Best Non Slip Bathtub Mats For Baby & Elderly 2020

Just Did you know how many accidents happen daily only because of the slippery surface? Too many and most of the slippery accidents which happen at home are located in the bathrooms. You can only guess why.

If you want to get rid of these accidents you need the best non slip bathtub mats. It's because of the slippery bathtubs. Some of the injuries occurring are broken bones or head injuries. Some injuries can be even deadly!

It happened before, and it's all because of a slippery bathtub which seems harmless at first. That's why they have invented bathtub mats, and I will help you find one of the best non-slip bathtub mats.

I know from my own experience, how many times I've almost fallen in my bathtub, and I am young. Everyone thinks it only happens to the old people. It happens to everyone, and it happens when you expect it the least.

As I have mentioned, injuries can be pretty bad. It's mostly because of the material bathtubs are made and all of the material inside our bathrooms. There isn't a single soft spot which you could use to your advantage.

Another useful feature of a bathtub mat is that it's always warm which is a bonus over the winter. From my experience, bathtubs are likely to be cold for my feet, and bathtub mats helped a lot.

The best thing is that they don't cost much at all, yet can save your health. They're also small which means they can fit in a small box.

It's good for two things. They're saving space, and they can be ordered online and easily delivered to your front door. Bathtub mats can also be stylish and be the additional touch of fashion to your bathroom.

Best Non Slip Bathtub Mats - Top Picks

Features Of Bathtub Mats

As in every post, before reviews, I would like to take you through everything and make sure you find the best product for yourself. That's why I will list some of the features, or advantages if you want to call it that way of bathtub mats. They're really useful and helpful.

Features of bathtub mats:

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Absorbency
  • Style


Safety is number one reason why to get a bathtub mat. When having a shower it's slippery, especially if your feet are wet. Bathtub mat helps you with that.

And if you have elderly people in a house, I would highly recommend to get it. You don't want to get your loved ones hurt right?

Bathtub mats make your bathroom a safe place as they have non-skid rubber bottom to attach to the bathtub surface and prevent slipping.


Comfort is the second factor why bathtub mat is useful. As I have mentioned before, nobody likes to go inside the bathtub with bare feet, especially in the winter.

It's a great feeling to step on a soft and squishy surface instead of cold and hard bathtub material.


Absorbency is a feature which every bathtub mat must have. It's also a feature which helps you dry your feet after you have finished your shower. Which always brings up more safety as wet feet can be a cause of a slippery accident.


Style is the last feature still not the least important. Bathtub mats can add a special fashion touch to your bathroom and while they're providing safety and comfort, they are also looking good.

They're a minor change which can refresh your bathroom in general. They're a great finish because it doesn't cost much at all.

How To Choose the Best Non Slip Bathtub Mats ?

When choosing a bathtub mat, pay attention to the features which I have listed above.

A perfect bathtub mat will be made out of a great material, will fit your bathtub perfectly, will be comfortable for your feet and at the end, it will look good in your bathroom.

Just paying attention to the details is important, and after you know which important features you need, you will be able to have fun and choose the right design to match your bathroom.

I've also listed the best bathtub mats down below, which is really worth to have, and you won't miss by going for any of them. But remember, as long as it matches your bathroom design!

1. Othway Bathroom Bathmat

Othway Bathroom Bathmat

Othway bathroom bath mat will fit most of the bathtub sizes. It can even fit in the shower stall floor.

A special feature of this bath mat is that it has a lot of suction cups at the bottom which prevents slipping to happen.

That's the safety feature which will help you and your family have enjoyable showers. Another great feature of this bath mat is that it has pebbles in the shape of cobblestone at the bottom for comfort.

It will provide comfort for your feet as they will massage you while having a shower, and it will make them dry after every shower.

It's made of heavy duty natural rubber, which doesn't contain latex, PVC, BPA and is toxin-free which means it's really safe even for your kids.

Another great fact is that the Othway stands behind their product quality, and they will return your money in the case if you are not satisfied. You will have 60 days money-back guarantee and 18 months worry-free guarantee.

2. Gorilla Grip Bathroom Bathmat

Gorilla Grip Bathroom Bathmat

Like the previous bathtub mat, it will fit most of the bathtubs and even shower stall floors. The exact size of this bath mat is 35-inch by 16-inch.

Gorilla Grip stands behind their product and they say that the bath mat will still be non-slippery in any place on any smooth surface thanks to their invention of 324 suction cups.

It has small holes inside the mat to allow the water to circulate, and it prevents the mold from happening underneath. The best feature of this bath mat is that it's 100% machine washable.

You can reuse it all over. It saves time and it saves you a hassle. Like the previous bath mat, it is anti-bacterial, BPA free and non-toxic.

The most interesting information I have read about the Gorilla Grip is that they will provide you with 10-year no questions asked guarantee which is mind blowing!

A design is beautiful as it features crystal clear color which will suit every bathroom design.

3. Bambüsi Natural Bamboo Bath Mat

Bambüsi Natural Bamboo Bath Mat

This one is different. As I have mentioned, there are different types and materials used to make bath mats.

Not a single bath mat is the same, as it all has some different features. Well, Bambüsi has made a bath mat out of a real bamboo material.

It's really modern and stylish touch which will make any bathroom design look even better and refreshed with the touch of this bamboo bath mat. Elevated design of this bath mat enables water to evaporate which boosts the longevity of bamboo.

As it's made out of 100% Moso bamboo it's very easy to clean. All you need is a little bit of warm water, and a brief air drying to be clean.

Structurally, this bamboo bath mat is superior to plastic, which means you won't need to worry about breaking the board. It's suitable even for heavy-weight people.

4. Becozier Bath Mat

Becozier Bath Mat

Becozier provides safety for a family from toddler to senior.  It has more than 150 powerful suction cups which are designed to prevent the mat from slipping even when the water is fully engaged.

You don't need to worry because Becozier bath mat will never move, even on the smoothest surfaces.

It's made of high-quality natural rubber, which is washable in the washing machine. Size of this bath mat is 36" x 16" which will fit many bathtubs, without being too small or too big.

One of the features is that this anti-bacterial, like all the other bath mats. It has pebbles gaps which let the water run smoothly and has a healthy circulation, which prevents the mold from happening at the bottom.

If you aren't satisfied with the product, you will have a two-year warranty if you experience any problem with the quality. Becozier will either send you a new mat or fully refund you within those two years.

There's nothing to lose, it's a big win situation for you.

5. NTTR Extra Long Bath Mat

NTTR Extra Long Bath Mat

NTTR produces one of the longest bathtub mats. It’s extra long so it can fit even the biggest bath tubs out there.

Dimension of this extra long bath mat is 16” x 39”. It’s made out of 100% non-toxic plastic and It has a great flow of water so there isn’t moist created.

This bath mat, as every other mat, has 200 suction cups which provides effective slip resistance. It’s not only safe, but it’s enjoyable as well. Suction cups massage your feet while you are having a shower.

It’s available in two different colors which will fit perfectly with any bathroom design and interior.

Also, I have to mention that you will be able to use this bath mat in shower as well as in bathtub. It’s available on Online, and the price is really nothing comparing to the safety this mat provides.

6. Salinka Luxurious Bath Mat

Salinka Luxurious Bath Mat

Salinka luxurious bath mat is designed with the safety of customers in the first place.

It's made out of heavy-duty natural rubber, which will prevent any slippery movements from this bath mat. 

That's what prevents the significant amount of injuries from happening. The base is made out of suction cups which will stick to any surface and provide safety. They will stick even on the wet smooth surfaces. Drainage holes help the water run smoothly and it adds additional grip for the customer.

However, you don't need to worry about the size of this bath mat because it's one size which fits all. Salinka states that the bath mat will complement your bathroom, yet it won't be the main feature thanks to the white tone of the bath mat.

However, it'll be a nice additional touch to your bathroom, which will provide safety and comfort when having showers. When it's the cleaning time, you can simply put it in the washing machine or wash it manually.

Salinka advises having periodical cleaning with detergent. One size fit will make it perfect for any home, or even the gym, hospital or any other institution. It'll provide optimal coverage with providing a non-slippery comfortable surface.

7. Langria Bath Mats

Langria Bath Mats

Langria bath mats are made out of memory foam which absorbs the water, and they dry themselves fast.

And that's right, you have read mats because you get not one, but two Langria bath mats. They're available in two colors which are navy blue and brown.

Non-slip backing surface will make sure it stays in the place and provides non-slippery safety. It's easy to clean which makes it last, and the quality material is soft to touch, which will provide your feet a nice surface when having a shower.

They look so nice in my opinion, that they can be used for different purposes as well. They can be used in the kitchen as a rug, or even as a doormat.

One of the nicest features which other bath mats don't have is the permeable memory foam core, which will perfectly fit the contour of your fit while having a shower. While it still won't move from no matter what the surface is underneath it.

Thanks to the little gaps which allow the water flow as it helps to avoid the water from staying inside the mats.

8. Sultan's Linens Rubber Bath Mat

Sultan's Linens Rubber Bath Mat

This is the first bath mat which doesn't use suction cups like every other bath mat, yet the textured or reglazed bath tub is enough.

It's available in two different sizes to fit any bath tub out there. The sizes are 28" x 14" or 36" x 17.7".

As I have mentioned earlier, Sultan's Linens bath mat doesn't use suction cups, however, it has an anti-slip honeycomb texture. It's a nice feature, and it's nice to see how the manufacturers are taking one step further to keep their customers safe.

It's made out of 100% rubber material, however, you will be able to fold it and store it away anytime to save space.

Drainage holes will help the bath mat stay in place, but will also help the water run smoothly and prevent it get stuck inside the bath mat. Also, the upper surface won't be slippery as well, which will allow you to have freedom once you're in the shower.

It's available in three different colors, and thanks to the foldable design, you can order it easily on Online, and it won't take long to get delivered to your front doors.

What To Pay Attention When Purchasing?

it's important to pay attention to some factors to find the best bath mat for yourself.

Factors such as the size, material you want, design, and even the color at the end. Also, some of these bath mats will give you the ability to use them for different purposes as well. As I have mentioned some of the examples, kitchen or doormat.

In my opinion, size is the most crucial factor, but thanks to the manufacturers who are doing everything to make it easier for us, they've invented one size which will fit all bath tubs.

Let's Wrap Up

Bathtub mat won't only bring the safety to you and your loved ones, on the other hand, it will also provide you comfort.

Other than that, it's going to look good and you have a complete freedom to choose from any of these designs to fit your bathroom.

As I have mentioned earlier, some of the colors might not be eye-catching in the bathroom. If that's what you are aiming for, make sure you go for white or dark colors.

These bath mats are really cheap and I think they're really underrated. They provide safety and prevent some serious injuries which could happen without them, yet they cost almost nothing compared to what they're really worth to us.

I always recommend the bath mats to my friends and family because it's really easy just to have one and be safe.

Have you ever had any injuries before?

Feel free to comment below, but also to express your opinion or ask any questions and I will be happy to answer you all.

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