5 Best Tips To Soothe Your Baby

There are several reasons why your baby could be fussy or uncomfortable but crying is the only way babies can tell you they’re upset. Of course, it’s upsetting to see your baby in distress without understanding what is causing it.

In this article, I’ll take you through 5 of the most common reasons babies cry and how you can soothe them accordingly.

One of the most common reasons that babies get fussy is when they get colicky right after feeding. Apart from the fact that it gives your baby gas and tummy pain, colic remains mysterious mostly. 

Babies with colic are can be inconsolable until parents give them some over-the-counter anti-gas drops or gripe water, which is made from herbs and sodium bicarbonate.

Try doing some exercises to release the gas from her tummy, either by burping or farting.

Sometimes, the release of the excess gas is all your baby needs to relieve the discomfort and to make her stop crying.

Get Them To Sleep… Fast

You’d think that it’s easy for babies to nod off especially when they’re tired, but that’s not really the case. Often, when babies are over tired, they can’t sleep as fast.

The best way to avoid this situation is by getting your baby to sleep the first time she shows signs of tiredness like yawning. If you get her to sleep faster, you can minimize the chances of a full-blown cranky crying session.

Just hold your baby close, reduce any sensory inputs and try shushing her to sleep.

Cuddle Them

Cuddle Your Baby

Babies love to be cuddled, and they sometimes cry to get noticed so that they can get the loving that they want. If this happens, make sure that your baby knows you’re there for them by picking them up, cuddling them and talking to them. Babies want to feel your presence so cuddle away!

Your arms may get tired holding your baby or you may be carrying other things such as a baby diaper bag so you may want to invest in a baby carrier or a sling to keep your baby close to you without using your arms to carry her.

Look For Possible Sources of Pain

Look For Possible Sources of Pain

One of the first things you should be looking for when your baby seems to be crying for no reason at all is a subtle source of pain. Have you ever heard of a hair tourniquet? 

This occurs when a strand of hair ends up wrapping itself around your baby’s toe of finger, and the loss of circulation is the main reason for her discomfort. Getting rid of this tourniquet is vital to relieving your baby.

Some babies are also extra sensitive to the texture of clothes or fabrics that come into contact with their skin, so if you suspect that your baby’s clothes are scratchy then you should probably try changing her clothes to see if it makes your baby stop crying.

Less or More Stimulation

Some babies hate it when they are over-stimulated and cry because they want to take a break from it all. 

Others are curious and love being in the center of the action. Providing your baby with the right amount of stimulation will keep her happy.

let's wrap up

If you find your little one crying uncontrollably, try one of these above methods and you might find that your baby will be soothed and happy.

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