Best 12 inch Subwoofer On The Market 2020(Updated)

Are you looking for a quality Best 12 inch subwoofer? Then consider yourself lucky as you have reached the place for all the answers. We have a list of woofers that not only are excellent but are competitively priced as well.

As we all know a subwoofer is a speaker that can enhance your bass experience. Most pop music and almost everything would sound good on these speakers.

Yes, heavy metal may not be its type, but this is the right choice for all those that enjoy heavy bass.

Want to know more about the Best 12 inch subwoofer?

Then read this post with attention till the end. If music means a lot to you, then you will know what we are talking about here. In fact, we would like you to give this a read and then let us know how you feel through the comment section.

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MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D

MTX has a reputation of 40 years to bank on and the Terminator subwoofers are regarded as the perfect for your vehicle.

It has been designed for the deck of your car and has been amplified with excellent sound. Some music fanatics believe that you cannot enjoy your jam without prominent subwoofers. 

This enclosed subwoofer has more on offer than you can think of. 


The body is built from aviation grade materials and the MDF makes it a durable set. The integrated wood can endure any sort of pressure that makes it a deal breaker.


The incorporated amplifier can give you an intense boost of sound. At the same time, it helps you control the bass variations and high to low volume tuning. This way, you can create an atmosphere of pleasing to the ears kind of sound.

Double 12 inch subwoofers 

This pair is mounted on an enclosed space that makes it different without a doubt. This enclosure can hold on to the air pressure and this is what aids in producing low pitched frequency.

User friendly

You don’t have to be a pro to get it working because you can totally control the volume. This is like a plug and play that can be connected to multiple devices. Doesn’t that sound great?


  • It has a classic look with a contemporary style.
  • This 12 inch subwoofer is made from aviation grade black carpet.
  • It is an affordable option.
  • It can work 1200 Watts of power.
  • Has Single 2Ω Enclosure.
  • It may sound loud in some cars, so make sure you choose the right one for your model.
  • It is more like a starter kit, which means you can look for something better for a better price.
  • ​Dual enclosure subs
  • ​Excellent aviation-grade carpet covering
  • ​Robust, rugged construction
  • ​Highly durable polypropylene cone
  • ​Solid and powerful peak power
  • ​Generous frequency response
  • ​Not the best amp output for the price

The Pioneer ​ TS-SW3002S4 is an upgraded version of its previous subs. It has been observed that it has been carefully engineered to produce rich bass.

Any connoisseur of music will be glad to listen to their melodies on this 12 inch subwoofer. 

We have forked some more details about this sub; do read through it if you like.


The conical build of the subwoofers make them eligible to be on this list of the Best 12 inch subwoofer. These subs come with a single piece and drive cone. These also have a dust cap on that helps them ward off dust (something capable of distorting the speakers).


A lot has been said about this feature that the single piece basket is completely enclosed. This impose certainly makes it vibrate less but produce rhythmical bass.


The best part about this collection is that the Spider is assembled into a holder over the basket. This minimizes the vibrations but offers you with the same intensity.


It has been designed with holes to improve air circulation and this in turn creates a balanced atmosphere. That is correct, this reduces the chances of too much friction and keeps it safe.


  • Comes with Single 4-Ohm.
  • Can handle as much as 1500 Watts of power at peak.
  • The Surround is reinforced with elastic polymer.
  • The conical structure is a seamless design.
  • Extremely reasonably priced 12 inch subwoofers
  • You may get into a feud with the coils, so you need to be careful.
  • You need to smaller amp than what is asked of, and this may add to confusion.
  • ​​Suitability to a wide range of car models
  • ​​Excellent peak power for the price
  • ​​Astutely crafted design for satisfactory cooling
  • ​​Sturdy build for an extended durability
  • ​​Exceptional sensitivity rating
  • ​​Pretty heavy a device, poor portability
  • ​​Can cause backlashes if connected with improper wattage
Dual Electronics BP1204 12 Inch Illuminate

You get what you pay for when we talk about Dual Electronics BP1204. It is a legitimate product that has proven itself very well.

This is a ported 12 inches sub that comes with a detailed manual. 

This makes installation a breeze if you are doing it on your own, but professional help could be sought if you are not confident enough.


The illuminated blue LED add to its appeal but the manufacturer has not overdone it. The view from the top takes you to another level, the subwoofers look stunning as a result and we can assure that it is a head turner for sure.


Its MDF construction and illumiNITE® design with a PLEXIGLASS cover makes it a sturdy option for a 12″subwoofer.

The carpet is made from top grade, brushed aluminum cones and streamlined quality of sound makes it a reliable product. You can say that this one is built for the road with such a body.

Easy to install

The requirements have been kept simple which means you can easily connect it to your sound system.

Additionally, the manual makes it super easy to install this sub into your car.


  • The subwoofers are acoustically tuned with the bandpass enclosure.
  • The Plexi viewing helps you to get an expanded inspection.
  • The subs are digitally optimized.
  • Can handle up to 1100 Watts of power.
  • It comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Avoid playing it loud as this could cost you the sub.
  • A little more of bass could be better as music does not seem to be well defined.
  • ​Dual enclosure subs
  • ​​Superb flashy illuminate design
  • ​​Robustly made to withstand tough jostling
  • ​​Bandpass enclosure for studio accurate bass
  • ​​An exceptional combination of peak power and impedance
  • ​​​RMS can buffer at times while on the ride
  • ​​​High sensitivity to wattage
Rockford Fosgate P3D4-12 Punch P3 DVC 4-Ohm 12-Inch

This is a legendary brand and has always lived up to the expectations.

This sub has a monstrous capacity of handling 1200 Watts! All you can anticipate is to get loud and deep bass.

Here are some of the features that you can count on and finally derive at the same conclusion.


What more can you look for when you get an anodized aluminum voice coils with a dust cap that provide proper ventilation. Not to mention, that the use aluminum helps it to disperse heat.

This suggests that it will see you through high SPL situation and rest assured your subwoofer will remain to be cool.


We all know that the CEA-2031 is an industry standard and Rockford Fosgate has been approved by them. This implies that these subs can handle continuous flow of power without much of a difficulty.


The Flex Fit makes it possible for you to adjust your speakers when mounted. This most definitely is a feature that we all want in our speakers and yes, the Rockford Fosgate has it.


  • Comes with diamond cut aluminum rings for the grille.
  • Vertical Attach Surround Technique for the cone make the surround sound great.
  • The lead wires reduce the stress and strain.
  • The subs come with a rubber cushioning that aid it with a better grip.
  • It uses up a lot of power and that is a big con.
  • Needs a stronger amplifier to push itself through.
  • ​​Lightweight yet durable
  • ​​Convenient self-cooling system
  • ​​Solid deep bass for an enhanced sound quality
  • ​​Able to take power levels as high as 1200 watts
  • ​​Certified with CEA-2031 Industrial Standard
  • ​​Somewhat low-frequency sensitivity
  • ​​Not the best power-saving option

05. ​Alpine SWR-T12 ​- Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer

This 12″ subwoofer is nothing less than its big brother Type - X. In reality, Type - R is a powerful sub that can generate 3000 Watts at its peak.

The conical structure that we will soon talk about helps it evenly distribute the sound that sound pleasing to your ears.  

Let us have a look at this subwoofer in details.


The cone constitution of the subwoofer in an aluminum cast makes it a hard-wearing speaker. Of course, the manufacturer has not compromised on the weight that adds to its toughness. This implies that it is not a hollow speaker that can be banged with a simple blow.


In spite of this, it is light in weight and weighs only 14 pounds to your surprise! That does not mean it get knocked off easily, but the aluminum base keeps it constant.


Hands down, the most important part of a speaker is the sound clarity. This Dual 4-Ohm can get you the feel of .75 to something like 1.00 cubic feet in sealed and 1.25 to 1.50 cubic feet in ported conditions. You get the picture?


  • The Alpine SWR-T12 Type-R is a top mount model
  • Easy to install
  • It has an RMS of 600 to 1800 Watts
  • Is easily available online
  • Is not recommended for people that enjoy rock music as the bass is not quick react to pick up the hit
  • Actually can run beyond 800 or below because going more can cost you the subs
  • ​​Powerful built-in amp
  • ​​Sealed enclosure for producing nuanced sound
  • ​​Easy installation method
  • ​​Noise reductive bass sound
  • ​​Not power efficient

This is a new line of subwoofers from Belva that has appealed to a lot of music connoisseurs. The quality of wiring that goes into these enclosed speakers is quite commendable.

It can peak at 1200 Watts and this certainly makes it more efficient while playing your music. 

Here is a detailed report of this sub that you can rely on.


This is a crucial thing for any speaker and this one is a killer for such affordable subs. It is as they say “true to gauge” because they enhance the performance of the amplifier.


This sub comes with an amplifier that certainly ensures you have all it needs to enjoy your jam. This monoblock amplifier is an 8 gauge and that makes powerful and a resourceful speaker.

Ease of installation

All it takes is a 4 way installation for you to connect it to your stereo. You start with connecting the power, followed by fixing the signal, then lining the subs and finally tuning them. Yes, it is that easy!


  • This is a complete set of subwoofer for any vehicle.
  • Makes use of black aluminum for voice coils.
  • It has good bass and can pick up really low frequencies as well.
  • The remote bass knob makes it easy to adjust it.
  • You may need to purchase bass heads for your subs.
  • The amp Is not up to the mark and it would be wise to invest in a separate one.
  • ​​Superior power handling
  • ​​Great value for the money
  • ​​High-grade thermal resistance
  • ​​Durable mechanism
  • ​​Suitability to various car models
  • ​​Poor sensitivity 
  • ​​Distorted bass can be encountered on the move 
BOSS Audio CX122 1400 Watt, 12 Inch Car Subwoofer

We are talking about an extremely high quality sub here that is worth every penny you shell on it. Along with this, we must add that the BOSS Audio CX122 is a space saving subwoofer.

No doubt, it is really hard to find something like that, yet this simple looking sub can sweep you off your feet with its features. 

Have a look and then form an opinion. 


This sub can run for longer hours than you can imagine it to be. Normally, it takes 3 to 4 hours of time for this sub to loosen the voice coils and this called the break-in. This ensures the woofer will work proficiently for years to come.

Voice coil

Single aluminum voice coils mean lesser chances of magnetism but better performance. This suggests that it can deliver under stress and has no risk of being on fire as well. Aluminum is corrosion resistant and you can take into heed that the voice coils are safe that way.

Poly cone

A rubber cone can produce great sound and the Polyurethane cone in this case does live up to that expectation. It is bouncy, squishy but hard, which means it can withstand a lot as well owing to varied properties.


  • The Butyl Rubber surround makes it tough and its impermeability towards air adds to this.
  • This rubber will not quit on you and make sure that you use your woofers to your heart’s content.
  • This is a light in weight sub (weighs 7.8 pounds).
  • This could be good for beginners not for those that have a distinct taste in music.
  • Lacks workmanship that you may be expecting.
  • ​​Capable of standing up to 1400 watts of power with no heating
  • ​​Achieves extremely loud volumes with high sensitivity
  • ​Robust, rugged build, made to last
  • ​​Improved bass production with a sealed enclosure
  • ​​Air reduction for pure sound production
  • ​​Compatible with only a few limited models

Talking about subwoofers and speakers would have looked incomplete if we missed on a JBL. Guess what? We didn’t and here is what we know as an impressive sub that can peak at 1000 Watts.

You can pair it with a JBL amplifier for maximum effects. 

It comes with big bass with Polypropylene woofer cone.


It is a carful muscular bass that has the capacity to deliver up to 2000 Watts. The fact the road noise usually destroys your sound system, could be annoying. Hence, JBL has designed it Polypropylene that can increase the thump noise in your bass and is totally weather proof.

Handling of power

It can run on 250 Watts RMS, yet peak at 1000 Watts. You can look forward to 35 Hz to 200 Hz for the frequency. This is equivalent to fun on the road for sure!

Legacy of sound

Okay, we are talking about JBL and it has a legacy of sound that no one can deprive you of, if you invest in one. They are equal to sterling reputation as a car audio and the JBL CS1214 bears one.


  • This is super easy to install in any vehicle.
  • The bass is pretty large and something really enjoyable.
  • Is an inexpensive sub that has a brand name latched.
  • Super light in weight (around 5 pounds).
  • Although, a JBL is supposed to be a fault free speaker, yet this one in discussion has a few drawbacks like higher frequencies do not sound pleasing to ear.
  • It lacks the refinement you may be looking for in a subwoofer.
  • ​​Sturdy die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • ​​High-grade polypropylene cone
  • ​​Superb combo of high RMS and peak power
  • ​​Enhanced motor-vent construction
  • ​​Convenient high-range remote controller
  • ​​Pretty heavy in weight
  • ​​Delivers poorly during low-bass notes
Kicker 11S12L72 12-Inch 1500W 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer

If you want deep decibels in your bass, then this most definitely is the Best 12 inch subwoofer that you should look into.

The Kicker 11S12L72 by Solo-Baric L7 Subwoofer technology is undoubtedly, one of the best in the trade because of some basic aspects that go into their products. Let us find out more about them. 

Patented technology

The surround is made from Santoprene that is ribbed and double stitched as part of their patenting. This helps to hold the motor arrangement in place without much of a difficulty.

Conical design

As a rule of the thumb, they design square subs that offers extensive area for the cone. This allows easy movement of air which advocates for more decibels. All this provides you with an enriched musical experience.

Maintenance of temperature 

The use of technology like this insinuates one thing that it can balance the temperature in the subs. It can disperse heat evenly throughout and its coils can absorb high temperatures that increase the lifespan of the woofer.


  • They surely have used the most innovative technology into their subs.
  • The basket is made from steel that makes it very sturdy.
  • The back bracing is zero distortion.
  • Moreover, the Santoprene makes it very durable.
  • Has a reliable stitching that can minimize the cone flex.
  • A bit more clarity could have proven it to be the best of all.
  • Overtly priced subs that could be way out of budget for some.
  • ​​Great compactness for tricky-space installation
  • ​​Highly responsive to frequency outputs
  • ​​Built-in cooler
  • ​​An air-canceling mechanism for solid boosted sound
  • ​​Competent power handling
  • ​​Not the best match for bigger vehicles
  • ​​Wiring kits are somewhat disappointing

What To Look Before Buying Best 12 Inch Subwoofer?

When it comes to buying 12 inch subwoofers, you must know the truth before you invest in them. These speakers will enhance your sound system overall.

In addition to this, you must be told owning a subwoofer takes you way ahead of the amateur level. Investing in a 12 inch subwoofer certain is a proof that you take your sound system very seriously.

Here is more on this discussion:

Quality of sound

A 12 inch subwoofer has a dominant bass and if you prefer quality of sound over pressure, then they are ideal for you. Okay, they may not be small in size but certainly are easy to setup.

They work well for dual systems and this is a major reason why most people opt for this sized subwoofers.

Ease of installation

Before buying a 12 inch subwoofer, we advise you to go through the user manual once. Look for the specific details and components a particular brand asks you to gather around.

If you have those materials, then installation will be tad easy. Alternatively, you can seek professional help for installing them. Still, the basic point is these are easy to install and this is another brownie point for the 12 inches.

Adds to longevity of speakers

No doubt, the 12 inch subwoofers can increase the lifespan of your speakers. Speakers cannot handle powerful sounds and that is why they need these subwoofers to assist them.

More bass

In general, 12 inch subwoofers are power speakers as they can produce you with more bass. More bass is equivalent to better music experience.

Yes, but you must be practical enough to understand that if you are looking for a power ridden 12 inch subwoofer, then you may have to shell a little more too.

In The End

Most of the discussion on the Best 12 inch subwoofer could sound like a standard to you. The reason for this lies, in the fact that there are certain things that cannot go beyond a point of conservation.

Our talk regarding the subwoofers is somewhat is similar and it cannot cross the demarcation of sound, style, ease of use, price and of course value.

You need to be very careful while investing in a subwoofer if you love music. Take all these factors into consideration and then choose the one that suits your requirements. So, go ahead and get your today! What is stopping you?

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