Best RC Car Under 100 Dollars – Fastest RC Drift Car Ever

It could be a draining experience if you are new to remote control cars. Even if you are not, it could be a harrowing experience to find toy cars under $100.

With so many options, in the market it certainly becomes a taxing thing to find the Best RC car under 100 or even something as the RC car under 50. You may want to gift to someone you love or are a hobbyist that wants to add one more to your collection.

Yes, of course, a hobbyist knows a lot, but they are always looking for better options, but we are sure even they want to save a buck.

This is why we have done the research for you and found the top remote control cars under the $100 mark. If is for you to take that call and we request you to do so only after reading this post.

We have done our best to ensure that this write up contains unsurpassed names that will offer you maximum delight. You can get a lot of color options and variety of cars with one common thing, that of quality. So, read till the end to know more about them.

A lot may think 100 dollar cars are useless and they cannot be played with. Nonetheless, we would like to enlighten you with the fact that we are just conversing about cars within a budget. We do not mean they are demeaning and lack class by any chance.

In fact, we have combed through all possibilities that offer you with the best kinds. We have found a few pointers that will give a fair idea as to what kind of remote controlled cars can you expect to come across under $100.

Battery operated

That is correct, most of these cars would operate with batteries and may have a span of 15 to 20 minutes of run time. Not to mention, rechargeable batteries differ in their performance at times.


You must be practical enough to select the best rc truck under 100. They may not be all terrain friendly, but a few will blow your mind with their feat for sure.


This measurement makes it resemble the original and you may discover that 1:16 is a standard for most of these cars. This means, these cars are sixteen times smaller than real vehicles.


Depending on the brand you choose, most rc cars will have a sturdy design as they are prone to accidents. They are engineered in a way to take these hits and keep functioning.

Ready to use

This implies that you will not have to assemble the car, as these cars come pre-assembled. These are best for first timers and especially if it is a gift for a little one. A readymade remote control car will be a better choice for a small budget.

Here is a compact list of the Best rc car under 100 that you can rely on.

1. Distianert 1:16 Scale

Distianert 1:16 Scale

Distianert is a well known name in the remote control car industry. This desert buggy looks 100% like the original one and is nothing short of it.

It is always ready to run and all you need is a set of batteries for the car to hit the road. Most parents think of this as a good hobby and want their children to get into it.

So, this is your chance to incorporate this passion into your child. Besides, we will tell you about some of the details of this car in here:


  • With a scale of 1:16, you can imagine how realistic this buggy looks
  • Can run any terrain
  • Has a speed of 8 to 10 mph, especially when running on the streets
  • The battery life is quite commendable that of 15 minutes long
  • The controllers are easy to handle even for a five year old

What we like

  • It is very easy to use because of a fully functional remote control
  • The control system uses 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • This means you will not get any kind of interference

What We Didn't Like

  • The package does not contain batteries and that seems little unfair

2. Distianert 1/24 Scale

Distianert 1/24 Scale

As mentioned above Distianert is a name brand in the miniature car manufacturing sector. This is a car kit looks delicate, real and can work right out of the box.

That means you will not have to assemble it at all. Collecting dinky cars is soon going to be a past hobby because of a cut throat competition from gadgets. 

However, as parents we would like our kids to develop some existent hobbies much against the virtual ones. This could be one step towards it and here is more on this buggy:


  • You can guess the specifications from the 1:24 scale
  • It looks accurate and this makes it more attractive
  • It has a shockproof body and that means it will not warp with turning over
  • Has rugged tires made from rubber that gives it stability
  • This certainly adds to its performance as well

What we like

  • Has a ride time of 10 to 15 minutes
  • Runs on AA batteries, hence does not require charging at all
  • The remote control uses 2.4GHz, which implies no interference
  • Its Fully Independent Suspension technology makes it flexible and durable

What We Didn't Like

  • It is way too small if you are expecting to be a huge buggy

3. Geekper Electric RC Car

Geekper Electric RC Car

This is a rock star of remote control cars as it can rev through terrains of any kind. It has a powerful motor that can run for 20 long minutes.

This is a means of nonstop entertainment for anyone that takes interest in these petite cars.

The oversized tires help in fast movement and you will love to spend time with these as they are simply the best rc car kits you can get.


  • Looks lifelike with all the right elements
  • It measures 1:16 on a scale, you can imagine how original it looks
  • Can survive turns, knocks and twists with ease
  • It can cruise on rocky surfaces, winding paths, water, grass and even on terra firma
  • Has a long battery life owing to the 500mAh Ni-Cd rechargeable battery

What we like

  • This truck makes use of advanced technology like S-truck suspension
  • That in turn helps in independent suspension
  • The PVC tires protect it very well
  • Can travel with a speed of 20 Km/h
  • Can move forward, reverse, stop, left and right

What We didn't Like

  • May not be that fast as you may expect it to be (it’s after all a toy car)
  • Takes a very long to charge up, like 4 to 5 hours

4. Rabing Remote Control Car F11

Rabing Remote Control Car F11

Okay, you may be thinking that $100 rc trucks are way low on quality, but that is not the case.

We are talking about remote controlled cars within a budget and they have nothing to do with quality. 

Like this Rabing Remote Control Car is admired for its string body, waterproof design and superior technology.

Yes, that is a fact and you will be surprised to know more about this car in particular. So, read on to know more:


  • It is very light in weight and weighs about 1.5 pounds
  • Yet the S–truck suspension makes it durable
  • Has solid battery life owing to its lithium ion battery
  • It can run for 10 to 15 minutes uninterrupted
  • The transmitter works with 2.4GHz, which means it is interference free

What we like

  • The bright colors make it very alluring
  • It has skid resistance
  • You can operate the remote within 100 meters of the car
  • Suitable for kids over 10 years
  • Comes with a few accessories for setting up like hex wrench and screwdriver
  • Steering wheel and user manual are also a part of this pack

What We didn't Like

  • Although it has speed and control, yet you should not try to crash it

5. HOSIM All Terrain RC Car 9112

HOSIM All Terrain RC Car 9112

If you are anxious to gift a small boy with anything worth, then take our advice and help them cultivate a hobby.

This car has been designed with the latest technology and has a powerful 390 motor. It has a solid body that can tread on all terrains. 

Rabing has taken extra care that their car lives up to its expectations and it exactly does so. We have delved into the matter deeper and found it to be:


  • Firstly, the S-Truck suspension gives you better control of the car
  • Secondly, the power motor allows you to accomplish a target of 33 km/h to 38 km/h speed
  • The PVC rubber tires make it shock resistant and that could be a big relief
  • It has a semi-waterproof body that can beat weather conditions
  • Any RC enthusiast will be more than happy to be in its company

What we like

  • The transmitter is ergonomically made
  • It can work up to a range of 260 feet
  • Can offer you with full throttle that highly responsive
  • It works 2.4Ghz frequency and that denotes your reception will not be interfered
  • Has a 30 day money back guarantee

What We didn't Like

  • The battery does not last long, but the manufacturer does not promise you so

6. GoolRC C12 Electric RC Car

Insert Image

This has the same 390 motor that we talked about in the previous RC car.

This helps the car to pick up a speed of 23 km/h and that certainly gives you the momentum.

This is absolutely loved by hobbyists and kids find it pretty amusing to play with because of so many things.

We have attained valuable insight into this buggy and they are as follows:


  • This is an all terrain buggy that gives the drive to play with it more
  • This signifies it can ride on grass, marshes, mud and lot more
  • Can turn, drift, flip and do anything that you want
  • High quality car with massive off road performance
  • Is suitable for 14 years and above

What we like

  • Is light in weight and weigh only 5.1 pounds
  • The remote control can work within 260 feet of the vehicle
  • It can serve full throttle with responsive steering
  • The transmitter is easy to grip
  • Very reasonably priced a remote control car
  • It has very quick to respond customer service

What We didn't Like

  • The manual lacks proper instructions and this may not go down well with a lot
  • Crashes a lot, but you need to keep control over it

7. TOZO C1142 RC CAR

Insert Image

This car can move forward, backward, right and left with the help of a fully functional remote control.

Besides this, TOZO has taken care of the fact that they deliver a strong buggy to you.

It has specialized operations and is a car that can entertain you and your loved ones for hours. We have accumulated some more details on this car and you can them in the segment below:


  • It resembles the original model by 1:22 and that is a like a lot on a scale
  • Has Hi-Q wheels made from rubber that are anti skid
  • Keeps a good dynamic balance because of transmission shafts that have a speed and bearing
  • Moreover, this makes the suspension shockproof
  • This independent suspension makes it steady as a race car

What we like

  • The transmitter works on 2.4GHz which is anti interference channel
  • You can replace parts that may break due to heavy crashing
  • All parts are available with leading online retailers
  • Can provide you with a speed of 32 km/h
  • It is extremely easy to assemble and dismantle this car

What We didn't Like

  • The parts are really small and at times seem to be hard to control

8. INTEY RC Cars

Insert Image

All of us had this fantasy during our childhood days, of a car that would run on land and water.

Remember the James Bond cars and can you recall how much you craved for one? 

Well, you can now live that fantasy through this car and make your little one, a nephew, niece or a child happy with the INTEY RC Cars Amphibious.

For it can drive both on land and in water. It has rubber tires that can wade through grass, snow, beach, water, rock and mountain. There are more aspects that you can count on in this car, like:


  • It can be driven on all terrains including water
  • Is 1:12 on a scale that explains how much it reminds you of the real one
  • It floats on water and keeps your child hooked to it
  • This is why, it has been made IP6 waterproof
  • Wheels have independent suspension as this lends it stability
  • In other words, it has anti collision properties
  • Has a strong battery that can last for 15 minutes with nonstop action

What we like

  • Has a speed of 8 to 10 km/h on land and 0.8 km/h in water
  • The remote works within 50 meters of distance
  • It uses 2.4GHz and cannot be intervened while you operate your RC car
  • Has a 7.2 Volts rechargeable and a 9 Volts battery

What We didn't Like

  • You need to be careful while driving it on any other surface
  • Its battery requires continual charging

9. Crenova 4W 1:12 RC Car

Insert Image

Crenova has paid attention that their remote controlled car should look like the original. 

This has made them design it like 1:12 on the scale and that really makes it look life like.

It has big rubber tires that make it reliable and this must be regarded as a major feature of this car. If you want to impress a child, then you can actually go for it because it is simple, yet hard to neglect.


  • The tires are soft and stretchy that can run efficiently
  • You can drive it on sand, rugged and rocky terrains as well
  • They come with independent suspension
  • It uses stronger horsepower to run its motors
  • It can provide you with 35km/h speed
  • Yes, the battery needs to be properly charged for that

What we like

  • The transmitter functions with 2.4GHz channel
  • There is no need explain that this is no interference channel
  • Can last you for 10 to 20 minutes depending on the nature of your play

What We didn't Like

  • Many of us think that the battery does not last long, but actually depends on how aggressively you play with your car

10. Cheerwing

Insert Image

This monster truck is a beast off road with its resolute construction. It offers you with realistic racing experience that pleases its users the most.

We found this to be an overall cool truck that can be played with for hours. 

It can drive you through sandy beach, wetlands, mud, rugged terrain, grasslands and even rocks. This is possible because the tires are very resilient as they are brushed with ESC.

Alright, if you want to know more, then here is what we have captured of it:


  • It is very similar to the real truck by 1:16 on a scale
  • Has a 390 motor (brushed) that has higher torque, bearing and can transmit mechanical power to the full
  • This is why it can generate speed of 30 km/h to 40 km/h
  • Has four direction control that keeps in it charge of the whole functioning

What we like

  • It comes with 1500 mAH battery of 7.2 Volts
  • When charged for 2 hours, it guarantees you with 20 long minutes of play time
  • The transmitter works with 2.4GHz, that is makes your play interference free
  • It is a shockproof car

What We didn't Like

  • The controller loses marks for being a bit bulky

Final word

These days, finding the Best rc car under 100 has become comparatively easy. One click and the internet will shower with so many results, but are they all quality cars? Will it be safe for your child to play with it?

There indeed are so many questions that go unanswered under such circumstances. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as we have got you covered. You must be very careful while choosing the best rc cars for kids.

As far as hobbyists are concerned most of them are matured to know what suits them well. When it comes to talking about kids, you must not take any chances.

We all know that and we are just emphasizing more because their safety is our main concern. Besides, we hope we have discussed all that we could in this respect.

If you think we have missed on anything, feel free to share it with the community through the comments section.

Emily Tores

Emily Tores is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them test and review various kids products choosing best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

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