Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

Alarm clocks come in all shapes and forms, and it can be hard to find the perfect alarm for yourself. Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers post will show you some amazing list.

The better the alarm clock, the more features and options user will experience. Some of the features can really be useful, especially for heavy sleepers.

Alarm clocks where you can change the volume or sound type are by far the best alarm clocks available to purchase.

Heavy sleepers might experience problems in life because they can’t wake up on time since the usual alarm clock can’t wake them from a deep sleep.

That’s why in this post I will show you best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers, in the hope I could help someone solve their problems.

Being heavy sleeper myself, I know how it is to not be able to wake up easily to an alarm clock and miss scheduled things I had to do.

But don’t worry because there’s help even for deep sleepers.

Why You Need an Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

If you experience a hard time waking up in the morning and if you don’t even react to the normal alarm clock, you might be a good candidate for an alarm clock made for heavy sleepers.

Alarm clocks for heavy sleepers are made to have lower frequencies and higher volume in order to be able to wake up people who are even in the deepest sleep possible.

They work the same way like normal alarm clocks, but you will find them more efficient, and they will also help you to remember how nice it is to wake up to an alarm clock and not miss anything in the morning.

There are also many interesting alarm clocks which will make deep sleepers get out of the bed, no matter if they would or wouldn’t want it.

01. Peakeep Alarm Clock

The Peakeep alarm clock is a nice small compact clock which you will even be able to pack in your bag and take it with you when traveling.

Although it’s small and compact, it has a big snooze button located at the top right corner to keep it away from all other settings.

Peakeep Alarm ClockShop now at

During the night, you will be able to easily view the clock since it has a manual-backlit illuminated dial which will evenly glow during the entire night.

To make sure that the Peakeep alarm wakes you up, it has 4 stages of increasing volume until the alarm is turned off.

You can keep it next to your bed since there’s no noise at all because it has quiet sweep movement. It’s run by AA battery, but it’s not included.

02. Kwanwa LED Digital Alarm Clock

If you don’t like to complicate things, Kwanwa LED digital alarm clock is just right for you.

It’s being powered by 4 AA batteries which will last for more than 12 months. Over the 1.2″ screen, a bright true LED display will light 24 hours.

Kwanwa LED Digital Alarm ClockShop now at

Such big LED screen will help you see the numbers from a distance or in the middle of a night.

However, to make sure that the LED light brightness doesn’t disturb you during the night, you have the option to choose from 3 different levels of brightness. The clock will automatically enter the night mode brightness somewhere in between 6:00 and 8:00 pm.

Daily alarm with snooze and high accuracy will make sure you wake up whenever you need to. Kwanwa alarm clock is very portable too.

03. YIDULA Alarm Clock

YIDULA alarm clock won’t only wake you up efficiently, but it will also decorate your room in a more fashionable way. It’s made out of a black walnut which can be seen used in luxury cars.

A big button at the top will make sure you easily mute it in the morning, but will also make sure that the clock doesn’t wake you up in the middle of a night. It features silent scanning movement to keep it as silent as possible during the nights.

YIDULA Alarm ClockShop now at

Alarm clock ring slowly graduates in order to wake up even the deepest sleepers, and it won’t stop until the snooze button is pressed.

At night, you will see the clock perfectly due to the glowing fluorescence pointers.

04. Peakeep Ultra Small Alarm Clock

For travelers who need compact but efficient alarm clocks, Peakeep is the right choice.

It’s ultra small that it even fits in the pocket, and it stays silent no matter where you put it because of the silent no ticking feature.

Peakeep Ultra Small Alarm ClockShop now at

A big button at the top right corner will help you snooze the alarm clock whenever without messing up with the other buttons. At the same time, manual backlit will allow you to see what the time is even in the darkest rooms.

Small and compact but powerful Peakeep alarm clock will wake up even the heavy sleepers with its ascending four beep alarm function. It gets louder and doesn’t stop until the snooze button is hit.

For the size and reasonable price, you don’t have an excuse not to wake up in the morning ever again.

05. La Crosse Projection Alarm Clock

La Crosse alarm clock is perfect for people who wake up during the night and want to see the time.

It has a LED light which is always on during the day, and a backlit light during the night so it doesn’t disturb the eyes of the sleepers.

La Crosse Projection Alarm ClockShop now at

Projection is one of the greatest features in this alarm clock which will give you the ability to project the time or even the temperature on a wall or the ceiling. You won’t even need to move your head to see the clock, you can see what time it is on the ceiling, which is pretty useful.

You won’t even need to move your head to see the clock, you can see what time it is on the ceiling, which is pretty useful. It also has 90-degree arm rotation and 7-time zone settings.

It will monitor outdoors and indoors temperature at the same time, as well. If you have any problems during the installation, simply refer to the user manual to learn easily how to install it or troubleshoot any problems.

06. CDN TM30 Direct Entry Alarm Clock

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to mess with alarms and would prefer to simply type in the time using numbers, CDN TM30 is a perfect alarm clock for you.

It has an LCD screen with 10 number keys and two big buttons to stop or start the alarm.

CDN TM30 Direct Entry Alarm ClockShop now at

It’s very simple to use so it will benefit older people as well, and it can be a great gift for parents. You will be able to mount it in 4 different ways – pocket clip, magnet, stand, or loop.

Loud long audio is combined with alarm vibrate, and it’s all packed inside a stainless steel frame which comes with a 5-year warranty.

Measurement range of the CDN TM30 alarm clock is 10 hours by hr/min/sec.

07. DreamSky Dual Alarm Clock

Large number display with a smart nightlight with dimmer makes things easier no matter what time of the day it is.

It’s extremely easy to set it up without any complications, and you will also have the ability to set up to two alarm clocks at the same time. That’s a great thing for couples who don’t wake up at the same time.

DreamSky Dual Alarm ClockShop now at

The alarm is strong which is suitable for heavy sleepers because it begins beeping faintly and then increases louder in order to gently wake you up.

It’s great for people who get easily scared once when woken up. This alarm clock will make sure you wake up gently from your sleep, which is suitable for kids but also for older people.

08. Clarity 600 Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker

For everyone who thinks that normal alarm clock won’t be able to wake you up properly, Clarity 600 will definitely wake you up.

Clarity 600 Alarm Clock With Bed ShakerShop now at

It’s made especially for heavy sleepers and for everyone who can’t be woken up by a normal clock. It’s very loud with up to 85+ decibel alarm. It also includes bed shaker to make sure to reach and wake up the deep sleepers at any time.

There’s an also port where you can attach the lamp flash accessory, which, in combination with loud clock and bed shaker will definitely wake you up.

Snooze button will shut the alarm, however, you have to reach to it first, and Clarity 600 will make sure you do.

It’s a great alarm clock full of features for heavy sleepers with reasonable price.

09. Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm Clock

When the alarm clock has a bomb in the name, you know it’s definitely made for heavy sleepers.

It’s a turbocharged loud alarm clock with vibration feature. It’s going to shake you awake with the bed shaker which is included with the alarm clock.

Sonic Alert Bomb Alarm ClockShop now at

Built-in pulsating alert lights are also made for heavy sleepers. It’s made to put deep sleepers through 3 different phases to wake them up more efficiently.

However, you will be able to adjust the volume and tone. A big snoozer defuser is located at the top of the alarm clock, and the Sonic Alert Bomb alarm clock will make sure you wake up and reach it.

An explosive red display will let you know what’s the time whether it’s a day or night.

10. Philips Wake-Up Light and Colored Sunrise Stimulation Alarm Clock

This alarm clock might be a little bit on a pricey side, however, it has a feature which other alarm clocks don’t have.

It’s an alarm clock with the light therapy for better sleep, energy and well being. Philips wake up lights has been clinically proven that they work and benefit the people in a good way.
Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Shop now at

You will be able to relax and drift off to sleep with dimming sunset and sounds. You will also be able to wake up to sunrise stimulation which will wake you up gradually.

There’s also an option to choose from 3 different wake-up sounds, to adjust to every individual person.

Philips wake-up alarm also has FM radio built in, tap-to-snooze button and a bedside reading lamp with up to 20 brightness settings.

If you aren’t satisfied with the Philips wake-up alarm clock, you can get your money back within 90-days of purchase with no questions asked.


Alarm clocks are something necessary in our life, even tho we aren’t paying too much attention to it.

No matter how hard do you sleep and how heavy your dreams are, on this list, you will be able to find the best alarm clock which will wake you up in the morning for sure.

From the smallest and compact ones, to the alarm clocks called a bomb, you have many options to choose from.

I hope you have found this post useful, and if you did, feel free to share it on social media.

What type of alarm clock do you use?

Let me know in the comments, but also feel free to ask any questions you might have and I’ll be there to help you out.

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