Best Garage Floor Epoxy: Smart Protection for Garage Floors

Garage floors. They are heaven for corrosives, grease, oil or chemical contaminants. The list of hazards never ends. These are the factors causing damages and wears to your garage floor.

No matter if it’s concrete made or not, the floor hasn’t adequate safety without proper protection. You must protect your garage floor, and that’s why you need to coat it with the best garage floor epoxy.

Epoxies do an excellent job increasing your floor’s durability. They also improve the aesthetics of the surface coming in different colors and textures.

Moreover, the floor becomes easier to clean and stays protected from taints and deterioration. Let’s have a look at eight of the best garage floor epoxies in the market.

Hopefully, you will get to know more about epoxies, their usage, and loads of benefits they bring along.

1. Rust-Oleum 238467 EpoxyShield Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 238467 EpoxyShield Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum is a brand well known among many professionals for producing high-grade epoxy resin.

They’ve brought this 23845 epoxy shield solid base resin that adds durability and excellence to your garage surface.

Since this product is not a water-based kit, it can be used as a water-proof sealant. You’ll only need to ensure the dryness of your floor and the balance it with the ambiance. Garages are generally full of organic corrosives and contaminants such as oil, grease, gasoline, and other chemicals.

Standing water is another corrosive agent and can be dangerous as well. The fact may surprise you, but it’s the reason behind the dampness and gradual efflorescence to your coated floor.

So it’s possible that your garage will darken soon if it lacks a strong and durable coating over its concrete surface. Fortunately, you can resist all these materials with this Rust-Oleum 238467 epoxy resin.

It can retain the brilliance of your garage surface for a longer time. The resin hardens fast. It’s a great feature for those who cannot wait to step on their classy new surface. You can expect the surface to get ready for walking within a day.

And it takes four days to get traffic-ready. You can make it look more attractive by adding decorative chips. The kit comes with a great adhesive power which makes it one of the most durable of epoxy kits.

With this high-solid based epoxy, you’ll hardly see any peels or scratches on the surface. The resin also effectively resist high temperature. Your garage surface won’t be damaged when you park your car with hot tires after a long drive.

However, you will only get a semi-level glossiness and not the top level with this pack. But never worry about the heavy-duty performance. The pack covers a maximum of 200 sq ft area which is more than enough for the price you pay for it.

Features and Benefits:

  • High solid solvent base epoxy for basements, garage floors, workshops, and more.
  • Covers up to 200 sq ft of area.
  • Effectively resists wear, chemicals, and standing water.
  • Gets ready for walking in a day, gets traffic-ready in four days.
  • Supreme adhesion to withstand heavy vehicles.
  • Heavy-duty semi-gloss finish.
  • Can be applied along with decorative chips.


The heavy-duty Rust-Oleum epoxy offers high durability and great resistance against a variety of corrosives, contaminants, and dust. For the price and efficiency, it will be a perfect choice if you’re happy to have a garage surface with a semi-gloss finish.

2. Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Kit

Rust-Oleum 251966 Garage Floor Kit

For those who love spending fun moments working on the garage floor, spending money on a quality product would be a great investment.

Epoxy resin is such kind of product to have fun with your garage floor. We’ve already reviewed a product from Rust-Oleum above. 

This is another quality item from them which delivers almost similar performance. It shows how the brand produces first-rate products for the garage floors. You’ll see how your garage floor gets transformed once you apply the epoxy coating in place. It’ll surely look better.

Accordingly, you’ll feel like it’s something that is worth the money you spent on. Moreover, it’s a product that allows easy cleaning your floor. You’ll be able to clean it almost effortlessly with soapy water.

It’s natural for epoxy products to emit an unpleasant odor. You cannot but thank Rust-Oleum in this regard. They have put all their effort to make sure the odor is a minimum.

So, it’ll hardly affect your olfaction and allow you irritation-free usage for a longer time. Providing coverage of up to 250 sq ft, this pack should be more than enough to most of the users. So, no more spending for additional coating since you’ll get the job done only with a pack.

The anti-peeling formula is another feature loved by the users of this product. It ensures you retain perfect smooth garage surface for ages without worrying about peeling. But, before making a purchase you do need to remember a few things.

It’s a product for indoor use only. The epoxy takes longer to dry and get ready to walk on. And even though it withstands hot tires, it may still leave stubborn skid marks.

Features and Benefits:

  • Emits less odor than other epoxy products.
  • Gives your garage floor a stunning glossy look.
  • Heavy-duty performance.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Doesn’t peel and retains smoothness for years.
  • Resists corrosives and chemicals.
  • Provides 250 sq ft area coverage.
  • Easy to clean with soapy water.
  • Can be applied along with decorative chips.


Coming with a low odor formula, this epoxy coating is best for an irritation-free application. The heavy-duty coating preserves the smooth high-glossy appearance for ages.

It covers 250 sq ft of an area which substantiates its price tag. It’s fair enough a choice for the money regardless of the few drawbacks it has. Choose from either gray or tan gloss.

3. Valspar 81052 Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

Valspar 81052 Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

Valspar is an American brand well renowned for manufacturing paints and coatings.

Founded in 1806, the internationally famous company has produced quality coatings and paints over the years.

With a high-gloss finish and superior durability, the 81052 premium 2-part epoxy kit is another addition to their excellence. The garage floor epoxy comes with more adhesiveness than the normal epoxies.

Therefore, it allows no peeling or effloresces easily making it an efficient solution for damped or salt-attacked floors.

If you are in love with glossy floors, you can have one using this Valspar premium clear floor epoxy. It also has that high capability to preserve the glossiness of your floor for a longer time.

When your tires get hot after a long drive, and your park the car on a normal epoxy floor, chances are that your garage floor will face irrecoverable damage. But not with this one. The heat resistant high-grade floor epoxy never allows hot tires to cause any damage to the floor.

It’s hard to resist contaminants like grease, oils, chemicals, and other contaminating agents with normal coatings or paints. With Valspar 81052 premium epoxy, you’ll be resisting them like a professional.

It effectively protects your garage floor from those corrosives and contaminating agents so that your floor never loses its glossiness. This pack covers an area of approximately 400 sq ft.

So if you intend to coat a bigger garage surface or basement, the pack will be an ideal choice.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides your floor with a premium glossy finish.
  • Heavy-duty performance with high durability.
  • Compatible with all the floor types.
  • Offers superior adhesion.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Advanced bonding technology for perfect concrete sealing.
  • Anti-peel formulated resin preserves a smooth surface for years.
  • Resistant to oils, grease, and chemicals.
  • Dries fast.
  • Compatible with decorative chips.


With this perfect clear floor epoxy, you’ve got one solution to accomplish plenty of jobs. Easily do your custom coloring, or revitalize your old epoxy coat.

Since one pack covers 400 sq ft of an area, you’ll surely have some leftovers. Use that for waterproofing or sealing any concrete surface. It’s the best deal for the performance, looks, and for money.

Top Pick:

The name Valspar says enough what quality this product brings along. A personal favorite of ours is also a favorite among professionals across the whole USA. Nothing beats this two-part epoxy. Just apply and forget, and it’s ready to serve you for ages.

4. Coloredepoxies 10023 Yellow Epoxy Resin

Coloredepoxies 10023 Yellow Epoxy Resin

The Coloredepoxies 10023 is something more than your regular garage floor epoxies. It suits almost every surface.

The product offers multiple color variations and you can choose your favorite one. This garage floor epoxy is a great sealant for concrete floors in warehouses and basements.

The variety of colors offered is absolutely lovable. There’s a range of natural colors with multiple shades you’ll surely love. Children will love to have fun in an indoor playground coated with this bright yellow epoxy resin.

Colored epoxies, however, goes uneven with the surface so often. It’s a big imperfection noticed with most of the floors coated with colored epoxy. And it’s easily visible because of the obvious contrast between the surface and the coating.

It occurs because most of the colored coatings aren’t that opaque. With this Coloredepoxies resin though, these occurrences hardly happen. Only two coats are enough to get things balanced. You’ll need fewer fix-ups to ensure the complete smoothness and uniformity.

Moreover, spreading and applying the resin will be so much fun and easy. You won’t have to paint your surface and then seal it with epoxy resin. Furthermore, it’s almost odorless. You can add decorative chips as well to make it look more elegant.

The yellow epoxy resin is a multi-use product. Besides concrete floors, you can use it on countertops and even plastics. The resin promises to deliver an exactly similar finish everywhere to keep you free of frustration.

Features and Benefits:

  • 125 to 170 sq ft surface area coverage per gallon.
  • Provides a solid, smooth, durable surface coat.
  • Almost odorless for an irritation-free application.
  • Non-water base professional grade epoxy resin.
  • Corrosives, grease, oil, chemicals, mildew, and mold resistant.
  • Also applicable on bar tops, plywood, and plastics besides concrete surfaces.
  • Heavy-duty solid coating to withstand heavy vehicles and equipment. Also resists cracks, chips or other impacts.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Great opacity to eliminate any chances of uneven surfaces.
  • Comes with a wide range of colors and shades.


This would be the ideal choice to fulfill your outlandish idea of having an elegant bright colored basement or garage floor. The easy to apply epoxy is almost odorless a solvent that you’ll love to work with.

You’ll get uniform colored coating everywhere of your surface with this efficient colored epoxy. And it’ll also save you money since it’ll get the job done with just two coats. This is the precise product for a brighter and lively garage or basement floor.

5. Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

Rust-Oleum 261845 EpoxyShield Garage Floor Coating

This is a two-part water-based epoxy coating kit from Rust-Oleum.

Unlike the other Rust-Oleum epoxies that harden so fast, giving you a little time to fix things up, this epoxy resin takes an hour to the least before hardening.

In a kit, you’ll find 2 big sized cans full of epoxy resin, 2 cans of hardener, 1 concrete etch agent, a pack full of decorative chips, and a stirrer. A pack can cover up to 500 sq ft of an area that’s the average area of two-bay garages. 

It’s for a single coat though. You must double coat your floor for a better opacity. And for heavy traffic, we recommend coating it three times for sufficient protection. Tan and gray are the color options available for this epoxy.

The product also offers low-VOC versions for users concerned about toxic gas. Unlike the all-solid epoxies, a water-based epoxy undergoes evaporations and releases volatile contaminants as by-products during the curing time.

It’s nice to see the availability of low-VOC emitting versions. Yet, you shouldn’t expect this coating to seal the hairline cracks of your concrete floor. You must fix it beforehand. You may use a compatible epoxy patch for it.

The coatings take approximately 12 hours to dry. It’s faster than the other coatings we’ve mentioned above and it allows you to apply multiple coats in short intervals for a quick finish. The quick finish will not let you walk on the floor that faster though.

You’ll have to wait 24 to 48 hours before you can do that. And it’ll take three days before you can park your car. The water-based epoxy shield creates a strong bond penetrating the concrete substrate.

So the coating gets ready to resist hot tire pickup due to this excellent adhesion. A fully cured floor will be much thinner than 100% solid. Although it won’t be that transparent, a wet floor will be much slippery.

You can add colored sand or decorative flakes, and it’ll be clearly visible and look fine. We recommend using anti-slip additives for improved traction.

Features and Benefits:

  • High solid solvent base epoxy for basements, garage floors, workshops, and more.
  • A complete package to epoxy coat your garage floor.
  • Gives your floor a heavy duty semi-gloss finish.
  • Easy to clean with soapy water.
  • Up to 500 sq ft of area coverage.
  • Easy to use.
  • Gets ready to walk on in a day, gets traffic ready win 3 days.
  • Premium adhesion formula for a stronger bond.
  • Formulated with an anti-peel formula that retains the smoothness of your coated floor.
  • Antifreeze formula doesn’t allow damages in winter.
  • Moisture, motor oil, grease, and stain resistant.
  • Effective heat resistance protects from hot tire pickups.


This all in one Rust-Oleum package could be the best match for inexperienced people looking to epoxy coat their garage floor. The super easy-to-use epoxy resin comes with all the required equipment within a complete package.

With this package, you won’t have to spend money on hiring a professional to do the job. You may instead, invest the money on a suitable anti-slip supplement since the epoxied floor gets very slippery when wet.

The package contains a generous amount of epoxy. So never fall short in the middle of your first project.

Best Deal

With the Rust-Oleum 261845 two-part water-based epoxy, you get the best deal in the market. The huge amount, the components, the performance, it has too much to offer within the money you spend on it.

6. KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic
Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

KILZ L377611 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic
Concrete and Garage Floor Paint

This is a two-part water-based epoxy coating kit from Rust-Oleum. Unlike the other Rust-Oleum epoxies that harden so fast, giving you a little time to fix things up, this epoxy resin takes an hour to the least before hardening.

So you’ll get adequate time without having to rush.

The Kilz L377611 is a heavy-duty 1-part water-based acrylic floor paint that gives your floor a satin finish. The product is meant for painting jobs on concrete, brick, stone, masonry, etc.

A gallon of Kilz epoxy paint covers up to 500 sq ft of an area, but you need more for rugged surfaces. Plus, we recommend using two coats for maximal performance. You shouldn’t put many layers because thicker coats are likelier to peel.

A roller with an expansive handle will make things easier for you. The paint dries fast, but still, wait for four hours to the least before putting the second coat. Your painted garage floor should be ready to walk within 24-28 hours, and naturally, it’ll take more time to be traffic-ready.

The epoxy paint provides durable colors to your floors that’ll last for a longer time. Be sure of its durability and glossiness. The slate gray color doesn’t blister easily. And it comes with a greater adhesive ability than most other epoxy paints.

Although the epoxy paint is stable enough, you shouldn’t expect it to repair floor chips or cracks. It’s not a sealant. Furthermore, you cannot apply it on vertical surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1-part water-based silver gray acrylic epoxy paint for a satin finish.
  • Provides 500 sq ft of area coverage with one gallon.
  • Highly durable epoxy paint. Doesn’t fade easily.
  • Endures hot tires and various heavy activities.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t scuff, crack and blister easily.
  • Effectively resists damages caused by stains, chemicals, gasoline, and oil.
  • Ideal epoxy paint for heavy traffic floors like basements, driveways, garage floors, and porches.
  • Sets fast. Takes a day to get walk-ready, and three days to get traffic-ready.


To us, the product makes an ideal choice for home DIY projects. We do not recommend this for any type of industrial application despite the award-winning reputation of this brand.

But if you’re a typical homeowner looking to rejuvenate your garage floor, this is a decent epoxy paint for massive coverage and high durability.

Best Budget

This KILZ L377611 1-Part acrylic epoxy paint is the best thing you can buy for your garage floor within a very tight budget. It’s durable enough an epoxy paint for your personal garage that’ll ensure your floor looks stunning.

7. Epoxy Concrete Clear Coat

Epoxy Concrete Clear Coat

This clear coat from Epoxy-Coat is more than a complete coating package for a brilliant garage surface.

The non-skid performance this clear base delivers is the feature we liked most.

With this epoxy coat, you won’t face any slippage even on a wet surface. This feature saves you the money you would spend on anti-slip additives. The manufacturers have put a lot of effort to make it full odorless, and they’ve brilliantly succeeded.

The mix will save you the trouble of suffocation while applying it. It’s also a hygienic solvent. Using this epoxy, you get an antimicrobial coat over your floor. The pack includes all the bells and whistles you’ll need to get a smoother, glossier floor. 

It contains all the elements, two gallons of resin, one-gallon hardener, non-skid additives, a mechanical mixer, a brush, a finisher, a squeegee, a measuring stick, and decorative flakes. It also comes with a CD where you’ll find detailed instruction of the application procedure.

Epoxy Concrete Clear Coat offers an impressive coverage of up to 500 sq ft area. It’s a hefty amount that makes sure you don’t run out of epoxy even if you waste too much of it making mistakes.

However, the coverage may vary with different surface types. To say about its durability, the epoxy is 10x stronger than the other epoxy coatings as per the company claims. It’s able to resist tough stains, scratches, grease and more.

You can safely park your hot tire pickups without damaging the floor. We recommend using the anti-UV additive from Epoxy-Coat to protect it from yellowing or ambering. And adding their urethane coat will give you a slicker finish.

Features and Benefits:

  • Clear base epoxy with non-skid performance.
  • Completely odorless a solvent for an annoyance-free application.
  • 10x stronger than other expensive epoxy coatings.
  • Huge coverage of 500 sq ft area.
  • Comes with an antimicrobial formula for a hygienic surface.
  • The pack contains all the necessary equipment for a gorgeous floor.
  • Resists stains, chemicals, gasoline, and oil.
  • Includes a detailed instructional CD.


This could be the precise epoxy package for the first time DIYers. Including all the bells and whistles in a single pack, it provides adequate convenience for a frustration-free project.

Besides, the hefty amount of resin and the solid outcome within much cheaper a price will definitely put a smile on your face.

8. SUPERCOAT DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating

SUPERCOAT DecoEffects Epoxy Floor Coating

This clear coat from Epoxy-Coat is more than a complete coating package for a brilliant garage surface. The non-skid performance this clear base delivers is the feature we liked most.

With this epoxy coat, you won’t face any slippage even on a wet surface.

The DecoEffects epoxy kit from Supercoat arrives at your doorstep in a large box that contains almost all the materials you’ll require giving your floor the elegant “Arabian Night” look.

In the package, you’ll find 2 large resin cans, 2 smaller cans of hardener, a large can full of urethane glaze, a small can of hardener for urethane glaze, anti-slip additives, reflective chips, and a degreaser.

The DecoEffects almost resembles EpoxyShield with an hour of pot life. Like EpoxyShield, it’s also 2-part water based. It has a usual 46% of solids like all other epoxies that contain carrier agents. The huge kit holds an adequate amount of resin to cover a 500 sq ft garage.

It means a black epoxy layer and a layer of clear urethane coat in a kit. Considering the price, it’s an excellent coverage. You will find the coating thicker while applying this DecoEffects epoxy. And it’s also stickier than regular paints.

The urethane coating though has a similar viscosity like paints. The epoxy coat dries fast. It takes just a bit over 7 hours to be ready for the second coat. The application process is simple and the outcome will be splendid.

The epoxy provides you with a deep black finish with a glittery accent. It easily masks the imperfections even though hardly there’ll be any. It’s certain that the amateurs will love this mix.

Along with the deep black color, the product comes in several other color variants. But by no means, they’ll be as flawless as this Arabian Night version.

Features and Benefits:

  • Solid, heavy-duty DecoEffects epoxy floor coating.
  • Comes with urethane glaze for a blazing surface top.
  • 500 sq ft of area coverage.
  • Low odor and low VOC.
  • Includes all the materials necessary for a complete floor coating.
  • Moisture, blistering, hydrostatic delamination resistant.
  • 1 hour of pot life.
  • Non-skid additives are included for an anti-slip surface.
  • Great for residential and light commercial use.
  • Resists stains, chemicals, gasoline, and oil.
  • Comes with decorative chips.


The Arabian Night effect is something you’ll definitely love. The deep black coat gives your floor an eye soothing elegant look. It’s the first of many reasons to love this DecoEffects epoxy floor coating.

The durability, excellent adhesion, high resistance to stains and contaminants, less odor all add up to the brilliance of this product. The price is a bit higher though.

But again, it does provide you with all the requisites for a complete flooring job and saves you the money you would spend on them separately.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Garage Floor Epoxy

There are several factors you must be aware of before purchasing an epoxy product for your garage floor. There is a variety of epoxies in the market.

Not all of them will meet your demand. You must have a clear idea about different types of epoxies so you can determine what’s perfect for your floor.

100% Solid two-part Epoxy

This kind of epoxy product is a combination of 1-part of epoxy resin and 1-part of hardener. When mixed together, they form a thick layer. The chemical reaction also makes it solid. During the curing period, no evaporation occurs to the liquid.

As a result, it retains the same thickness across wet, dried or hardened states. That’s why they call it 100% solids epoxy. It delivers a more superior resistance to chemical reactions, abrasion, and hot tire pickups. It’s highly durable and lasts as good as 10 years.

We recommend this kind of epoxy for commercial use and for garages with heavy-traffic. There are downsides too. 2-part 100% solid epoxies have higher price tags than the rest. There’s no beating them for long-term concerns though.

When you mix both parts, you’ve only got 30-45 minutes for application before it hardens or starts curing. This interval is called the “Pot life” of an epoxy. It requires you to work real fast. Besides, you must possess the skills needed to run a successful procedure.

Water-based two-part Epoxy

Since users found it real hard working with the 100% solids, they had raised demands for an easier version. That’s how we’ve got epoxies with a carrier agent. A carrier agent can be either water or a solvent. These epoxies are easy to apply.

They have a reduced solid percentage, constant thinness, and extended pot life. They are also cheaper in price. You can expect 1 hour of pot life for this type of epoxy. The time is adequate for DIYers.

Understandably though, these epoxies are lower in quality, provides a less effective protective layer, and therefore, less durable. You can use this type of products if you own a garage that isn’t used heavily, or it hasn’t heavy-traffic. We recommend it for the home DIY projects.

One-part Epoxy Paints

The one-part epoxies are actually paints that are mixed with epoxy beforehand. They are not actual epoxy coating either. So they lack the protective properties of true epoxies. You can use them on a garage floor like paints.

They do add up to the aesthetics of your garage though. And they provide the ease of cleaning your floor. But no way you can expect durability or protection of epoxy coatings. You may as well have to change the coat each year.

We do not recommend one-part epoxy paint if you want a tougher coat for your garage floor.

The Comparison

You’ll have to analyze some technical info to compare the epoxies. You can check the product labels or surf the web. Consider the following.

  • Dry Film Thickness: It’s the final depth of a coating after it’s applied and dried. The higher the percentage of solid, the higher the DFT. 100% solids floor epoxies have a minimum of 10 mils of DFT. Most of the 50% 2-part epoxies, on the other hand, have a DFT of 3 mils.
  • Coverage: It’s necessary to know beforehand the amount of epoxy you’ll need for your project. This information will help you compare the prices. The smaller the coverage, the higher the cost per gallon. In general, you’ll find this info on the product’s label. However, the expected coverage will be much reduced if your garage has a rugged concrete floor.

To give your floor the professional, elegant look, and to make it serve you for a long there are a few additional aspects you can consider as well. They are as follows.

Glossiness and Finish

To increase the glossiness of the floor is the main priority of many users. If your concern is something more than that, you should choose the one that’ll provide high brilliance to your floor.

Epoxy coats give semi-gloss finishes in general. Using Polyurethane coating is a good way to add to its brilliance. Besides, the particles determine the quality of the finish.


Every garage is full of dust and organic corrosives. Grimy spots of oil, grease, gasoline, and lubricators are common a scenario in old garages. These are the reasons behind every dirty garage floor. Your coating should provide a strong resistivity against them.

In addition, the coating’s resistivity to standing water is something you must check. Because parking a wet car in your garage may cause peels and effloresces to your floor if the coat cannot fully resist water.


Changing the coat of your garage floor thrice a year doesn’t sound like a great idea, does it? You’ll soon notice damages to your floor if the coating is cheap.

What you’ll have to do then is to replace the old coat with a new one. No wonder what a hassle that would be. A cheap coating also darkens fast and lose the glossiness.

Also, hot tires could heavily damage the floor if it's coated with a low- quality epoxy. So it’s important you choose a coating with high durability to withstand hot tire pickups and heavy loads.

Clear Epoxy or Colored

Never get confused over the selection. Go for a colored epoxy if you prefer a semi-gloss finish with fancy chips. Go for the clear one to get a brilliant high-gloss finish.

Ease of Use

Upgrading your floor should not be a hefty task that requires plenty of labor. Buy a kit you can easily apply on your surface without much frustration.

In addition, if you want to add decorative chips, check if the kit is compatible with it.

Final Word

We’ve reached the end of this article. We hope, you have a clearer idea about epoxy coating by now. Ultimately, to choose the best garage floor epoxy, you’ve got two options before you. 100% solids epoxy is your best match when you’re confident to work within 30-45 minutes of pot life.

For the durability, thickness, and resistance, true epoxies are unbeatable. You’ll find many of them coming in multiple colors, so you’re never run out of choices. But it’ll be wise going for the 2-part carrier-agent based epoxies if you’re not comfortable to work within that short a period.

They’ll last a few years, but serve you good enough before a recoat. Go ahead, follow our guide, choose a suitable coating, and grace your garage floor.

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