Best Phono Preamp Under 100 Review For The Money

There are many different factors which determine if phono preamp is better than the other. We are going to check some Best Phono Preamp Under 100 in this post.

Also, the pricey the phono preamp is, more likely it's better than cheaper phono preamps, however, there are many good phono preamps for a budget price. It's the same principle with any other product.

To find the best phono preamp, it would be smart to purchase the branded phono preamp, which has been tested and used by many users all around the world.

However, if you are unsure how to choose and find the best phono preamp, you're at the right place.

In this post, I will show you best phono preamp under 100, and I will teach you how to wisely choose your next phono preamp whether it's your first preamp, or you're upgrading.

For everyone who doesn't know what the phono preamp actually is, you shouldn't sweat it because I am here to help you out. And I am sure if you read the article until the end, you'll have the knowledge to easily choose your phono preamp.

The phono preamp is an electronic device which deals with the phono cartridge and then sends it to the input of an amplifier or an audio system.

It's maybe complicated to understand, yet it's easy to see the results. It boosts small signals so they are big enough to be able to drive a power amplifier. That's how you get the sound through your amplifiers' speakers.

You should keep in mind that the phono preamp is a very useful component which allows you to connect the signals from your turntable to sound system such as speakers, and it can be used for any purpose.

01. VIEWTEK Digital Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

VIEWTEK Digital Indoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

Paying for television is something which shouldn't be done in such a modern age.

That's what VIEWTEK digital amplified antenna will take care of. You will be able to pull local HDTV channels in 50 miles range. 

From national TV channels to local TV channels, you will never need to pay for television subscription ever again. Watching your favorite channels will be free and more easily.

Highlighted Features

The amplifier will boost the TV antenna which will result in a better signal and better resolution picture. You will be able to watch your shows in crystal clear picture with a range of 720p, 1080p, and even 1080i.

There won't be any blurred pictures no more, and the signal of the picture will be way improved. However, keep in mind that the channel reception may vary from different broadcast towers.

VIEWTEK digital amplified antenna was designed to be ultra thin and ultra light so you can set it anywhere in no time. There's no more need for big antennas. You can simply hide it behind your tv, lay it flat on the table, stick it on the highest window, and basically put it anywhere while being able to receive a great signal reception.

No more cable or satellite fees to watch channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox and much more.

  • 1 mm thin design
  • 13 feet coaxial cable which comes included
  • 12-month warranty and 30 days unconditional return
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • It can't get a weak signal, or signal which is more than 50 miles away from your home

02. Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Receiver

Pyle Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier Receiver

If you need a wireless digital stereo amplifier receiver, Pyle is the right choice for you.

It will let you connect with your devices such as MP3, USB, SD.

When it receives wanted audio, it will amplify it to your sound system.

Highlighted Features

You will be able to do your music streaming over Bluetooth. It also works with smartphones, and you will be able to connect your iOS or Android phone easily. You can also connect your laptop if it has Bluetooth connectivity.

If you run out of music you want to play, it has FM radio with LCD display. Once you find a song you like on the radio, you'll be able to read its name on the ID3 song tag readout.

However, if you aren't a big fan of a wireless connectivity, you can always put your playlists through USB or SD card. You will also be able to use one of the USB ports as a charge port for your other devices.

For more connectivity ways, you will be able to use Aux 3.5mm input, 1/4" microphone inputs, RCA input which is one pair output and one pair banana plugs for input.

  • Adjustable treble, bass, master and mic volume
  • Functions such as "repeat" or "random" music file, search within a folder
  • Includes remote control and FM antenna
  • Bluetooth only works up to 10 feet distance

03. Pro-Ject Phono Phonograph Preamplifier

Pro-Ject Phono Phonograph Preamplifier

If you're looking for a small compact phono preamp, Pro-Ject might be the right choice.

It's very simple to use and it can be carried wherever you need it. It will make sure that all your preamp needs are sorted out.

While it will boost the signals to your sound system. It will also give you the ability to listen to the vinyl records with a sound without crackings.

Highlighted Features

Dual-mono circuitry will make sure that your channel separation stays optimized. You will always want to keep your channels separated in a case you want to connect two amplifiers.

Circuits inside Pro-Ject phono phonograph are low-noise, which will benefit you at higher frequencies. You will also be able to listen to music at higher volumes without any feedback at all.

The metal case is made to protect the unit from vibrations at high volume, and electromagnetic interference. Also, it won't collect any static electricity on the metal case since it has extra grounding.

The Pro-Ject is compatible with moving magnet phono cartridges which is useful when you need it. Investing in such a phono phonograph which has needed features, so in the future, you won't be missing out.

  • Gold-plated RCA inputs and outputs
  • Saving size with compact design
  • Ability to connect and listen to old vinyl's through turntable
  • Lifespan isn't the best

04. Nobsound HiFi 6J1 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Stereo PreAmp

Nobsound HiFi 6J1 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Stereo PreAmp

If you are a big fan of tube preamplifiers and amplifiers, Nobsound is one of the best tube phono preamps out there.

It's going to work perfectly in a combination with a tube amplifier. However, you can pair it with a digital amplifier as well without any problems. 

Tube preamps and amplifiers are well known for their clear sounds and that's why they are commonly used among guitar players.

Highlighted Features

Ability to connect audio signal input end to the computer. If you don't want to connect it to the computer you'll be able to connect it to CD, phone, and any other player by your choice as long as it's lossless audio.

As the input end is able to connect in many different ways, output end can be connected to much different digital amplifiers and active multimedia audio devices.

However, keep in mind that this is a preamp, and it's not a power amplifier, so you won't be able to connect it to the turntables. It's used to connect to amplifiers and active audio devices. If you are looking for a phono to connect it to a turntable, you should look for another one.

No background noise will be noticeable and you will be able to adjust the treble and bass settings.

  • Input and output terminals are gold plated
  • It has 6J1 valve tube which will any tube lovers prefer
  • Aluminum shell body with no static noise
  • If you use low quality cables, you might get static noise

05. Nobsound NS-01E Mini Tube Headphone Amplifier

Nobsound NS-01E Mini Tube Headphone Amplifier

Nobsound is one of the best phono manufacturers with a tube. If you are looking for the smallest and the most compact phono preamp, you've found it. 

It's powered by a small tube and it's one of the smallest phono amplifiers in the world.

Highlighted Features

It's a powerful and the smallest phono amplifier available on the market. It uses a small vacuum tube, which features aluminum chassis and the top tube features a blue illumination. Illumination inside the tubes is a really nice fashionable feature, and it's amazing to see that it's featured in one of the world's smallest tubes.

Nobsound NS-01E is made to produce warmth and resonance while delivering exceptional clarity. No matter if you're just starting out with Hi-Fi or you're an expert in the field - the NS-01E will definitely be a great addition to your stereo collection.

Vacuum tube will give the organic and sublime tone which makes the sound very warm, soft and graceful. That's one of the reasons why professional guitar players always invest in amplifiers with tubes. It can simply suit any music style from vocals or strings to light and classical music.

This compact phono preamp will be able to be paired with your smartphone, computer, iPod, a stereo system or any other audio system such as headphones.

  • It helps to enhance your system musicality and dynamics
  • It's a good match for active speakers
  • Available in three different colors
  • It comes with only a 3-foot cord which might be too short for many users

06. Lepy LP-2024A+ Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Power Amplifier

Lepy LP-2024A+ Hi-Fi Audio Stereo Power Amplifier

Lepy isn't one of the smallest and most compact power amplifiers, however, it's compact enough to fit inside your car if needed.

It can be used as a car amplifier, but it can also be used on its own outside of the car connected to any other audio system.

Highlighted Features

It might not be as small as Nobsound preamps, but Lepy LP-2024A+ will be able to fit inside your car, which is a great idea for DIY projects. It uses T-type digital technology with no tubes at all, and the output power is 20Wx2 RMS.

Lepy LP-2024A+ is great for people who want to get as much as possible custom styles out of it. You will be able to switch between tone or direct, for even better customized listening. Separate bass and treble contribute to the custom sound you'll want to achieve.

You will also be able to pass the original sound through the amplifier without enhancement when it's not necessary. Special power supply circuit supervisory makes Lepy be able to be protected by itself, once the voltage is higher than DC 14.4 V.

Great size makes the LP-2024A+ easily portable for any occasions. It also weighs only around 1 pound.

  • Great design
  • Good construction materials
  • Compatible with many digital products
  • Unable to turn the gain on Lepy past halfway because of protection feature which some of the users won't like

07. Pyle Home PTAU45 Mini 2x120 Watt MAX Stereo Power Amplifier

Pyle Home PTAU45 Mini 2x120 Watt MAX Stereo Power Amplifier

Pyle is a well-known brand among the stereo power amplifiers, and we have already seen one phono amplifier from their lineup.

PTAU45 is another one, which is mini and compact, yet powerful. It has two channels of 120-watt power.

Highlighted Features

Blue LED output level display will help you keep the track of the situation even under the loudest sounds. Power on indicator is there to be sure if the Pyle PTAU45 is on or off. Two channels at 4-ohm will provide a lot of sound without any resistance.

You will be able to connect this stereo power amplifier in many different ways. You get to choose which way you want to connect it. Available ways are USB reader, 3.5 mm Aux so you can connect your CD or MP3 player, 1/4" jack to connect your phone.

For best versatility, you'll get to choose and adjust your master volume control, balance control, bass and treble controls. There is also a wide range of switchable input options to choose from for karaoke experience.

There are three different types of inputs and one output, with four push type speaker. It has left and right terminals which operate at the 110 or 220 voltage sector. Voltage sector depends on your location, but it's suitable for any voltage sector in the world.

  • Parking brake which is foot activated makes safety easier
  • Sturdy aluminum frame is made to last and have a long lifespan
  • USB operates at 2.0 speed and the LED blue light pulsates at the beat of music
  • Blue light is bright and might be annoying at dark

08. FX Audio TUBE-01 6J1 Tube Buffer HiFi Preamplifier

FX Audio TUBE-01 6J1 Tube Buffer HiFi Preamplifier

If you have thought that the tube phono preamplifiers are expensive, you're wrong.

FX Audio TUBE-01 6j1 is one of the cheapest tube HiFi preamplifiers which shows that tubes aren't expensive at all.

Highlighted Features

It has a very compact design with two classic 6J1 tubes. It's designed to optimize the route of a sound. Tubes produce gentle and soft voice which is why many people prefer tube preamps and amplifiers.

If you are afraid that the tubes won't last, you shouldn't be sweating over it because tubes are replaceable in a case they stop working. They aren't expensive, and it's great that you can replace the tubes instead of the complete preamplifier.

FX AUDIO has a patented conversion module, which can't be seen in any other preamplifiers. It's made to convert a power in a way it won't give any feedback to an input device. It can be used in a car which has a DC 12 V power supply. Its compact design has its advantages at the end. 

It's available in two colors and the price for both models is the same. Chasis of the FX AUDIO is made out of aluminum alloy metal and it's made in a way that there won't be any static noise because of a good grounding.

  • Heavy gold PCB
  • Gold-plated interface
  • Ability to pair it with another digital power amplifier or active speakers
  • They might be a little bit too quiet

09. Douk Audio Mini 6J1 Valve & Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier

Douk Audio Mini 6J1 Valve & Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier

If FX AUDIO wasn't your fit, maybe Douk Audio preamplifier will be. It's similar to the previous preamplifier, however, it has some significant changes.

However, make sure that to use this preamplifier, you will still need an amplifier. It can't be used with turntables as well.

Highlighted Features

By design, it almost looks the same as FX Audio preamplifier. It has two same 6J1 valve tubes, and the design is as compact as it was in the previous model. If you want to use it in your car, the dimensions of 98 x 100 x 32 mm will give you that ability. It also weighs only 350 g which shouldn't be any problem.

Although this preamplifier might be small and compact, however, it's actually really powerful. The output power is 3000 MV while it responds to a frequency of 20 Hz to -20 Hz. While the input sensitivity ranges from 300 MV to 1000 MV.

Two 6J1 valve tubes are lighted up by a green backlight, which gives them a nice finish when the preamplifier is on. They're also switchable if needed for any reason.

There aren't many options with this preamplifier, but keep in mind that this is just a preamplifier which you need to connect to an existing amplifier. It has a power switch and a volume control button.

  • Simple interface
  • No static buzz or any other mechanical noises, only clean boosted sound
  • It mellows harsh sounds
  • LED lights of the valve tubes might be too bright for someone's eyes

10. AudioAMP Turntable Phono Preamp

AudioAMP Turntable Phono Preamp

If you are looking for the smallest preamplifier in the world, you've found it! It's really small and compact that it can fit in your pocket.

Portability is amazing, and it won't take a lot of space on your desk no matter what your setup looks like.

Highlighted Features

It's compatible and works with many well-known amplifier models such as Audio Technica, Denon, Pioneer and much more. You will be able to use this preamp as a preamp for a turntable. It will let you connect your turntable to the stereo receiver, speakers or any other audio device.

Convers phono sounds to line level for better quality and volume. It's really useful for older devices such as turntables.

AudioAMP makes connecting a turntable a lot easier, and without it - you won't be able to connect your turntable to any other newer audio system.

It's very compact and small, but is it easy to set up? Yes, it's very easy and it allows you to quickly connect the preamp to your turntable and any other audio system. Vinyl records can be played in no time thanks to this little powerful preamp.

  • Includes 12 V DC power adapter
  • Offers easy solution for connecting older devices to newer audio systems
  • Lightweight body case
  • Audio might have a lack of a dynamic range



BEHRINGER U-PHONO is a USB interface, and everyone who wants to connect their older phono devices to a computer, this will help them a lot.

It gives you the ability to connect your phono devices to the computer for recording purposes. 

Without it, you won't be able to ever connect a turntable to the computer.
BEHRINGER is one of the leading brands when it comes to the audio equipment.

Highlighted Features

It's made out of high-quality and it's built to last. It will allow you to connect your turntable, cassette player, or any older device to a computer.

You will be able to restore or transfer your old vinyl copies to a digital copy. It's simply done through this interface which has a USB connector. No other preamp at the market gives this opportunity.

With the BEHRINGER U-PHONO, you will get the Audacity software for easier restoring older music from vinyl or cassettes. You will be able to make your vinyl live forever in digital format.

However, if you want to connect it to your stereo instead of your computer, you still can with the stereo output which allows you to connect it to a stereo system. Listening to older vinyl's through a newer stereo system with a boosted quality sound is what this preamp can help you do.

  • Switchable phono input to a line input source
  • Grounding for removing mechanic noise sounds
  • No external power supply is needed
  • Software which comes with it might be complicated for some users

Things To Know Before Buying Your Phono Preamp

There are many different phono preamplifiers on the market, and each has different features so it's better for a different purpose.

Before choosing the right phono preamplifier you should understand the way the work, and think of the reason why you want the phono preamplifier in the first place.

As you might have noticed, there are preamps for turntables, but also preamps which aren't made to be used with a turntable. Also, there is preamp such as BEHRINGER which will allow you to connect your older devices to the computer.

While on the other hand, there are preamps will only allow you to connect the older devices to newer audio systems.

Things you should look out for before buying a preamp are:


something I have explained. Simply ask yourself a question why do you need a phono preamplifier, and you will get yourself a simple answer which will help you decide which preamp will be the right one for yourself.


The second most important thing. Once you have a purpose, now you need to know what will you do with the phono preamp. With what will you want to connect it? Do you only need a volume control button or you want to be able to adjust the master, bass, and treble as well?


Might play a huge role when it comes to your system setup. If you don't have a lot of space - no problem. There are many compact yet powerful phono preamps.

Inputs & outputs

Will determine how many devices you can connect your preamp to. If you don't have only one sound system, you should look for phono preamps with more than one or two input & output options.

If you have one sound system you use at home, you won't need a special phono preamp, and even the most basic ones will be good enough.


The last but not the least important thing to pay attention to. The better features the phono preamplifier has, the more money it will cost.

However, there are many phono preamps from well-known and trusted brands which won't cost you a fortune.

Lets Wrap Up

With a number of phono preamps at the market right now you might get easily lost and confused when choosing a new phono preamp for yourself.

However, if you follow this post I am sure you won't have any problems. I have also listed one of the best phono preamps so far in 2017 and you won't miss by going for any of them.

Although, be careful to choose the right one for your purpose with features you need. Other than that, there are a few things to pay attention to and I've explained them as well.

What phono preamp is your favorite?

Feel free to leave a comment down below, but also to share this post on social media.

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