Best BBQ Grill Cleaners – Easy Off Grill Cleaner 2019

Are the ghosts of last summer’s barbecues still clinging to your barbecue grill preventing you from enjoying a nice rack of ribs and some corn on the cob, or is fired up and ready to go? or do you need a best grill cleaner?

Spring is just around the corner and if you haven’t been thinking about firing up the grill, you will be soon.

Fortunately, you don’t have to burn through half your propane or spend all afternoon scraping off the burnt-on messes.

Now we have the best grill cleaners and grill brushes too that will take that mundane and dirty task and make it less stressful and dirty.

And as a bonus?…

You don’t have to don a hazmat suit before or after you finish the job.

So, let’s get right to it.

You’ll find a wide variety of cleaners in our product picks. Everything from biodegradable cleaners, exterior polishes/or cleaners, and your traditional cleaners you may already be familiar with.

The biodegradable cleaners are composed of mostly earth friendly ingredients that are safe for you and to use around your family.

In fact, many of them will not only clean your grill, but the chemicals are so safe that you can usually use the grill to cook your food right after you’ve cleaned it too, so you can save on time.

Exterior polishes or cleaners are just that.

You’ll use these to polish the outside surfaces of the grill to give it that shine and to protect it from flying grease and smudges.

These are not to be used on the inside of the grill and make sure you read the instructions carefully before using.

Some of them can pit or damage aluminum finishes.

Traditional cleaners are tried and tested and more common to find in your local grocery store.

You’ll see brands like Easy Off, Goo Gone, etc.

These cleaners will get the job done, but the chemicals may not be safe to use around your family and may require you to wear protective gear to use, such as gloves, goggles and sometimes even a mask.

What We Have Checked Before Selecting Best Grill Cleaners?

It comes down to personal choice and what’s readily available to you.
We’ve found that many of the biodegradable cleaners will do the same job as the traditional cleaners but with fewer headaches and they won’t leave you gasping for air.

Literally, The products featured in this list have been picked because of their dependability and high ratings so you’ll know that they’ll get the job done.

Best Grill Cleaner of 2019 Top Picks

01. Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Grill Cleaner

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Grill Cleaner

This cleaner isn’t specifically for cleaning the interior of your grill, but it works great to add the finishing touches after you’ve done all the dirty work.

Enter your text hTo use, I would spray a little bit of this stainless steel grill cleaner product onto your cloth and gently wipe with the grain of the surface, so you don’t scratch the finish.

Just know that a little goes a long way with this stuff so it should last a while when you use it sparingly.

The good news is that it works equally well for your appliances inside the home as well as the outside.

Stainless steel and black appliances will look brand new after a quick wipe down with this.


  • The base ingredients are based from plant ingredients that are both gentle on your skin and your appliances. There are no harsh fumes like you would get with some of the more common grill cleaners on the market today.
  • The natural oils help polish the finish while removing streaks, smudges and fingerprints.
  • Not everyone has a microfiber cloth on hand and a regular cotton cloth or paper towel may cause damage to sensitive stainless-steel finishes, so the included 14×14 inch microfiber cloth is an extra bonus and means you can get started using this product as soon as you unbox it.
  • The spray style bottle means you don’t have to fight with unscrewing or opening lids. Just spray your product on the grill or microfiber cloth and go!

02. Grill Grate Cleaner Citrusafe

Grill Grate Cleaner Citrusafe

Who knew an ordinary lemon could clean your grill better than some of the other cleaners out there?

Lemon and most other citrus fruits contain an ingredient known as d-limonene that is can be found in many of the top-quality cleaning products today.

This natural ingredient will safely attack and lift away grease from stuck on surfaces. Even baked on food that has been left to sit for years.

The Citrusafe grill grate cleaner is powerful enough to clean your grill but safe enough to use within minutes after cleaning. Traditionally you would have to heat the grill and scrub and scrape away the crud with the grill brush.

Now you can safe yourself the propane and spray on and wipe off. This is easily one of our favorite products.


  • Citrusafe uses biodegradable ingredients that are safe enough to be used around your family and to cook on after cleaning.
  • You can use it on outdoor grills, smokers, ovens and even your microwave so you don’t need to have a special cleaner for each appliance.
  • You don’t need to waste money on propane when cleaning unlike traditional cleaning methods.
  • Powerful natural citrus ingredients act as a powerful degreaser while cleaning without the harsh chemicals and smells found in most traditional cleaners.

03. Easy Off Professional Oven Grill Cleaner

Professional Oven Grill Cleaner

Easy off has been a long time favorite for many professionals and consumers for several years.

Perhaps owing to its popularity is the fact that is available at nearly every grocery store or home goods store and in two variations usually. Heavy Duty and Fume Free.

The Heavy Duty is the strongest formula that claims to work harder and faster, but that comes with the downside of having to put up with strong fumes and needing to wear gloves.

If you’re in a hurry though, Easy Off Heavy-Duty grill cleaner will cut through the crud in just under 20 minutes.


  • Heavy Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner is tough enough to cut through little spills in just minutes with no scrubbing.
  • For more serious grime and grease, the heavy-duty formula powers through the grease with very little wait time.
  • Safe to use on ovens, broilers and even barbecue grills.

04. Easy Off Professional Stainless Cleaner

Professional Stainless Cleaner

After you’ve used the Easy Off Heavy-Duty cleaner, you might consider using their professional stainless-steel cleaner to add the final touches.

The formula has been specifically formulated to not only clean stainless-steel surfaces, but to leave a show sheen that repels smudges.

Fingerprints on chrome and stainless steel so that you can go longer in-between cleans. Easy Off Stainless-Steel Grill Cleaner is odorless and won’t irritate your sensitive airways, so you can clean without having to open any windows or without wearing a mask.


  • Safe to use on both stainless steel and chrome finishes.
  • Not only cleans and polishes, but also repels fingerprints, smears, and other grime so you can go longer in-between cleans.
  • Odorless formula has no harsh smells or fumes that will irritate your nose or lungs so can be used indoor and outdoor.

05. CLR PB BBQ Grill Cleaner

CLR PB BBQ Grill Cleaner

CLR is another popular choice amongst professionals and regular households. Their CLR lime/calcium/rust product is one of the top picks for when people are battling soap scum or rust stains in their kitchens or bathrooms.

So why would anyone be surprised that their grill cleaner comes highly recommended as well?

Made from nontoxic and a biodegradable formula, this CLR grill cleaner can be used around your family and food surfaces without toxic fumes and chemicals.

To use, just spray the cleaner directly on the surface to be cleaned and let it soak for a few minutes before wiping with a cloth or scrubbing with a brush.

Rinse with cold water and you’re ready to start grilling.


  • The foaming cleaner sticks to the grime and surface without slipping off the surface so the biodegradable formula can penetrate tough grime.
  • CLR Grill Cleaner is a water-based formula that doesn’t contain harsh acids, solvents, or abrasives that will irritate your lungs/eyes or damage your skin.
  • Biodegradable formula is safe and won’t harm the environment if a little gets on your grass or surrounding vegetation.

06. Grill Cleaner Spray Professional Degreaser

Grill Cleaner Spray Professional Degreaser

Weber offers their citrus based cleaner that is both nontoxic and effective for degreasing and cleaning barbecue grills.

Using the potent d-limonene ingredient found in citrus fruits, the oils penetrate through grease and bust through tough cooked on grime to reveal a clean surface beneath.

To top it off, you can feel safe using this cleaner around your friends and family— that includes your family pets. Using Weber’s grill cleaner, you won’t have to heat up your grill before cleaning it.

Just spray your grill down, inside and out, and let the non-toxic cleaner do all the work while you enjoy a chilled drink or prep for the barbecue.

By the time you come back, you can wipe everything down and scrub away the remaining stubborn patches in just a few minutes. Rinse, and you’re ready to start cooking.


  • One of the few USDA- Approved cleaners that are safe to use around food surfaces.
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic cleaner means you can quickly clean your grill without the harmful chemicals found in most traditional cleaners.
  • Great for barbecue grills, smokers, ovens, and your microwave, so you don’t have to have a cleaner for each appliance.

07. Green Gobbler HEAVY Grill Cleaner

Green Gobbler HEAVY Grill Cleaner

The Green Gobbler Heavy Duty Cleaner is another favorite foaming cleaner that clings to all surfaces including slippery or vertical surfaces.

To get the most out of this cleaner, you’ll coat the surface you’re trying to clean with the spray trigger and let the cleaner do the work for you while you walk away for a few minutes.

By the time you come back, you’ll have very little scrubbing to do and your barbecue will look good as new.

There are no harsh chemicals or fumes that will irritate or harm the airways, so you can use this cleaner to clean your inside appliances as well.


  • No toxic fumes or chemicals that are safe to use around your family and yourself.
  • Despite the high PH formula, the green cleaner is non-harmful if some gets on your skin. Just rinse it off.
  • Foaming cleaner is great for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, so you can clean awkward appliances like range hoods where normal cleaners just drip off.
  • Safe to use on ovens, grills, food processing equipment, meat curing equipment and your range hoods.
  • Powers through grease, oil, and baked on crud.

08. Weber Grill Cleaner Spray Professional

Weber Grill Cleaner Spray Professional

Another citrus based cleaner in our top ten lineup, this cleaner by Weber was specifically designed to handle perhaps the most challenging parts of a barbecue grill: The grates.

Using di-limonene to power through cooked on grime and grease, this cleaner will work within minutes of application and without needing to heat the grill before cleaning.

Just spray on, let sit, scrub or wipe, then rinse off. Now you can focus on more important things like giving your dinner some much needed attention with your favorite rub or marinade.


  • USDA-Approved Formula is trusted to clean your grill while being safe enough to use on or around food surfaces.
  • The safe formula is safe to use around family and pets without harmful side effects
  • No special cleaning requirements. Just spray on, let sit, scrub, and rinse off.
  • Can be used in grills, cookers, smokers, your oven and even microwaves.

09. Zep Heavy Duty Grill Cleaner

Zep Heavy Duty Grill Cleaner

Zep produces all kinds of specialized cleaners for various cleaning applications.

Their oven and grill cleaner is the go to for tough or heavy-duty jobs (think a barbecue grill that’s been neglected for a few years), but this cleaner isn’t a one trick pony.

This same cleaner can be used in your oven too. The foam Zep cleaner will cling to the vertical walls in your oven or the underside of your barbecue grill grates while the cleaner penetrates through the baked-on grease and cooked on food.

If every other cleaner failed you, give this one a try.


  • Penetrates through baked on food, greasy messes with less scrubbing than some other cleaners.
  • Comes in an aerosol can that won’t malfunction like some spray cleaners and won’t make a mess if it tips over.
  • Comes in a 19 oz can that will last you through many cleaning jobs and maybe even multiple summers or springs.

10. Goo Gone Grill Grate Cleaner

Goo Gone Grill Grate Cleaner

Goo Gone is popular for removing sticky gooey messes with their Goo Gone formula, but this grill grate cleaner takes things up a notch.

Using their same gel formulation, this cleaner will coat the surface thoroughly, so the biodegradable ingredients can go to work on the stuck-on messes.

One of the best things we liked about this cleaner is the fact that after a thorough rinsing, you can immediately start cooking or prepping your food on the same surface without worrying about contaminating your food.

So, if you’re in a hurry and your significant other just told you to fire up the grill because company is coming over, Goo Gone will work quick and without all the toxic fumes and cleaners.


  • The gel cuts through grease quick while being safe to use on food surfaces after rinsing.
  • The biodegradable formula is not only safe to use around your family and friends, but you don’t have to worry about random smoke or flame flareups that can catch you off guard.
  • There is no match for the Goo Gone cleaner. It will work on baked on food and grease.
  • Can be safely used for all interior parts of the grill including the grates and drip pans where food might come into contact.

How to Clean A Barbecue Grill Using the Best Grill Cleaner?

Before you brought home your barbecue grill, you probably didn’t put much thought into cleaning it or how you would get the job done. Now that spring and summer is bringing on the barbecue weather, you’re probably wondering what you need to do to prep your grill for this grilling season.

Maybe your grill came with some extra gear like a grill brush and you’re wondering what you do with it.

If you browse or ask around on how you might go about cleaning a grill, you’ll probably get a long step by step list on how you need to unhook the propane tank, dismantle the grill and so on.

It becomes quickly apparent that this quick afternoon job is turning into a weekend project.
Don’t believe us?

You can check out this thorough guide to get the gist of it, but who really has that time and isn’t there a better way?
Of course, there is!

Chemical grill cleaners are a relatively new thing that may seem scary if you don’t know how they work, but we promise that once you try one of these cleaners, you’ll never use traditional methods again.

So How Does A Grill Cleaner Work?

Most of the cleaners we chose are easy to use. There’s no special steps you need to take to use them and most of the time you can be done in a few minutes.

While the instructions for each cleaner may vary slightly from one another, most of them require you to spray the cleaner on the grill and its grates and allow for the chemicals to penetrate through the tough stuck on grease and food.

Usually 20 or so minutes is enough time for it to start to break down the tough grime, so you can come back and scrub with a scrub brush.

More stubborn areas may need a repeat application but after everything has been cleaned to your satisfaction, you simply rinse off and can follow up with an exterior polisher and cleaner for the final touch. It couldn’t be any simpler than that.

Now that you know how these cleaners work, it’s time to pick one that will get the job done.

Let’s wrap up

Cleaning your barbecue grill doesn’t have to be a messy or stressful chore. With the right cleaner, you can be done in minutes and spend more time doing what you love— enjoying your ribs in the company of friends and family.

Use our quick and short guide to help you pick which cleaner is right for you so won’t be left guessing whether your chosen cleaner will damage your $800+ barbecue grill.

As a bonus, many of the cleaners we’ve featured here can be used to not only clean your grill, but your household appliances too, so if you like multipurpose cleaners, you’re in luck!

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