10 Of The Best Powered Car Subwoofer For Musicaholics

Among many types of woofers in the market, powered car subwoofers are the most convenient. Having a preamp inside, they produce decent quality bass that can even compete with some of the expensive dedicated bass control systems.

Buying the best powered car subwoofer, you can save yourself from a lot of hassles. You will not have to buy any additional amplifier. Besides, installing them in your car is very easy. They can prove to be the ideal choice for those who own smaller cars with a shortage of space. 

They can even fit into the smallest of car boots. In this article, you’ll get to know about 10 of the most popular powered car subwoofers on the market. We’ll look into their various different features and aspects and discuss all the benefits they bring along.

Also, we’ve included a brief guide at the end that’ll help you figure out your perfect match.

​Comparison Table

Rockford Fosgate 300 Watt Powered
Loaded P300-12 Punch Subwoofer

Weight- 16 pounds

Dimension- 11 x 19.8 x 15 inches

Battery- One 12V batteries required.

Weight- ​​13.58 pounds

Dimension-​13.8 x 9.4 x 3.1 inches

Battery- ​150-watt (RMS, 14.4v) power amplifier 

Dimension-​11 x 2-3/4x ​7-1/2 inches

​Wired Bass Remote Included 

Weight- ​14.25 pounds

Dimension-​​12.4 x 13.4 x 2.7 inches

Battery- ​​N/A

Weight- ​​​21.8 pounds

Dimension-​​15.3 x 15.3 x 9.2 inches

Battery- ​​N/A

Weight- ​​​1.1 pounds

Dimension-​​8.4 x 18.5 x 14.4 inches

Weight- 33.3 pounds

Dimension-26.5 x 18.2 x 10.1 inches

Rockford Fosgate 300 Watt Powered
Loaded P300-12 Punch Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate brings this P300 12 Punch 12-inch powered subwoofer that ranks among the best subwoofers in the market in recent times.

A ⅝-inch MDF case enclosure comes with this model along with a 300 RMS rated D class amplifier. 

The subwoofer is quite a low-frequency speaker and it’s not as powerful as the rest of the products in our review. Yet, it does deliver deep bass outputs. The model has a 12-inch cone to displace adequate air to produce a deeper sound than its competitors.

Its 300-watt class-D amplifier powers up the unit pretty effectively. Connect it to a power source and your sound source, and it’s ready to use.

Moreover, the system is covered with industry standard heat. So, there’ll hardly be any overheating issues even after an extended period of usage. The subwoofer allows you to control the sound system with a remote controller for ultimate convenience. 

Besides, the bass booster EQ panel to its sideways lets you customize the bass you prefer. The sealed enclosure ensures accurate and tight bass sound.

Moreover, the solidly constructed bass solution boasts a range of features for an improved car audio gaming experience.


  • Solidly constructed with ⅝” quality MDF.
  • Features 12 AWG input terminals.
  • Plug & play functionality.
  • The class-D amplifier has a frequency response of 35-150 Hz.
  • Includes a remote controller for bass adjustments on the go.
  • 50 to 200 Hz variable crossover controls at 12 dB per Octave Butterworth.
  • The sealed enclosure provides a tight and accurate bass.
  • Bass booster EQ panel available.
  • Can be connected to an existing subwoofer as an add-on.


The model may seem a bit pricey for it’s not-so-powerful a system. But the powered subwoofer’s plug-&-play functionality is a feature that beats the others. It’s a good choice if you’re searching for a simplistic bass solution.

Kicker 11HS8 150W Hideaway Car
Audio Powered Subwoofer Sub Enclosure

This small and compact yet versatile powered subwoofer is one of the best productions from Kicker. With a height of just over 3 inches, the device fits under car seats and unusual storage areas easily.

The miniature subwoofer fits almost everywhere without compromising its performance. The bass system is ideal for vehicles with limited spaces. Despite its compactness, the tiny subwoofer is highly durable. It lasts long enough to outlast its rivals.

The metal grille at its front adds further protection. The Kicker 11HS8 is constructed for adding depth and punch to the music allowing you to enjoy the hard-rock bass tracks on the go.

This Kicker HideAway comes along with an 8” small subwoofer. An internal 150-watt amplifier is there to supply the power. A remote-controlled bass knob allows you to adjust your desired bass conveniently. So you need no further stuff to buy outside this system.

The great plug-and-play device can be integrated with a variety of stereo inputs. Installing and removing this device is pretty simple and quick. You’ll definitely love this compact, convenient, yet full-of-features car subwoofer.


  • Small, compact, and efficient design. Fits anywhere in your car.
  • 14-1/4″ x 3-1/4″ x 9-3/8″ in dimension.
  • Comes with an RMS 150-watt, 14.4V amplifier.
  • 8-inches internal subwoofer with a sealed enclosure.
  • Offers effective bass boost control.
  • 20-120 Hz frequency response.
  • Low power consumes rate.
  • Comes with an in-line fuse holder.
  • Remote controller.


You can use this Kicker Hideaway as a portable car subwoofer due to its compact design and lightweight. The price is a bit higher, but considering the various features, sound quality, durability, and portability, the powered car subwoofer is a tough contender on our list.

Kenwood has produced this powered car subwoofer that offers good value of money. The model is meant for people without a car audio system looking to add punch to their music without wasting too much of space of their car.

Cars with limited space can finely equip this all-in-one compact subwoofer. 

With easier control and installation, this Kenwood KSC-SW11 works like a breeze. The Kenwood car sound system can be a sleek addition to your existing current audio system. The aluminum casing adds to its aesthetic value.

You can place it under your seat due to its compact design and lightweight. You can easily install it like most other all-in-one subwoofers. It includes a remote control that lets you adjust the bass on the go.

However, you shouldn’t expect this device to produce ultra-high bass levels that shatter your car windows. The 75-watt built-in amplifier cannot be considered a powerhouse at all. With a relatively cheaper price, it makes a fine entry-level subwoofer though.

It’s a good suit for people who want a bulk-free sound system for their car with no flashy visuals. The low-end car subwoofer is good enough to produce a non-powerful balanced bass sound.


  • Impressive build. Fairly durable.
  • Compact design doesn’t take up a lot of spaces.
  • 75-watt RMS powered subwoofer.
  • Comes with a heat absorbing cool looking aluminum case.
  • Entry-level subwoofer. Super easy to install for beginners.
  • A wired remote controller is included.


The Kenwood KSC-SW11 model is intended for customers requiring a simplistic way to integrate their existing sound system. It must be admitted that the subwoofer is a no go for music enthusiasts. It’s rather a cheaper solution that meets mid-level bass demands.

Rockville RW10CA Slim Low Profile Active 800 Watt Powered Car Subwoofer

Kenwood has produced this powered car subwoofer that offers good value of money. The model is meant for people without a car audio system looking to add punch to their music without wasting too much of space of their car.

Cars with limited space can finely equip this all-in-one compact subwoofer. 

Similar to the Kenwood KSC-SW11, this Rockville RW10CA is another low end powered car subwoofer on our list. It’s a slim model from Rockville that is designed to render powerful responsive bass. When space is a prime concern the slim subwoofer is ideal for fitting into tight spaces.

With low- frequency outputs, this powered subwoofer keeps your music always on the rise. The slim design allows it to rest under your car seats. Due to its 2.7-inch thickness, you can fit it anywhere. It has an amplifier built-in so that the inside of your car never gets tangled with cables. Its simple installation

process won’t require you to be a professional. All you have to do is to plug in and play. The performance is fairly satisfactory compared to its low price tag. It delivers bass boom with 800 watts at its peak, but like the other low-profile units on our list, you won’t achieve any deeper bass. Considering ‘you get what you pay for’ it’s fair enough.


  • With 12.4 by 13.4 by 2.7-inch dimension, the model comes with a slim design.
  • Ideal for car interiors with a shortage of space. Can be slipped under your car seat.
  • Easy to install. Simple plug-and-play operation.
  • 200 watts RMS with 800 watts peak power.
  • Offers a frequency response of 20 Hz to 150 Hz.
  • Comes with a built-in subsonic filter.
  • Has a circuit for thermal protection as well as short protection.
  • Low-level RCA Input. Auto Turn-On Technology for high-level inputs.
  • 90 dB input sensitivity.


The Rockville model is an inexpensive all-in-one sound system solution for your car that adds deep bass sound. It’ll be an ideal selection for you if your car is tight in space and you’re looking for a cheaper option. But definitely, it’s not for those musicaholics.

Dual Electronics has brought this SBP8A model in the market that comes with a cutting-edge look. It’s a typical powered subwoofer having no big powerhouse in its back.

It handles a maximum of 160 watts of peak power, it’s fairly enough for its 8-inch cone. The enclosed sound system contains a 2” voice coil that provides clear mid-level frequency.

With a low resistance of 2 ohms, it allows you to use thin wires for its connection. With a frequency range of 20-200 Hz, it outputs superior sound. The most compelling feature of this subwoofer has to be the acrylic window in its front.

Whenever it’s powered, it illuminates with a stunning blue glow. The eye-catching visual must amaze your companions. Besides the cool look, it does provide you with lots of customization options at its back. The desired bass can be fine-tuned with ease.

The subwoofer doesn’t just bring uniqueness to your car interior. The solidly built unit has a backplate for preventing vibrations within the enclosure during playbacks. A high-grade in-line carpet is there for eliminating enclosure movement. So you get a worry-free music experience
on the go every time.


  • Stunning acrylic window front. Illuminates whenever powered.
  • 160-watt peak power, 80-watt RMS.
  • 2 ohms of impedance.
  • 20-200 Hz frequency range for superior sound.
  • Steel stamped and chrome backplate for reduced vibration. Produces music free of disturbances.
  • 2-inch voice coil for improved output efficiency.
  • Plenty of customization options at its back for fine-tuning the desired bass.


Having this Dual SBP8A subwoofer, you get a fairly satisfactory sound and lots of customization options with a stunning look.

It may not be the most powerful subwoofer on our list, but the flashy powered sub would be a great addition to your car interior.

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Powered Subwoofer

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is another small size subwoofer solution for people with a shortage of space in their car.

The compact and shallow designed car subwoofer does offer tight and responsive bass.

It has a preloaded cone that’s made of molded resin. The sound it delivers will not let you down. The versatile, seamless designed shallow mount system fits into any corner of your car without much struggle.

The small device produces quality sound indeed. With its fidelity and power produce impressive, accurate bass. The cone is a bit larger than usual. It gives you loud, deeper bass you’ll definitely love.

The molded resin gives it a non-slip build. With high sensitivity, it runs up to 1200 watts at peak. With a 4 Ohms of impedance, it’s 300-watt RMS powered. The 10-inch subwoofer is quick and easy to install.


  • 10-inch compact shallow mount powered subwoofer.
  • 20-125 Hz of frequency response.
  • Comes with a MICA injection-molded resin preloaded subwoofer cone.
  • 93 dB of sensitivity.
  • 300 RMS watts of power, runs about 1200 watts at peak.


This compact powered car subwoofer from Pioneer is a great choice for people with a shortage of space in their car. The thing that beats the other compact subwoofers on our list is its lower price tag. You’ll get deep bass sound on the go at a much cheaper price.

Budget Pick:

The Pioneer TS-SWX2502 is one the best inexpensive subwoofers in the market. It comes with the best compact design and fair enough power for mid-level sound. For regular audiophiles, it’s the best option within a limited budget.

If you are searching for a comfortable sound system that will genuinely create a storm in your car, then the next one is for you. LOPRO8 is mostly known for its built-in amplifier system. The inbuilt amplifier does not only contribute to its performance and switching speed but also gives you 600 watts’ max power cool and heart touching bass.

You are highly vulnerable to high-frequency sounds and can’t take high notes. Sound systems in cars usually get no apace to travel, so every single sound tends to get to your nerve. No worries, LOPRO8’s low-pass filter system will get the high notes out of your music and this electronic circuit will make sure the filters frequency setting doesn’t interrupt the quality of sound.

The woofer is made to go hand to hand with both High-level input and Low-level inputs. High-level inputs are those which are considered as speaker level inputs and are not adjustable with RCA inputs. Low-level inputs are RCA inputs commonly known as aftermarket radio inputs that are designed to interconnect through multiple RCA output cables with several amplifiers.

Just customize the sound output as it serves you the best. There are many options like low-pass input. You can boost your bass, manually control the subwoofer sound level, and many subsonic filters will let you create a sound that pleases your ear.

You are provided with a remote controller that will enable you to control the amplifier and also the subwoofer. The auto-shutdown system makes it easy to save the woofer from getting overheated. The whole system will shut down in case of unusual heat.

Many people can’t get a powerful sound system because they don’t have any spare space left in their cars. If that sounds like you, then you are up for a treat. LOPRO8’s high-quality sound will cost you only 15” x 9.75” x 3” area dimensions. Easily fixable in a tiny space.


  • Subwoofer System with 8" 600W Amplifier
  • Customizable Subsonic Filter, Bass Boost, and Low Pass Filter.
  • Remote control system.
  • Both High-level & Low-level inputs.
  • Very comfortable in size.


The LOPRO8 gives a great experience of sound system for your car. No matter how much sound variety you want from a woofer, you can get from the product. The best feature of the product is un doubly the level of power you get from the amplifier.

The way you feel uncomfortable during the set-up of your car sound system is far behind the past days now that a super slim model is introduced with the Rockville RWS12CA.  The 300 watts RMS and the output of 1200 watts are the extra inclusion of the product.

The installation kits are a lifesaver for those who have no previous experience with any wire or electric sound system. The tools are specially designed for the model. All the materials from the magnet to the ultra-powered motoring system are made to give you a longer-lasting service.

The carpet that is provided with the product is fresh as a daisy, contributing to the products and aesthetics. There is a PVC jacket, which is the cover itself, and it makes the product so much heat resistant that it can easily take up to 220 F. at the same time, it is contributing to the added bass to your sound system.

The Rockville RWS12CA model is so much ensuring to your styles that it has the same models of woofers with these subwoofers and also speakers. This trio will surely enhance the overall looks of your car.


  • The MDF box is included in the model.
  • You can control the bass with a remote.
  • The turn-on circuits are smart, and it can detect the temperature and resist accordingly.
  • The low-pass cross over system makes a beautiful sound.
  • The product is slim and easily fit able in any area of your car.


One of the primary reasons we have found about the model is that you will get super durability in it. The internal materials are perfected over the years with different models, and the customer satisfaction level of these models is found to be higher.

This sub-woofer has many qualities to talk about. First of all, there are who sound outputs in this woofer that make it one of a kind. The woofer is deservedly thought to be one of the most durable ones in case of quality durability.1200 watts of constant output for days can’t decrease its quality for a bit for an extended period.

The enclosure that comes along with the model does half of the job done for your installation. And the two 121 subwoofer that is sealed in the woofer makes a significant difference in your hearing experience when you fit it in the back of your car.

Nevertheless, the woofer also offers a set of installation kits, which are as easy as ABC to use and connect. If you happen to be a first-timer, that’s going to save you loads of headaches.

When its time for a party, you might want to flip the back of your car and get the beat out of your vehicle. The carpet provided in it that covers the box is aviation graded and it looks very cool. Your friends will not only be delighted with their ears but also their eyes.


  • The two subs outputs make sure you get the best hearing experience.
  • MDF carpet is included with the model.
  • It comes with a constant 1200-watt powerful sound output.
  • Easily fits into the back of your car.
  • The Polypropylene materials make it more durable.
  • The Polypropylene materials make it more durable.


The most valid reason to purchase the model is the bass controlling system is perfect and the models sound quality can be rivaled with many higher priced models. The controlling of sound that the model provides can be found in many subwoofers, but they need an external amplifier to do so.  This is the best option with the price which will remain in your car for a more extended period.

10. JBL GT-BassPro12 Car Audio Powered 12-Inch (300mm) Subwoofer System

This JBL GT-BassPro12 could be the best match if a subwoofer with a more jagged enclosure is your preference.

The heavy-duty subwoofer is jampacked with all the features demanded by the users of modern times. This is an all-in-one solution that never hides its massive power.

This model is a bit more expensive than its rivals, but at the same time, it’s one of the best among them for its performance. The 12” cone produces a more powerful and deeper bass. The JBL sound system comes with a 150- watt built-in amplifier, a polypropylene-made 12” cone speaker, and a noise reducing Slipstream port to eliminate noises at higher outputs.

The exposed design along with pole vents helps keep the speaker motor cool. They improve the overall performance and reduce distortions even at the topmost level. Latest auto signaling technology has been used in this model. Using this, the roofer is told to switch on or off.

It results in quicker response times with a clearer sound. The die-cast aluminum basket made subwoofer is highly durable. Having a tank-like built, it’s doesn’t offer that much portability though, but the heavy-duty design makes it last longer.

With an unveiled large size speaker and its cool-looking protection bars, the subwoofer adds to the aesthetic value of your car. The protection bars not only looks cool behind your windshields, but it also prevents any possible damage that could occur while hurriedly moving it.

The versatile woofer is meant for vigorous loud volume playbacks. It offers lots of options for customizations at its back so that you can fine-tune your favorite music. It’s definitely not an average sound system providing only basic customizing options. That’s how its higher price tag is justified.


  • 12-inch die-cast aluminum basket produces a solid performance.
  • Slipstream port eliminates noise and guarantees bass free of distortion at high-level outputs.
  • Auto signaling technology automatically turns the woofer on and off.
  • Plenty of customizing options at the back allows you to get desired sound every time.
  • Large 12” cone for deeper bass.
  • Comes with a remote controller for convenient operation.
  • Great rugged look.


The JBL GT-BassPro12 is all-in-one a subwoofer with a price tag higher than its rivals. But the innovative features, superior performance, high durability with protection, and great look fairly justify that price tag. It can prove to be the precise car audio solution you’re looking for.

Best Value:

The all-in-one JBL subwoofer offers all the desired features of a car music enthusiast. Bringing high-durability and impressive performance at a reasonable price, it makes our best value pick.

How To Buy The Best Powered Car

It’s a good practice to consider a few things before you purchase a powered subwoofer for your car.

Here, we’ve pointed out a few factors you should check out.

Handling of Power:

Checking the power handling capacity of a woofer suggest you the potential loudness of it. The device will produce a louder sound if its capable of handling more power.

But that’s not all. The amplifier should be powerful and efficient as well.

Enclosure Size:

In general, the woofer is placed inside the enclosure along with the amplifier. So, it can come in bigger size. There are compact subwoofers as well that fit anywhere in your car, even under the passenger seats.

They are a better option for smaller cars. Pick the right sized enclosure depending on where you’ll place it.


It might be surprising that the sound quality of a subwoofer is largely affected by its design. Generally, a sealed loop design produces the best bass.

Placing the device under your car seat also gets the job done. This operation is possible only for compact low-profile models.


The cone size varies with each subwoofer model. Users preferring a deeper bass should go for a 10-inch cone to the least. On the other hand, 8-inch cones are perfect for a better punch.


The woofer sensitivity shouldn’t go unchecked before you buy one. The efficiency of the woofer increases with its sensitivity. Because it responds to less power for producing the same sound.

Customizing Options:

Look for a powered subwoofer that allows you to adjust your desired sound. This adds to its versatility. Usually, they have a low-pass filter and a  bass boosting EQ at their back.

Some models provide you with further convenience offering remote controllers for fine-tuning.


The resistance of a subwoofer is a vital aspect during installation. Knowing the resistance, you can determine the audio wire type while installing. You can connect a subwoofer of 2 Ohms with much thinner wires than a subwoofer with 8 Ohms resistance.


Look definitely matters, doesn’t it? You’ll want a sound system that complies with your car interior. Or, you may want something to amaze your friends. Go for the one that matches your preference.

Your Turn:

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you must have a clear idea about powered car subwoofers. They come with preamplifiers and they’re easy to install. When the car you own is short in space, and you want a car subwoofer that doesn’t shorten the space further, a powered subwoofer is a perfect choice.

However, powered car subwoofer models are a bit more expensive than the regular car sound systems. It’s their only downside. But again, you won’t have to purchase any external amplifier. Saying about the performance, powered subwoofers can produce the same quality sound like a dedicated bass controlling system.

Considering your budget and preference, you can pick the suitable one for your car from our list with the help of the buying guide we’ve provided.

You can also read our another article about how to make subs louder outside the car and get idea to best use of your subwoofer.

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