super easy as well as pouring it.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Natural gas made pure synthetic oil.
  • Patented Pure Plus technology provides high-quality synthetic oil.
  • High sludge protection helps to maintain high performance and it keeps car engines super clean.
  • Provides the engine with higher stability to endure extreme conditions. Thus it maintains power and accurate functioning.
  • Prevents any loss of viscosity and thermal breakdowns.
  • Digs into your whole engine to prevent any friction, and therefore,
  • The superbly designed can is easy to carry around.


The quality oil provides premium user experience at a relatively affordable price. The mileage it offers is a bit less than its competitors which is its only drawback.

But it’s an engine oil to maintain your engine professionally with less effort.

2. Royal Purple 0W20 Oil 01020

If you think the quality of engine oils don’t commensurate their prices, you can get this Royal Purple 0W-20 motor oil to get a good value of your

It has been engineered in such a way that it never loses lubrication with the changes of temperature. 

No matter the weather is hot or cold, the oil will retain its persistence to keep your engine fit as new. Give your car engine a huge boost with this synthetic motor oil. 

It uses a heavy-duty formula to provide high protection to your engine. You’ll get an improved engine power that’ll make the running of your car more smooth.

Moreover, it amazingly reduces wears and tears so that your car remains efficient and powerful. Apart from lubrication, the Royal Purple oil provides great protection to your car engine from corrosion. Especially in cold weather, when it’s easier for your engine to interact water, it may rust soon. You can check out Mostpicker to get more information on these topics.

The engine oil puts a superb layer of oil that keeps the engine parts protected. The integrated formula helps improve the compatibility. For instance, it is able to utilize ethanol with fuel. With its improved protection, the catalytic converter system remains clean.

Therefore, the engine’s efficiency is improved with a complete burn of fuel.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Engineered to retain lubrication even with the change of temperature.
  • Superb lubrication doesn’t allow your engine to corrode or rust.
  • Provides massive mileage.
  • Doesn’t allow the engine to starve.
  • Highly compatible with fuels that contain ethanol.


The Royal Purple 0W-20 oil is a quality lubrication product that meets your
car engine demands efficiently. The price may seem a bit higher than its rivals, but again, it does offer you different sizes to choose from. The performance is never going to disappoint you.

Please, do check whether your engine is compatible with this oil before making a purchase.

3. Liquimoly 2208 Special Tec AA 0W-20 Motor Oil

The Liquimoly 2208 0w-20 engine oil has been formulated to last for a long time. The oil is suitable for just about any type of vehicle engines.

No matter if you’re running an imported car or a classical one, the oil goes with every model.  This purely synthetic oil is much different from the other blended oils.

The oil has a superb capability to provide excellent engine efficiency. It comes with a wear-free feature that keeps your engine clean and clear even after years of use. You’ll notice that it remains substantially clear while changing.

It’ll not let the engine rust or corrode, thanks to its highly effective lubrication. Premium additives have been used in this oil to improve its protection.

Moreover, the oil helps you maintain the efficiency of your engine without much effort. It also minimizes the fuel consumption without hampering the engine performance.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Premium engine oil. Fully synthetic, fuel-efficient.
  • Suits most of the Japanese modern engine models as well as the American classic gasoline engines.
  • Keeps up fine with both high and low temperatures.
  • Keeps your engine cleaner for a much longer period.
  • Increases the engine performance and the MPG.


This is one of the best 0W-20 synthetic motor oils in the market. A top choice oil for all seasons.

4. Castrol 03124 EDGE Advanced Full
Synthetic 0W-20 Motor Oil

This premium quality Castrol EDGE full synthetic low viscosity 0W-20 motor oil is specially made to maximize your vehicle’s performance during extreme engine pressure conditions.

This oil makes your car engine run safe and smooth even when it’s under massive stress.

It’s important to use high-grade engine oils since engines these days withstands up to 10 tons/square-centimeters of pressure. This high-tech engine oil reduces frictions of the inner metals of your engine even when running on higher speeds.

The deposit formations get reduced as well using this oil which gives it a great value to a frequent traveler. Castrol EDGE is formulated with fluid titanium technology. The ever-increasing engine pressure makes up for performance as well as fuel economy.

This technology doubles this oil’s film strength to ensure a maximum of 15% less friction within inner metals. It’s more than most other synthetic motor oils in the market.

The motor oil might be requiring changes more frequently than other similar motor oils, but it presents you with plenty of benefits nevertheless. Compared to its high-performance the price is definitely affordable.

Moreover, it’s compatible with most of the standard engine models. A 5- quart can is enough for smaller cars. The oil offers you great mileage. Pairing it with Bosch oil filters may improve its performance even better.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Premium full synthetic engine oil. Offers super strength under massive stress.
  • Fluid titanium technology maximizes engine performance and lasts longer.
  • Reduces inner metal frictions across a wide range of driving speeds.
  • Acclimates to both low and high temperatures.
  • Offers great mileage.
  • High-tech additives prevent wearing and provide with smooth drive.
  • Reduces engine deposit formations to maximize the engine response.
  • Keeps your engine clean for longer periods.
  • Compatible with most of the engine models.
  • Affordable price compared to high performance.


The name Castrol itself is good enough a reason for buying this synthetic oil with confidence. Offering so many advantages at such lower a price, this definitely has to be the real deal.

5. Mobil 1 - 120903 0W-20 Extended
Performance Motor Oil

The name Mobil 1 does say something great about this motor oil, doesn’t it? It’s also the 0W-20 synthetic motor oil that is well regarded among great car manufacturers.

The motor oil guarantees its consumers excellent performance as well as lower consumption of fuel. 

This premium quality oil confidently covers up to 15000 miles of driving annually. It is compatible with numerous vehicle manufacturers including Toyota, GM, Honda, and more. 

It also goes well with some of the hybrid-makes whose engines require 5W-20 motor oil. An anti-wear formula keeps your engine fresh like new.

The fact that you’ll have to change the Mobil 1 0W-20 engine oil every 15000 miles must ensure you that your engine will hardly wear off in ages. Using this motor oil in a new vehicle keeps the main bearings smooth with no scaring for the oil change. 

If you manage to change it on a regular schedule you’ll not see any formation of sludge. The cover of the valve and the cylinder heads take almost brand new looks with only traces of free oil without varnishes. The high-performing engine oil also reduces engine stress during start-ups.

It’s fair to say that the product is a bit ahead of its rivals in this regard. Saying about its price must not make your brows furrowed. If you consider the extended performance and long-lasting formula, the price might seem quite affordable indeed.

The oil proudly out-lasts the other competitors on our list.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Strengthens car engines under stress. Reduces engine stress during start-ups.
  • Never allows sludge build-ups and deposits and extends the engine’s
  • Superior lubrication comes with wear protection formula that protects your engine across multiple operating conditions.
  • The anti-wear formula keeps the engine fresh as new. You won't have to think of changing the oil before driving 15000 miles.
  • Excellent oil breakdown control.
  • Super efficient maintenance of oil viscosity in both high and low temperatures.
  • Lasts longer than most other of its rivals.
  • Offers an improved fuel economy.
  • Outstanding oxidation capabilities.


The brand value of this premium quality oil attracts most of its users. Mobil1 is a name that guarantees reliability, stability, and high-performance.

The oil has so much to offer at pretty a reasonable price. The extended performance 0W-20 motor oil is also trusted among the engine manufacturers.

Our Top Pick:

Having looked at all the best 0W-20 synthetic motor oils in the market as well as on our list, we’ve compared their key features like performance, mileage between oil change intervals, protection, compatibility, and price.

The Mobil 1 Extended Performance 0W-20 Motor Oil came out as the only contender to claim our winner's prize. At 15000 miles, it beats all its rivals. Highly rated on Amazon, the oil is compatible with numerous vehicle sizes, and it infallibly works fine with both domestic and imported vehicle models.

6. Mag 1 20139 0W-20 Synthetic Oil

Mag 1 offers this full synthetic motor oil just for your car engine. It’s a quality motor oil that retains its consistency and capability even under different altered conditions. 

It’s one of the few quality full synthetic oils on the market that you can put your long-term trust on. 

The production formula of this efficient motor oil involves some of the latest technologies. These optimum formulations enable this oil to make your engine perform better without any issues.

The manufacturers have produced such a lubrication system through this oil that reduces inner metal frictions of your engine. Its anti-wear formula keeps your engine wear-free, and therefore it extends the lifespan of your engine parts.

This sturdy fluid has a great ability to keep your engine smooth despite adverse weather conditions. It hardly thins, thickens or gets oxidized, thanks to the quality additives it uses.

The 0W20 motor oil is 100% synthetic with no blending of petroleum materials. The oil brings super stability and doesn’t allow any sludge formation. It’s able to keep your engine thermally protected in unfavorable weather conditions while also maintaining its high performance.

It’s definitely one of the best lubrication you might possibly find.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • 100% pure synthetic motor oil.
  • Maintains high viscosity in adverse conditions.
  • Provides great maintenance of fuel and battery use.
  • Provides a great deal of engine performance maximization as well as
  • Works consistently well at both high and low temperatures.
  • Fine lubrication doesn’t let your engine components to wear.
  • Reduces engine sludge to almost zero.


The Mag 1 full synthetic oil is a great product you can rely on confidently. It
keeps your engine clean making it run smoothly without requiring you any sacrifices.

7. Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic 0W-20 Oil

This fully synthetic 0W20 oil from Valvoline Synpower is designed to ensure massive performance gains in your vehicle engine. The oil provides professional lubrication to your engine with high efficiency.

It improves your overall engine performance and ensures you get a better fuel efficiency. 

The synthetic oil is able to tackle both high and low temperatures easily. Even when the temperature rises to an extreme, the oil keeps maintaining proper protection of your engine. It never thins out when the temperature is high.

The lower temperatures never stop it providing decent performance as well. The mileage it covers is something that separates this quality engine oil from the others. The oil comes with modern high-tech formulations and balancing.

The additives in it use an anti-wear formula which provides smoother drives that add up to the mileage. The oil offers high engine compatibility which is another good reason to like it.

You’ll see a lot of people using this oil who want to give their engine a better oil at a cheaper price. The oil goes fine even with most of the supercharged vehicles.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for most of the engine types including supercharged and turbocharged.
  • Integrated engine cleansing system cleans your engine thoroughly. Provides improved varnish and sludge protection.
  • Great working ability at both low and high temperatures.
  • Anti-wear additives help provide you with smoother drives.
  • Offers improved fuel efficiency.
  • Reduces stress on engine start-ups.


The Valvoline Synpower synthetic oil boasts impressive compatibility with remarkably heavy-duty formula at a price cheaper than its competitors on our list. Consider this oil if you want proper maintenance of your engine within a tight budget.

How You’ll Buy Your Car Oil

It’s important to choose your car oil carefully. Buying the wrong one may result in everlasting frustration for you. There are some certain factors that shouldn’t go unchecked before you make any purchase.

1. Check the oil recommended for your car

There are differences between the engine types. Diesel engines and gasoline engines differ from each other in terms of performance and working conditions.

Therefore, they both have separate recommended motor oils. Checking both the brand and oil type recommended by the manufacturer is necessary. It’ll also save you from lots of hassles.

Different oil types

There are various oil types to be found in the market based on vehicles and purposes. We’ll look at some of the common types you may come across.

Conventional Oil: Most of the normal vehicles uses these oils. Generally, when you buy a new car, it’s filled with this oil. The car manual tells exactly what the oil is and how to replace it.

Fully Synthetic Oil: This oil brings along much-upgraded quality than conventional oils and offers improved engine protection with a longer lifespan.

Synthetic Blend Oil: This is very much the same as synthetic oil. The difference is it’s produced from some blended sources. It provides good performance and engine protection within a balanced cost.

High Mileage Oil: Produced for long-term usage. This oil covers up to 75000 miles without the need of an oil change.

2. Oil Additives

Oil additives are an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. They cannot increase the base oil’s quality, but they contribute by adding various properties to the engine oil.

To improve an oil’s viscosity or to prevent the thinning some of the additives work great. Some additives are used to help the oil clean the inside of an engine more effectively.

Antioxidants, anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-rusting agents are among the other noticeable additives. Every one of them affects the overall engine performance and engine’s lifespan.

3. Viscosity

The viscosity index tells how thinning resistant the oil is at different temperatures. The engine performance may decrease with oil thinning, so knowing the oil’s viscosity is important. Checking the viscosity using the SAE ratings is the best practice.

4. Single-grade and multigrade Viscosity

Before oils with multi grade viscosity ever happened, people used to see only the single-grade ones. Latest technology now offers us oils with multi-grade viscosities that are more effective. For instance, the 0W-20 comes with 2 SAE numbers that depend on the weather. 

In cold weather, this oil acts like SAE 0 while at high temperatures it acts like SAE 20.

5. Oil Labels

Do remember to carefully read the labels on the oil cans. You’ll come to know if it’s certified with certain certifications. API engine license certification and viscosity SAE index are very common certifications you’ll probably come across.

You may look for the engine’s minimal recommended certification. SJ,SL,SM,SN are some of the common certifications. The higher the letter, the better the quality.

Final Word

0W-20 synthetic oils are great supplements for your vehicle. They protect your vehicle’s engine with proper maintenance while providing you with smoother drives. We hope you now have a clearer idea about 0W20 synthetic oils. 

Considering their features and numerous benefits, investing in the best 0W-20 synthetic oils you get a great value of money. Now it’s all up to you to choose the most suitable one from our list. Following our guide may further help you make a decent selection.

Hopefully, you’ll utilize the above information properly and your purchase will be satisfactory.

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