Best Diaper Bags For Toddler & 2 Kids – Mother’s First Choice

Best Diaper Bags do more than just carry diapers.  They are also designed to carry bottles, formula, wipes, and all the tools and accessories. These all you need to make a day trip an enjoyable one for you and your child.

Many parents are overwhelmed when it comes to the sheer amount of options available to them.

While some look for the ultimate storage on the go, some are looking for a diaper bag that is designed more for aesthetics and not functionality.

Thankfully, there are a myriad of diaper bags that combine the two concepts while still being affordable.

Design and Quality are varies from one brand to another. There are some differences. We've identified the difference in our short review for your better understand. According to the difference, we’ve showcased our top lists.

01. Bebamour Diaper Backpack

Bebamour Diaper Backpack

Made out of moisture-winking polyester, the Bebamour Diaper bag mixes performance with fashion, with the bag taking the form of a useful tote.

It comes in blue, green, and grey – going well with most tastes.

One of its best features is that it is made with several pockets, including one large front pocket, two vertical zippers, a large back pocket, two open side pockets, and eight interior compartments.

Forget about having a separate bag for your changing mats; the Bebamour Diaper Bag comes with straps specifically designed to carry a changing mat.

02. The Hip Cub

The Hip Cub

This bag can be mistaken for a stylish summer bag, with a striped interface that makes the bag approachable yet fashionable.

The Hip Cub Diaper Bag is made with several stroller straps, enabling it to hang on to your strollers with a simple click. 

Seven pockets, as well as one large main compartment with a zipper closure, make this bag big enough to fit all the necessary items that you need for a day out with your child. 

Two external pockets are perfect for the things that you need quick access to, like wet wipes. Lightweight and comfortable, the bag is designed with comfort in mind, without compromising style by making it too large.

03. Soho Grand Central  Diaper Bag

Soho Grand Central  Diaper Bag

This diaper bag consists of seven individual pieces, making it the best bag for organization. 

The main pack includes several pockets, making it an ideal mainstay in your daily regimen.

Several small purses come with zipper closures and a carrying strap.

An insulated compartment keeps warm drinks warm, and cold drinks cold. This is the final diaper bag set that a mom needs. You can even give one of the bags to your child as soon as they are old enough.

04. Gotham Smart Organizer (Best large diaper bags)

Gotham Smart Organizer

This diaper backpack emphasizes the value of smart construction, with a system of compartments and storage pockets. 

A large interior pocket is designed for bigger items. 

On its outside, you will find multiple levels of zippered sections, including an insulated bottle pocket. Made from unassuming black polyester, the backpack may be a bit muted, but it is the ideal bag for dads and those who want functionality over aesthetics.

Your Graco Gotham Smart Organizer arrives with a removable changing pad, providing a clean, plush surface for the times when you need to change a diaper.

05. Taden Baby Bag by Kate Spade New York

Taden Baby Bag by Kate Spade New York

Everything created by Kate Spade and co. is always made with a stylish factor that you can count on, and the fashion house did not disappoint with this diaper bag.

This spacious baby bag is made with beautiful 4-karat gold-plated hardware. The diaper bag has two open slip pockets and a large diaper pouch along the back. 

Even though chic, it is still robust, with a water resistant interface and changing pad for when you need to change a diaper in a pinch. The Kate Spade Taden Diaper bag is the perfect bag that can easily be transformed as your daily tote.

06. Duo Signature by skip hop (Diaper Bags for Dads)

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Made in Onyx Tile, Heather Gray, and a distinct triangle mosaic, the Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag was made to draw attention to the fact that you are a stylish mother. 

Even though beautiful, it still very functional with ten pockets for baby towels, towelettes, baby bottles, and toy.

Enter your text heEach pocket is easy to access, with a front panel that allows for additional storage and stability. Several shuttle clips allow the bag to convert to a stroller bag for ease-of-use. 

This reiteration of the traditional diaper bag is designed with a feature demanded by dads and moms alike – a zip top closure ensuring that your belongings stay secured.

07. Diaper Bag for Stylish Moms

Diaper Bag for Stylish Moms

From afar this looks like a luxury bag picked up from your favorite boutique. In reality, it is a mega-stylish diaper bag with the perfect combination of size, design, and usefulness. 

13 pockets include two large front pockets, a larger compartment for your tablets and books, and six pockets for wipes, pacifiers, and diapers.

It's super practical, with its-easy-to-remove bands that allow you to carry your bag like a regular purse. Premium cotton canvas will ensure that you are using this bag for many years to come.

08. The Compact Mommy Tote Bag by d.o.t.

The Compact Mommy Tote Bag by d.o.t.

The Compact Mommy Tote Bag is just that – compact, making it the perfect asset for moms with toddlers who may not need a bag with the full-featured arsenal of baby products. 

Stylish yet affordable, this tote bag has several pockets, with some parents even using it as a regular tote bag.

In a pinch, you can quickly use it as a mommy bag by placing your child's favorite snacks, a bottle of baby sunscreen, and wipes inside one of its many compartments.

The underappreciated but useful zipper closure makes everything you place in the bag feel secured.

09. Stylish Modern Diaper Bag by Chanasya

Stylish Modern Diaper Bag by Chanasya

Designed in a black design, this tote bag can easily go under the radar as a purse. Once you open the bag, you will see how it is made with several compartments and slots for all of you and your baby's items. 

It is not as huge as other diaper bags, but that just lends for its discreetness and ease of use.

You'll find yourself picking up this bag not only when you go out on outings with your child, but also when you need a roomy bag for your personal items. The company stands behind its product, offering a two-year manufacturer warranty.

10. Skip Hop Duo Signature

Skip Hop Duo Signature

Coming in a Blue Graffiti and Chevron color, this diaper bag is designed with one main compartment with the much-needed zip closure.

Two elastic, mesh side pockets fit two full-sized bottles. Its patented shuttle clips allow the back to hang neatly on your stroller. 

With a non-slip stroller strap ensuring that it stays secure while you and your child are on the move.

Polyester material guarantees that spills are easily cleaned up, without the bag absorbing liquids, food items, and gunk that can be compacted over time.

What To Look Before Buying a Diaper Bag

Your first diaper bag might've compromised on quality - maybe it didn't have enough pockets, or perhaps it didn't fit with your lifestyle because it was either too big or too small. 

Now you're ready to purchase the complete diaper bag that will last for several years, perhaps even generations. Here's what to look for in your next diaper bag:

Make sure to purchase a diaper bag that has handles as well as an over-the-body strap. You want a handy bag that will allow you to carry different weight loads comfortably. Handles are also useful for when you are just taking a couple of items with you.

Better yet, make sure that the over-the-shoulder strap is detachable, for true versatility.

Enough storage space. Thankfully, the current diaper bag can fit many items in a relatively compact space. Long gone are the big, awkward diaper bags that were more of a nuisance than anything else.

You want a diaper bag that will carry the essentials, like diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bottles, toys, sunscreen, snacks, and formula, with enough storage space for your personal items, like hand sanitizer, wallet, and keys.

Many bags also have a changing pad that goes flush at the bottom of the bag or its side, allowing you to quickly remove it to use as a sanitary pad for when you need to change your child's diaper.

Ease of use. There will be times when you may need to carry your baby, or quickly attach a bag to your stroller – and you do not want a cumbersome bag getting in the way of everyday life. It is best to invest in a diaper bag that has a main zippered compartment, allowing you to secure sensitive baby items.

Peripheral compartments can be secured with a strap, allowing for easy one-handed use. You also want a bag that has a colored interior and opens wide so you can see its contents. A dark interior with a tiny opening is something akin to trying to find an item within a black hole.

Over time it's going to get annoying, and irritating, and you will find yourself using the bag less.

Fit and the style of your diaper bag also matters. In reality, you aren't going to use your bag as a diaper bag all the time– sometimes you may utilize it as a tote, which you might find yourself doing as your child gets older and does not require so many items.

The material of the bag also matters. The bag is going to be thrown around and smelly foods are going to be inside it; you want a bag that will withstand everyday wear and tear.

Water and stain resistant exterior will ensure that the outside of the bag stays pristine, and a polyester inside will repel liquids, which will be inevitable as you will typically carry baby bottles and formula.

Polyester will allow you to quickly wipe up messes without it absorbing the liquid, which might happen with cotton-based diaper bags.

What to Avoid in Your New Diaper Bag

Try to avoid diaper bags that rely heavily on Velcro. Not only are they loud and can potentially wake up your child, but they will collect lint and dirt over time. Velcro does not future-proof your bag either since its ability to attach to itself will weaken over time.

Avoid selecting a diaper bag that doesn't have a platform that can be used as a changing station. Many parents forgo this padding, thinking that they can just purchase disposable pads. But they are amazingly convenient and reusable, saving time and money.

Finding The Best Diaper Bag

Long gone are the heavy, clumsy, ugly diaper bag that used to be a drag to take out in public. Now the modern diaper bag is fashionable, even stylish, without sacrificing storage space and functionality that is very much needed in the daily care of your infant child. 

Here are some of the more common types and form factors that you can look forward to the next time you purchase a best diaper bag.

Tote Style Diaper Bags

It usually looks something akin to a giant handbag. Even though big, they are the ideal bag for infants that may require many items. Thankfully, most new tote diaper bags are not only roomy, but are built with several compartments and zippered sections, allowing you to secure not only your child's things, but also your personal items.

Messenger Diaper Bags

Messenger diaper bags look almost like a laptop bag. However, when you open it, you can see that it has many sections and departments, also a plush platform to use when changing diapers.

These bags come with a long strap that hangs over the shoulder, with it having a smaller footprint than larger tote bags. With practice, you will find that you can use this bag even with one hand, with an easy to use flap.

Keep in mind that sometimes they will place too much weight on your shoulders, making it the ideal bag for light loads only. Since they look like laptop bags and tend to be inconspicuous, they make an excellent bag for fathers who may want a discrete bag.

Diaper Bags in the Style of a Backpack

These type of diaper bags are a relatively new trend, with the knapsacks allowing you to lug around baby gear while keeping both of your hands free. Even though they may seem a bit juvenile, it is one of the more convenient bags, with a form factor that will allow you to fit many belongings into a small space.

This is one of the best bags for when you need to be highly organized, since there will be several single pockets dedicated to different items.

Convertible Diaper Bags With Several Straps

These type of bags are the ultimate in versatility, letting you convert the diaper bag into a tote, messenger, and even a backpack when need be. This sort of bag is the ideal setup if you are not particularly picky when it comes to your bag's form factor.

This type of bag can potentially be future proof, growing with your and your baby's needs. It is particularly comfortable, due to the sheer amount of choices that you have when it comes to placing the weight's load on your body.

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