Best Laptop Backpack for Air Travel – Leather & Waterproof Review

Are you in hassle of carrying your laptop? Are searching for the Best Laptop Backpack for Work? Carrying your laptop isn't always an ideal situation, however, it should be easier with all the backpacks out there which are specially made for that situation.

However, laptop backpacks won't only help you carry your precious most needed thing, they will also protect it from environment, scratches and even in drop situations.

Isn't it smart to purchase a good laptop backpack no matter of the cost, once you've spent so much money on the brand new laptop?

That's why in this post I will tell you types of the laptop backpacks, and I will even tell you which is the best laptop backpack for work, commuting, traveling or even for students.

Why Is It a Great Idea To Get a Best Laptop Backpack for Work?
It's not only about carrying your laptop, it's also about the organization.

Also, usually the backpacks won't only allow you to carry your laptop as there are more storage pockets for all your files or stuff you need that day.

Not only that laptop backpacks are attractive, they are also comfortable and even some of them have a lifetime warranty.

After all, as I have mentioned earlier, if you have spent $1000+ on your new laptop computer, it would be wise to protect it and keep it safe with a backpack. Also, it will make your life easier carrying it, so that's a bonus as well.

Mancro Business

Mancro business laptop backpack is something many of you are looking for. It's made out of great material which is polyester, and that's what also makes this backpack water resistant.

This backpack will fit any laptops and notebooks under 17" of size. If you need as much space as possible, this backpack will provide it. 

It has 3 main pockets, 9 inner small pockets, and 2 side sealed pockets. Pockets are separated from the laptop area, so there are no scratches or anything that could harm your laptop.

With your laptop, you will also be able to carry things such as iPhone, iPad, pens, keys, wallet, books, clothes, bottle and more. That makes it a great bag for commuting, for work and for students.

Some of the best features which really got me excited are external USB port with built-in charging cable, A theft proof lock combination, and the curved soft padded shoulder straps.

These 3 things will provide mobility, safety, and comfort.

02. The North Face Borealis

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Now, this is what I call a laptop backpack for commuting.
The North Face Borealis is a purely designed with two main purposes. Lots of space and rooms inside the bag, and comfort.

It has a FlexVent suspension system which boasts custom injection-molded shoulder straps which provide extreme comfort no matter of the weight you are carrying inside the backpack.

There is one padded laptop sleeve, and a lot of room for any other stuff, like in school backpacks. It might look bulky, but that's why it is a really great backpack for commuting.

However, comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing a backpack and The North Face really understands that.

03. eBags Professional Slim

eBags Professional Slim

eBags is something many of you are looking for. If you are in dilemma of choosing a backpack or a briefcase, this backpack can be both!

It converts very easily from backpack to a briefcase, and all the pockets are made to be used in both vertical and horizontal way.

Do you remember when I have mentioned lifetime warranty on laptop backpacks? Many of you might have thought what kind of company does give out lifetime warranty on the laptop backpacks, and actually, eBags Professional Slim backpack does have it. 

It's a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workshop if you ever occur any of these two - don't worry, because you are covered.

eBags Professional Slim can take laptops from 16.5" to 17" and it has a pad which can be removed to make even more space, or make smaller space for your tablet as well.

This backpack is crushproof, and it has a fully padded lockable department for laptop and tablet. What I really like about this backpack is that it has all the important and necessary features which will benefit the owner in many ways. 

It's comfortable due to the shock-load sternum shoulder straps, it's safe because of the lock departments, it has a lot of space, the storage can be adjusted to the owner's needs and the bag can be used as a briefcase as well.

For me personally, using it as a briefcase is a great way if you are only going to carry a laptop maybe, plus some paper work. Which makes it a great work backpack.

04. Adidas Excel Backpack

Adidas Excel Backpack

You might haven't expected a backpack to come from Adidas, they don't only care about the sports players, they also care about their needs when they're not doing sports.

That's one of the many things why I'm in love with Adidas. Adidas makes things to last, and Excel Backpack proves that.

It has a lifetime warranty which says only one - it's build to last and serve. The backpack has 4 outside zippered pockets, internal zippered organization pockets, and a soft department for a 15.4" laptop computer.

As mentioned before, it has a lifetime warranty which means that the materials used to make this bag are very durable.

Not only Adidas Excel is a durable backpack, also Adidas claims that it also stands up to wear and tear. So if your main concern is the durability of the bag, I would recommend you to go with Adidas Excel.

As every other backpack, no matter what the weight you carry - it should be comfortable. Load spring shoulder straps and padded air mesh backpack panel are designed for total comfort.

And as everyone is used for Adidas to be mainly in sports wear, this bag has also two additional water bottle pockets which make this laptop backpack unique, and it stands out from other backpacks.

05. LaPacker Business

LaPacker Business

If you are a business man and looking a backpack for work this backpack is just made for that purpose. I would even recommend this backpack to students and you will see why if you continue reading.

At first, it looks like any other backpack, once opened - it's a different story. 

LaPacker backpack is a large multi-compartment backpack. It has a padded sleeve for laptops, not one but two laptops. There is also a main front pocket which allows you to carry anything from a wallet or a phone to a tablet.

As well, we have organizational compartments which are made for the smallest things such as pens, keys, and phones. This bag will give you 100% organization, which saves time, still it takes care of your items as much as for your comfort.

Adjustable shoulder strap and breathable airflow backing system will prevent your back from getting sweaty.

Comfortable, breathable, organized, water resistant, are just some of the best features of this bag. At the time of writing, it's on sale and it's really worth every penny it costs in my opinion.

06. Luxur 37L

Luxur 37L

The main material which Luxur 37L is made out of is polyester fabric. That's what makes this laptop backpack water resistant, yet also durable.

There is a lot more although. Polyester fabric in combination with this backpack makes it scratch-resistant, anti-tear, anti-wear.

This backpack is perfect for commuting, traveling, even business or for students. With its 12 multi-pockets, you will have enough room to store everything needed to start your day off.

Also, if you have noticed the name Luxur 37L, 37L stands for 37 liters of space available. Another great fact is that all the Luxur laptop backpacks have 1-year warranty in the case of any problems.

It can hold up to 15.6" laptops or tablets. At the time of writing this post, it's currently at the discount so hurry up to see what the actual price is now.

07. The North Face Vault

The North Face Vault

It's another backpack from The North Face, on the other hand, this one is kind of different than the first one.

This one is made and designed for women, so if you were looking for this for the whole time, you have found it!

It's not only the color that makes this backpack women's only, but it's also the panel lengths which are made specially to match the design of the female form.

Also, it features FlexVent women-specific shoulder straps. Vault laptop backpack can store up to 26L of capacity, and it's a great backpack for women who are more sports oriented.

The material used for The North Face Vault is 100% polyester, which you might have noticed already is great for durability and is good for anti-tear and anti-wear.

08. Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics

Last yet not the least important backpack is one from the Amazon Basics package.

It's great for people who don't ask too much out of the backpack, while on the other hand are happy with some of the features and need it only to help them carry the laptop.

With its simple design yet fashion design, it can store a laptop computer up to 17". It features two side pockets for water bottles, organizational compartment for smaller items such as keys, pens, phone.

Large multi-compartment with a padded sleeve is there to keep your laptop safe and in place. A simple but very organizational laptop backpack from Amazon is, in my opinion, a great backpack for students, or for work. It can also be used for commuting.

Tips When Choosing a Laptop Backpack

You should know why do you need a backpack, and what the purpose will it serve.

  • Are you a student?
  • Or do you need your backpack for work ?
  • Or you want to commute with a bike?

Those are some of the questions which need to be answered.

After you know the purpose, focus on the features, materials, and obviously space inside.

  • Do you need a lot of room, or you simply want to carry your laptop plus a few things?
  • In which conditions will you use your backpack?
  • Do you need it to be water resistant?
  • How about anti-wear and anti-tear?
  • How many departments inside the bag will be enough for you?
  • What will your carry?

At last although not the least important is the design and fashion. Nobody wants an ugly backpack, right?

And I must mention the price. If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend you to save up some more money in order to purchase a better backpack for your laptop.

Because the safety of your laptop and your comfort is the most important thing to consider.

Types Of Laptop Backpacks

As every other product, there must be different types of it. That's why because people are different, and we have different intentions and everyone is in a different situation.

That's why I categorized them in types, however, you won't go wrong by going for any type of the laptop backpack.


  • Student backpacks
  • Work backpacks
  • Commuting backpacks

These are the three main types, and they could look similar or the same, but they have a bit different preferences which make them suitable better for some situations.

Student backpacks

Student backpacks aren't expected to be something extreme. Students need a backpack to keep their laptops safe, and they also need some room for their files, notepads or anything else related.

Work backpacks

Work backpacks will need to have a good protection for a laptop because of the traveling. However, there should be also plenty room for storage for different items people need to carry to work with the laptop.

Commuting backpacks

Commuting backpacks are a little bit different than the last two types. They should be durable and also adjusted to the weather conditions. So they should be waterproof, have plenty of space, and bonus would be to absorb hits while commuting.

They are also great for traveling purpose. Now when you know this three main types, it's time for you to see some of the best laptop backpacks and decide which one will protect your expensive laptop.

It's all about what you want the backpack for, how much storage you need, and are there any other special features such as water resistance.

let's wrap up

Choosing a laptop backpack might be stressing, still you should look at it from a different perspective. You are taking care of your laptop, on the other hand also paying attention to your comfort, health, and the safety for your back and shoulders.

By going for any of these laptop backpacks mentioned earlier, you won't miss. As I have mentioned earlier in the bonus section - you must decide what type of the laptop backpack you want and what the purpose will be.

Just take it slowly, take your time and choose wisely. Also, just to let you know, if you order it on Amazon - they will deliver it to your door, which saves time and hassle in many situations.

Do you think there is any other laptop backpack which is missing from the list?

Let me know in the comments down below, but also feel free to ask any questions or tell any doubts you have in the comments below and I will personally help you.

Feel free to share this post on social media if you found it useful.

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