Best Grill Brushes For Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Porcelain Grates

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon and you’ve been tasked with having to clean the barbecue to get it ready for the upcoming grilling season. Are you ready? With the best grill brush you will be!

The first thing you need to do is chuck that old BBQ brush in the trash if you haven’t already and here’s why:

Not all grill brushes are built the same and if you’re thinking about reusing the grill brush you’ve had for the last several years or one that was given to you with your hand-me-down grill, you may want to rethink that.

The wrong or the same old grill brush you’ve been using could land you in the hospital if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of your barbecue going wrong (or taking an unexpected trip to the ER).

We’ve included some tips that we think will help as well as some of the best grill brushes that are not only safe to use but built to last, so you don’t have to keep buying a new BBQ cleaner brush every time your other one breaks.

So, without further ado, here’s what we’ll cover in this article:

  • Things you should know before buying or using a grill cleaning brush.
  • A quick note on how we chose the top 10 grill brushes to be featured in this article.
  • How to choose the right one for you.
  • Our top 10 grill cleaning brushes reviewed by us.
  • And finally, how to clean your grill using a grill cleaning brush.

There are other alternatives to using a wire brush

Pumice stones and even coil spring grill brushes are some great alternatives, but you may need to warm your grill up a little bit before using these alternative tools.

A wire bristle brush should be used carefully before use

Wire brushes are notorious for wires becoming loose and sticking to the grill grates or finding a way to lodge themselves into our food.

You can avoid this from happening to you by carefully inspecting your own bristle brush, making sure the grill is cleaned thoroughly before use, inspecting your grill brush before you use it, and replacing your grill cleaning brush every BBQ season.

Try using chemical grill cleaners

If you’re worried you’ll be stuck using chemical cleaners that are noxious and harmful to you and the environment, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

There are some natural alternatives that are not only safe for the environment and you but are effective at getting your grill clean again too.

How We Chose the Top 10 Best Grill Brush

Not all grill brushes are designed the same and we’ve specifically chosen these top 10 because they’ve passed our stringent standards and we weren’t alone in our assessments.

The brushes we’ve covered here will vary in their design and sometimes even materials, but they’re all built to do the same thing:

Get your grill clean. We recommend sticking with stainless steel for its durability, strength, and its rust proof properties.

One of our other recommendations features brass bristles and we specifically recommend that brush for the more sensitive materials you may find in some grills. Especially if you’re worried about doing irreparable damage to your barbecue grill.

Which One Is Right For Me?

The one you pick will completely depend on your preferences as well as your budget. The grill cleaning brushes we featured here all look and function the same with the exceptions being whether they have 3 heads instead of 1, and/or if they’re made from coiled metal instead of the typical bristles that you see in bristle brushes.

The coiled brushes have the advantage of being more resistant to breaking and rust as well as less risk of bristles falling out and lodging themselves in your food or somewhere else they shouldn’t be.

Some people prefer them to the typical cleaning brushes, but we find it all comes down to personal preference.

So just pick one you like and go from there!

01. Best Stainless-Steel Barbecue Cleaning Brush

Stainless-Steel Barbecue Cleaning Brush

The best BBQ grill brush is made with 3 brush heads that give you more scrubbing power as opposed to just 1 brush head.

The 3 heads are the equivalent to going over the same surface area three times instead of one, so you can get done faster.

The long 10” handle lets you use two hands or one to scrub with, without risk of being burnt from a warm barbecue.

And whether you have a charcoal or ceramic grill, this stainless-steel barbecue brush cleaner will tackle it all without scratching your grill..


  • Made from high quality stainless steel bristles that will help remove tough baked on food and grease from your grill without the damage that some grill brushes can cause.
  • With 3 Brush heads in one brush, you can cover more surfaces faster than most traditional brushes.
  • Works with any BBQ grill; whether you have a gas, charcoal, ceramic, etc. One brush will clean them all!
  • The 3 brush heads are fixed to a 10” handle that not only protects you while cleaning, but also gives you the leverage to get it all done. There’s no snapping or bending so this brush will last you through the entire BBQ season.
  • Accidents do happen, but you don’t need to be out of your money when or if they do happen. If you’re not happy with this brush, you’re covered by a no risk full refund of your hard-earned money.

02. Kacebela Grill Stainless Steel Brush

Kacebela Grill Stainless Steel Brush

Everyone loves freebies and with the Kacebela grill brush, you get two basting brushes, a carrying pack, and the grill brush itself.

But that’s not the only thing that attracted us to this grill brush. You get a quality brush that includes 3 heads that are made with stainless steel bristles.

The bristles seem like they’re not going anywhere on this brush, which is always a worry when you use a bristle brush grill cleaner.

We like the fact that everything is dishwasher safe, so you have one less thing to worry about after an already tedious task.


  • 3 brush heads instead of 1, this grill brush will work harder to get your grill cleaned with less effort.
  • Every Kacebela Grill brush comes with 2 free silicone basting brushes and a small carrying bag to add to your barbecue tool arsenal. When you’re done using your basting and grill brush, pop them in the dishwasher to get them clean.
  • Made from only high quality stainless steel, there’s less risk of the bristles turning up where they shouldn’t be.
  • A 10” handle gives you the leverage you need to clean your barbecue while reducing your risk of being burnt. The handle is reinforced so it won’t snap and bend with use.
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty that guarantees this brush against rusting and being safe for cleaning in the dishwasher—or your money back.

03. Weber Grill 12-inch3-Sided Brush

Weber Grill 12-inch3-Sided Brush

Weber has a reputation of coming out with quality gear (check out their chemical grill cleaner we reviewed here), and their Weber grill brushes are no exception.

You’ll notice with this brush that it’s got a single head, but that shouldn’t really put you off this brush.

We find that sometimes the single head brushes can get into nooks and crannies better than some of the other brushes out there.

You can use the long side to really give your grates a scrub down and then the smaller sides to really get into your BBQ’s corners. Give this one a look over if you want something simple yet affordable.


  • Single head brush best for getting into hard to reach areas. Easily Cleans Hard-To-Reach Spaces.
  • Stainless steel brushes that are durable and resistant to falling out.
  • Handle built with your comfort and safety in mind.
  • Best for getting into nooks and crannies and removing burnt on food and grease from grates.

04. Grillart Stainless Steel Grill Brush Scraper Combo

Grillart Stainless Steel Grill Brush Scraper Combo

The Grillart stainless steel grill brush scraper combo just goes to show that sometimes more isn’t better.

While any seasoned BBQ enthusiast or user will appreciate having a well-stocked tool kit for their barbecue, you may also enjoy the simplicity of having just one or two tools. 

While any seasoned BBQ enthusiast or user will appreciate having a well-stocked tool kit for their barbecue, you may also enjoy the simplicity of having just one or two tools.

With the grill brush and scraper tool, that’s one less tool you must pack along with you with your family picnics, and one less tool to invest in.


  • Built with three brush heads and a grill scraper, this 2 in 1 will help you clean your grill quickly without having to reach for multiple tools. That’s one less tool you must carry in your bag!
  • An 18” handle will help keep you safe from the hot grill while the non-slip material ensures that you get a good grip on this brush. The angle is just right to give you the right leverage you need to add to the scrub power without overexerting yourself.
  • Safe and easy to use for all grill types.
  • Backed by a 100% money back guarantee that covers the lifetime of this barbecue grill brush.

05. Clean Grill Bristle Barbecue Brush

Clean Grill Bristle Barbecue Brush

If you haven’t tried out these coiled wire brushes, you need to. Kona makes one of the best bristle free grill brushes out there.

In fact, you might even consider it the safest grill brush too.

You’ve probably heard of the horror stories of how a harmless barbecue brush could send someone to the ER after they’ve ingested bristles that have fallen out or that worked their wayinto your food.

With coil wire brushes, there’s less risk since there’s no single bristles to worry about and the coils clean just as good, if not better, than their bristled alternatives.

Give the Kona barbecue brush a try. You won’t be sorry!


  • An alternative to the typical bristle grill cleaning brushes; this brush uses 3 thick coiled wires to help clean your BBQ and its grates. There’s no sharp pieces and there’s no bristles that could dislodge themselves end up in your food
  • Safe and easy to use for all grill types.
  • Increase lifespan of your brush since there’s no bristles to worry about.
  • A perfect handle that is built break and bend resistant at just the right length to protect you from burning yourself while cleaning.
  • Backed by a 10-year guarantee which easily outnumbers most other refund or return policies.

06. Alpha Grillers Effective Stainless Steel Cleaner Brush

Alpha Grillers Effective Stainless Steel Cleaner Brush

Another3-headed bristle brush, this brush is made with a high-quality design and backed from a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not in love with this brush.

The 18” handle will keep you and your hands safe, even as you try out our recommended method for cleaning your BBQ easily and with little effort.


  • Built to last with a 1 year 100% money back guarantee. This grill brush won’t bend or break under tough scrubbing jobs.
  • Safe for all BBQs including porcelain. If you have separate BBQs; one for home and one for traveling with, you don’t need to worry about packing the right brush.
  • 3 grill brushes in one will cover more surface area faster so you can get the job done quick without spending all afternoon scraping and scrubbing away.
  • An 18” handle protects you from the heat while giving you full control as you scrub your barbecue.

07. Kona’s 360 Clean Grill Brush

Kona’s 360 Clean Grill Brush

Kona has a great reputation amongst barbecuingfans, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we picked yet another one of their products to be featured here.

This brush is like most other barbecue brushes except it comes with 3 brush heads that will help get your grates clean faster with less effort.

Their grill cleaning brushes are compatible with just about any grill or barbecue out there, so you don’t have to worry about scratching up your expensive barbecue grill, and like most Kona BBQ brushes, you’re covered with a 5-year guarantee.


  • 3 brushes in 1 will tackle the top surface and in between the grates as you scrub away. Safe enough to scrub while wet, you can dip this grill brush into water to scrub an already warm BBQ for the best results.
  • Safe for all BBQ grill types, you don’t need a separate one for each grill you have. Use the same one for all your grills.
  • Built to last without bending or breaking.
  • An 18” handle to protect your hands from the heat and hot parts of the grill as you clean.
  • Covered by a 5-year guarantee that will replace your money should things not work out.

08. Clean Grill Bristle Barbecue Brush

Clean Grill Bristle Barbecue Brush

Another Kona Brush that takes the coiled wire design and makes it better. There’s three brush heads with three coils that spiral to make sure that you get into every nook and cranny on your barbecue grill.

We like the fact that there’s no sharp edges that can potentially scratch or damage your grill, and that makes it safe enough to use in your cast iron pots as well. 

And since there’s no bristles to worry about, you can scrub away worry free without having to take a magnifying glass to your grill after you clean it.


  • 3 coiled brush heads in one that protect you and your food from loose wire bristles. There’s no sharp edges and this brush can get just about anywhere so your BBQ is almost as clean as the day you got it. If you really want to an effortless clean, make sure your BBQ is warm and dip this brush into some water before you start scrubbing. The debris will dislodge easier and you’ll get done faster.
  • Safe for all grill types including sensitive materials like porcelain and ceramic.
  • Won’t fall apart or break down within the first couple of uses. There are no fragile bristles that could break off and the handle won’t bend or snap while you’re using it.
  • The perfect handle length that gives you power and leverage to scrub with minimal effort without risk of getting burnt.
  • Back by a 10-year guarantee that protects your wallet and investment if this brush doesn’t live up to its expectations.

09. Do Be Brass Grill Brush

Do Be Brass Grill Brush

You’ll notice that most of the grill brushes we’ve reviewed here are all made from stainless steel.

Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials out there and is rust proof, but sometimes it tends to scratch. Not always, but sometimes.

If you have a barbecue that needs something a little gentler, then you should look a brass grill brush. Brass is a softer material, so don’t expect to get any heavy-duty cleaning done with it.

However, if you’re looking for the best brass grill brush for your barbecue, we think you’ll like this one.


  • Brass bristles that won’t scratch or damage the surface you’re scrubbing. This brush can even be used to scrub cast iron pans without damaging them.
  • An ergonomic design will help reduce fatigue from scrubbing and your cleaning efforts. 
  • A long handle gives you the leverage and power you need to really get your grill clean with less effort.
  • Made from quality materials that won’t fall apart or break after a couple of uses.

10. Toolwiz Tool Wizard Grill Scrubber

Toolwiz Tool Wizard Grill Scrubber

The Grill Wizard Grill Brush caught our attention when we noticed that it wasn’t like all the other products we had checked out.

Not only are there no bristles to worry about, but the coiled scrubber heads are interchangeable and dishwasher safe.

To use, just place a scrubber into the little “cage” and lock it into place with the two locking bars. When you’re done, just toss the entire thing into your dishwasher and you’re finished!


  • This grill brush comes with one handle and 1 scrubber pre-attached to the handle already. An extra scrubber is also included for easy replacement and so you can change them out when one needs cleaned.
  • The unique cage like design allows you to install the scrubber within seconds without fighting or fidgeting with nuts and bolts. Install the scrubber and lock the metal bars into place to secure.
  • The woven mesh scrubber pads are not made from bristles and they’re dishwasher safe, so you can keep using the same brush repeatedly.
  • Received high remarks from the respected Cooks Illustrated Magazine.

How to Clean Your Grill in Minutes with A Grill Brush

To get started cleaning your BBQ, you’ll need a couple of tools:

  • A heavy-duty grill brush with a long handle so you can use two hands safely.
  • A bucket of warm water. You don’t need to do anything special to the water, just a bucket of water will work.

Now to clean your grill, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your grill is either hot or on a low flame before you start. This will help loosen some of the debris, baked on food, and help the water loosen up all the baked-on crud.
  • Dip your brush into the water and start scrubbing in the same direction of the grates to get most of the cleaning done. It’s best if you start in one section and move onto the next after you’re satisfied with how it looks. Just keep dipping your brush into water as you work on each section. (the cleaning power comes through the combined warmth of the BBQ and the water which turns into steam as soon as it meets the hot grates).
  • There may still be some leftovers that you couldn’t quite get with the brush, so just take your brush and flip it over so it’s parallel with the grates. You should now be able to use the brush to get in between the grates to repeat the same scrubbing motion.
  • When you’re satisfied with how the grates look, use the same brush to scrub the back and the corners of the grill. The corners can be scrubbed by using the smallest edge of the brush to really get into those tight corners, but this may depend on your type of brush and how it’s designed.

Let’s Wrap UP 

If you’re dreading cleaning your barbecue, it might be because you don’t have the right tools and just haven’t been shown how to clean your barbecue in the easiest way possible.

With one of the best grill brushes we’ve reviewed here and with the right cleaning techniques you’ll be done in no time, so you can sit back and enjoy a Sunday BBQ with your friends and family.

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