Best Personal Portable Steam Inhaler For Sinus 2019

The steam inhaler can do wonders, however, you should pay attention when choosing your Best Personal Steam Inhaler.

Warm moist air is great for lungs and it can be transferred into the lungs through the mouth or nose. Often, essential oils are added to add additional aroma which causes better relief.

Steam inhalation is a simple home process which can be done by anyone and anywhere. There are many steam inhalators, but it’s important to choose the best one for yourself.

Luckily, in this post, you will find the best personal steam inhaler.

There isn’t a person who really needs a steam inhaler, yet rather, there are many people who would benefit of the steam inhalers. Best Personal Steam Inhaler

You probably don’t need to know how exactly does steam inhaler works, however, you should be interested in all the benefits it provides. 

Steam inhalers can be used by anyone and anywhere, including senior citizens and also younger children. There are no side effects at all, and it’s completely safe for every human being.

Best Personal Steam Inhaler – Our Top Picks

I would advise steam inhaler use to people with blocked nose or sinuses, flu, cold, or any other similar health problem. It can also prevent headaches and take the pain away during the hardest migraines.

Steam inhalers can be used by anyone, and it doesn’t have any kind of restrictions.

01. Gurin Steam Inhaler

Gurin Steam Inhaler

If you are looking for an inexpensive inhaler which will give you the ability to breathe in the warm moist air anytime and anywhere, Gurin steam inhaler is the right choice for you.

Gurin steam inhaler will help you deal with the cold, flu, and sinusitis symptoms. 

It will relieve the pain and help you go through a rough health state more easily. You will be able to adjust the steam variations. A vapor of the Gurin steam inhaler is steady and very soothing which will help you stay relaxed and relieve the stress.

It’s ideal for aromatherapy since you will be using the essential oils anyway. The soft and flexible face mask will make sure that you stay comfortable during your inhalation process.

You will also get the extension tube and the drain tank for more efficient use. Gurin steam inhaler is protected with one-year limited time warranty, and if you aren’t happy with it – you will be able to return it within first 30 days of use.

Aromatherapy tank and water chamber will allow you to mix the essential oils needed for the most efficient inhalation therapies even during the winter.

What we like

  • Convenient indicator light will let you know when the Gurin steam inhaler is ready to be used.
  • Measuring cup comes with the inhaler to help you add water and aroma more accurately.
  • 5″ power chord, which is more than enough.
  • Inhaler is latex free, so anyone who is allergic to latex shouldn’t be worried.
  • Practical and modern design.

What We didn't Like

  • It’s a little bit difficult to figure out how to set it up.
  • Instructions don’t show exactly how does the reservoir work.

02. Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler

Personal steam inhaler, in my opinion, should be very simple and comfortable for a daily use by your or your family members. Vicks represents exactly these features.

Working voltage of the Vicks personal steam inhaler is 120 V. That voltage is mostly used in the United States, however, it can be used in Japan and even in the Philippines.

Vicks provides vapor therapy for colds, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments. You will be able to treat any.

Steam is adjustable, and it’s very soothing. It will penetrate nasal, sinus, and throat passages naturally which can’t be done in any other way, yet only by a steam inhaler.

5 to 15 minutes treatment a day will improve your nose and throat passages, while it will help you relieve any pain caused by cold, flu and other diseases.

The inhaler comes with a couple pads which are saturated in oil and you will be able to change them whenever you want.

What we like

  • Comfortable plastic hood is made to fit any face shape and is adjustable since it’s not a hard plastic.
  • Compact size will give you the ability to take the personal steam inhaler on a travel easily.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Small and modern design, yet powerful inhaler.
  • Price is totally reasonable, and it will fit anyone’s budget.

What We didn't Like

  • Can’t prevent sinus infections.
  • It can be too hot sometimes, so you will have to pay attention before using it for the first time.

03. Feellife 360+A Portable Steam Inhaler

Feellife 360+A Portable Steam Inhaler

One of the smallest personal steam inhalers out there and if you are looking for something which can fit in your pocket, you are looking at the right steam inhaler.

It’s small and compact, yet very powerful personal steam inhaler which can be used for daily use by adults and kids.

Device might be very small and compact, but it’s very easy to clean it because it comes with a detachable head and a replaceable cup. Mesh technology used in making of this steam inhaler will give you the ability to inhale the warm moist air directly into your lungs, which is what is actually the best way to treat cold and flu.

Device is as quiet and light as its size – which is very convenient for use even in the public. Comfortable design will offer you ability to use the steam inhaler in all direction.

It works through batteries which are rechargeable via the USB cable, so you won’t ever need to replace them and its power consumption is very low.

It delivers medication to the last drop which maximizes the benefit of the treatment, which you can do anytime and anywhere.

What we like

  • Weights only around 70 lbs.
  • Water temperature stays in the comfortable range.
  • Includes two different masks to fit adults and kids and one mouthpiece which is where you can attach additional mask.
  • Medication bottle has capacity of 10 ml which is more than enough of medication for each steam inhalation therapy.
  • Suitable for all ages and people all around the world.
  • Ability to have a personal steam inhaler anytime you need it just a step away inside your home.

What We didn't Like

  • Steam temperature will always stay the same as the water temperature.
  • Build quality isn’t very promising, however, there’s a warranty included which will help you deal with the steam inhaler if you ever experience a problem.

04. GermGuardian Air Cleaning System

GermGuardian Air Cleaning System

If you don’t care about the size of the personal steam inhaler, I’d always suggest you go with the GermGuardian air cleaning system. It has 3 different features in 1 device, which is very convenient to prevent diseases even before they actually happen.

It will capture 99.97% of the dust and allergens which are very known way on how bacterias end up in our home and that’s the reason why people get sick most of the times.

Doesn’t only protect the household against the dust and allergens. It will also protect your home against the pet dander, mold spores, and even plant pollens.

While it’s protecting the air of your home, it will also make sure that it kills bad odors and smells through the air purifier with the charcoal filters.

UV-C light and titanium dioxide will kill most of the airborne bacterias, viruses, germs, and even mold spores.

The device is 28 inches long but it will be able to protect medium to large rooms.

What we like

  • Filters don’t need to be changed often, and changing the filters every 6-8 months makes this device even better because it doesn’t need such a big and often maintenance.
  • 5-year limited time warranty will make sure that you are covered in any case of the problems with the device during the 5 years since the purchase.
  • It’s CADR rated 109+ which might not mean something to your at first, but it’s a very good rating once you understand the meaning of the CADR.
  • Filter change indicator will help you maintain the device way easier since you will know when the filters need to be changed.
  • Stylish modern design which will be able to be adjusted in any home interior out there.

What We didn't Like

  • Since the device is too tall, it might fall over if you put it on an even surface.
  • It can be sometimes hard to turn off due to the switch position, however, it will mostly happen in the dark.

05. Vicks Steam Inhaler

Vicks Steam Inhaler

Vicks is a very popular brand among the personal steam inhalers, and this model is a very well known model since it’s been used by people all around the world. It’s been tested and the customer reviews are almost always positive.

It can be used to treat different medical issues such as colds, flu, bronchitis and other issues, however, it won’t be as effective with some serious issues. 

If you experience serious respiratory issues, you should consult with your doctor first before deciding to go for a personal steam inhaler.

Steam which penetrates nasal, sinuses and throat passages is very soothing which will make sure that you enjoy your personal steam inhaling therapy.

During your personal steam inhaling therapies, you will be able to adjust the steam control which is very useful since many people prefer different water and steam temperature.

5 to 15 minutes treatment on a daily basis can benefit your respiratory ailments in many different ways.

It’s always the best to mix it up and add some medicine for even more effective inhalation therapies.

What we like

  • Compact small size, yet a powerful personal steam inhaler.
  • Very portable which is good for people who travel a lot.
  • Plastic hood which is a place where you place your mouth and nose is very comfortable since it’s made from a soft plastic instead of hard plastic.
  • Works on 120 V current.
  • A 1-year warranty is a bonus to a very reasonable price, which is great for everyone’s budget.

What We didn't Like

  • Replaceable parts such as the mask hoods are hard to find.
  • Scent pads are optional and need to be purchased at additional cost, which is still okay since the price of this personal inhaler is very reasonable and can be considered as a low budget inhaler.

06. Crane USA Humidifiers Personal Steam Inhaler

Crane USA Humidifiers Personal Steam Inhaler

2 in 1 devices are really popular nowadays, so why wouldn’t you get a device which will give you the ability to use it as a personal steam inhaler, and as a humidifier as well?

Those two options go together and can be really useful since you won’t need to purchase it separately. 

This 2 in 1 device will offer you a nice moisture air even when you aren’t using it to inhale the air directly. It has a humidifier function which will moisturize the air so that you don’t breath in the dry air while you’re inside your home.

Humidifier function will also help you with your good night’s sleep and easier breathing during the night.

It will be able to deal with more medical issues than any other personal steam inhaler. It will be able to help you with a cough, cold, flu, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, and even with the nosebleeds and the dry skin or hair.

It’s very safe and it’s always a recommended non-medical over the counter solution for simple medical issues.

It’s easily convertible from humidifier option to the personal steam inhaler by a simple button press.

Humidifier is very safe and can be used around the kids.

What we like

  • Big 0.5 liter gallon tank which is suitable for 2-in1- device.
  • Can humidify up to 250 sq ft, which might seem impossible because the device is small.
  • Auto-off safety function is great when you leave the humidifier on during the night.
  • Design with no filter required, which makes the cleaning of this device a lot easier.
  • It’s whisper quiet and can work up to 8 hours.
  • Ability to protect your home from bacterias, which is very useful when you own a pet or you are thinking about starting a family.

What We didn't Like

  • Manufacturers packing way makes it hard to pack it in the same box again.
  • Steam can get very hot so you have to be careful, especially at your first use.

07. Veridian Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

Veridian Steam Inhaler and Beauty Mask

Veridian 11-525 is a very popular steam inhaler, especially among the women because it has a 2-in-1 function which is also a beauty mask along the personal steam inhaler.

It’s one of the steam inhalers which can give your face a complete facial treatment.

Veridian is a very healthy way to keep your nose, mouth, throat, and face moisturized. Women love this steam inhaler because of its beauty mask function.

Using the beauty mask function on a daily basis might give your skin very good results. Steam control is adjustable which is always a great feature to have, especially because it’s one of the safety features out there.

With the Veridian 11-525, you will get two different masks included, which are made to last and you won’t need to replace them yourself.

Inhalation of hot steam is used for inhalation therapies and has proven results. Now you can use it for facial therapies as well.

User manual will display all the ways you can use the devices so you can use its potential to the fullest.

What we like

  • Weights only 2.1 pounds and dimensions are very compact which makes it easily portable.
  • Medical grade plastic materials, which won’t be damaged by essential oils.
  • It’s better than some leading brands, while it has a reasonable price.
  • Design is really simple and modern.
  • Face mask is comfortable.

What We didn't Like

  • Steam can be too hot sometimes, which is something you will need to get used to over time. It might bother some users with their first experience.
  • Cleaning this personal steam inhaler might be a bit of a hassle, however, if you maintain it at regular basis, you will prolong the steam inhalers’ lifespan.

08. Aura Portaneb Personal Steam Inhaler

Aura Portaneb Personal Steam Inhaler

If you are looking for a personal steam inhaler which needs to be quiet and as silent as possible, you have found your right choice. The size might look small and compact, yet it is a very powerful but silent personal steam inhaler.

It’s also very quick, which is always a great thing if you need to quiet in order not to wake up your family in the morning for example.

It’s suitable for both children and adults, which is always useful so you can use it for your kids to help them get through the flu or cold on a more easier and efficient way.

Aura Portaneb personal inhaler is battery powered which is always great to have when you are on a go, however, it also has a power adapter which you can use when you are at home.

It can be used for many different medication purposes, and it will mostly help you out if you have problems which can be treated through a nose or throat.

Vibrating disc technology is there to provide regular steam without any noise at all, which is convenient for use anytime and anywhere.

What we like

  • You will get AA batteries included along with two different face masks and a medicine cup which is all packed in a nice small transportable bag.
  • Ability to mix and use it with different medical products.
  • Can be used on a daily basis even if you are traveling around.
  • Access for an easier cleaning process.
  • Steam is very consistent and it stays in a comfortable temperature range.

What We didn't Like

  • Some people might find it hard to assemble and use in the beginning.
  • Quality of plastic which holds the water inside isn’t the best so the water might leak sometime.

Functions of Steam Inhalers 

Steam inhalers have different functions to help as many people out there as possible. It can be a very useful tool if you know how to use it properly, and how the functions work.

Functions of Steam Inhalers are:

  • Respiratory function
  • Natural expectorant
  • Circulation
  • Pore cleaning and rejuvenation

Respiratory function is there to help your respiration system. It’s recommended to deal with cold, flu, bronchitis, asthma, and even allergies. Respiratory function can also help you moist your dry air passages.

Natural expectorant will increase the secretions which will help to clear the secretions. It lubricates the respiratory tract which might have previously been irritated.

Circulation will get improved by the steam inhalers because the body temperature rises. Blood vessels begin to dilate and that’s why the blood flow and circulation are improved.

Pore cleaning and rejuvenation function are often used by beauty salons to help people fight against the face pimples.

The Facilities of Steam Inhaler Use

The personal steam inhaler can be used in different facilities, and it can especially be seen in the health facilities. Every doctor must have at least one of these steam inhalers and some of the doctors who understand their benefits always recommend them to their patients.

A steam inhaler is a simple device, however, it still provides a lot of health benefits and in general, it will help people deal with strong colds, flu, and many different forms of health issues.

However, keep in mind that the serious health issues can’t be helped by steam inhalers, and if you don’t feel better within three days, I would highly recommend you to visit a doctor.

Steam inhalers are used mostly during the winter because that’s when the colds and flu start. Some colds can go directly to your chest, and inhaling a hot steam moist air can be very helpful to deal with the cold. It will relieve pain like no any medical pill could do.

Personal steam inhalers a really great thing and it’s really important that people can purchase it and keep one at their home nowadays. It wasn’t that easy to get to one of the steam inhalers.

The price of a personal steam inhalers may vary, but there are many good quality steam inhalers at the reasonable price which will meet everyone’s’ budget.

There is no excuse you don’t get yourself a personal steam inhaler if you are in doubt right now. If you are in a doubt right now, I am sure that you will decide to go for it once you get the flu or cold for sure.

Let’s Wrap UP

Steam inhalers can benefit individuals in many different ways, and it can help sort out and relieve many different health issues related to breathing.

It’s always useful to have around the home because you never know when you might need to use it. It’s also very useful to be used at daily basis, and people who do it will see improvements in their health.

We live in a modern age where the technology allows us to have an access to various different health devices such as personal steam inhaler at very reasonable price. There’s no reason to miss out on it.

Do you use the personal steam inhaler or you are thinking about it? What is your favorite steam inhaler from the list above, and what do you think about the 2-in-1 devices?

Feel free to leave a comment below with your opinion, but also ask any questions you might have and I’ll be there to help you out anytime.

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